Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer] Opening, Summary of All Articles

The world's largest model and figure festival ' Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer] ' has started.

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◆Venue scenery
Before the opening, there was a direct pass entrance queue in front of Makuhari Messe. The Direct Pass has three categories: Corporate, General A, and General B. Each ticket is assigned a random reference number, and you can enter before the general admission ticket on the day.


The guidebook has the minimum necessary items and is quite thin.

This is the back of the 1st hall, looking in the direction of the stage. There are several companies that have postponed exhibiting, and the area around the stage is laid out with a lot of room.

Next to the stage was a dining space, and it was possible to view while sitting.

The menu looks like this.

Due to infection control, the seats could not be used face-to-face, and a request was posted to eat silently.

◆July 24, 2022 10:34

I saw a life-size figure in the state of ``Nanachi appeared in front of me'' at the Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer] venue-GIGAZINE

◆July 24, 2022 15:25

`` Patlabor EZY '' will be unveiled as early as 2024 and director Yutaka Izubuchi announced in `` Mobile Police Patlabor Bukkake Talk ''-GIGAZINE

◆ July 24, 2022 19:40

'Chim Chim God Mini' with cute butt sticking out - GIGAZINE

◆July 24, 2022 22:36

A three-dimensional work 'OIRAN' that combines Japanese elements that overseas people like, such as kimono, hair, and Buddhist statues - GIGAZINE

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