Pokemon GO's first domestic real event in 3 years 'Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Sapporo' Nakajima Park viewing report

Since the 'Pokémon GO Fest in Yokohama' held in 2019, the real event ' Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Sapporo ' will be held in Sapporo for the first time in three years in Japan from August 5 to 7, 2022. I have seen the excitement of the real event because it is being held.

'Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Sapporo'


As a major premise, this event is roughly divided into two areas, 'Nakajima Park area' and 'Sapporo city center area'. The collection challenge 'Pokémon GO Fest: Sapporo - Great Plains', where you can collect 6 types of Pokemon regardless of whether you are a participant who purchased the event ticket or not, will be delivered, but if you purchase the event ticket, 4 more collection challenges will appear. increase. There are two types of tickets: 'Morning: Nakajima Park / Afternoon: Sapporo City Center' and 'Morning: Sapporo City Center / Afternoon: Nakajima Park', and special research corresponding to each area will appear depending on the time of day. becomes the shape.

Nakajima Park is located in Chuo Ward, Sapporo City, and if you are traveling from Sapporo Station, get off at Nakajima Koen Station on the Namboku Subway Line. It's OK to walk while getting Pokemon, but since events in the park will also require a lot of walking, it may be better to conserve your physical strength.

There was a map like this in the park. North is facing the bottom left, and the 'current location' is the northern entrance of Nakajima Park. The north part of the park is 'Frozen Lake', the area around the Sapporo Concert Hall is 'Dream World', the area around the Hokkaido Literature Museum and the central part is 'Prairie', and the area around the Nakajima Sports Center is 'Athletic Park'. It is divided into 2 areas, and Pokemon with different characteristics are set to appear in each area.

The entrance gate at the northern end of the park.

Artwork displayed on the loading screen of the game in the past is displayed in front of the gate. In addition, gifts using these artworks are available at Pokéstops set in the center of Sapporo.

In some places, there is an indication of which area the current location is like this.

A real pocket stop was also installed.

In the game, pocket stops for events have appeared like this.

Area guidance has been added to the original guide signs in the park.

Although Hokkaido is cooler than Honshu, the sun is harsh and people tend to gather in the shade during raid battles.

Since the area of the park is large, there are areas where there are less people when walking around.

Since it is a park in the city, there should be no place where the radio wave of the smartphone does not reach, but mobile base stations of au and NTT DoCoMo were coming.

Candela of Team Valor guarding the team lounge

Team Mystic Blanche

Team Instinct Spark

Panels like this were set up everywhere in the park, and there was no end to the people taking commemorative photos.

This time, Darkrai and Cresselia can be obtained in raid battles. As I was happily taking GO snapshots, Rotom interrupted.

I've seen quite a few trainer level 50 players here and there. This is just a scene where level 50 players from each team were participating in a raid battle.

The last piece of special research in the Nakajima Park area is 'Shaymin (Sky Forme).'

Cowboy Hat Snorlax and Unown appear in Nakajima Park and central Sapporo.

At 0 minutes every hour, all the other Pokemon seemed to become Unown, making it a great chance to get. In addition, this is where a group of Annon appeared even if you moved to the front of Shin-Sapporo Station, ``How far is the center of Sapporo city okay?'' It seemed to react.

The last of the special research in the central Sapporo area is 'Denjumoku'. The event will also be held on August 7th (Sunday), so if your schedule fits, please participate.

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