Pointed out that Apple is expanding its own advertising business by limiting other companies' advertisements for privacy reasons

Apple has announced that it will expand the display location of advertisements in the `` App Store '', the iOS application store. Apple has commented that it can provide growth opportunities to developers of all sizes about expanding advertising display locations, but mobile industry analyst Eric Seufert said, ``In 2021, we aim to strengthen privacy. We have developed App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and are using the resources we have stolen from other platforms as our own advertising business.'

Apple robbed the mob's bank, part 3 | Mobile Dev Memo by Eric Seufert

ATT, which Apple has implemented since the spring of 2021, is a provision that requires the user's permission to track users in app advertisements, and ATT allows users to prevent their information from being used without their prior consent. Now Meanwhile, the advertising industry has been hit hard, with Seufert calling this 'Apple camouflages itself with the noble cause of giving consumers privacy control and plundering other advertising platforms like Facebook's most valuable resource.' and ran away,' he pointed out .

Facebook and advertisers panicked by Apple's privacy enhancement, how much was the actual impact? -GIGAZINE

Seufert speculated that when ATT was first announced, Apple had a low priority to expand its advertising network with the introduction of ATT. However, reports of ATT 's significant impact on the mobile advertising industry have led Seufert to believe that ATT's restricted privacy provisions contain enormous commercial opportunities. Under such circumstances, Apple announced at the end of July 2022 that it will expand the display location of new advertisements in the App Store. Seufert described it as 'a heist-like commercial operation following the ATT,' in which Apple hopes to take advantage of the opportunity left by eliminating other advertisers to significantly expand its advertising business. concludes Mr.

ATT is a feature that protects user privacy, but Seufert said ATT distinguishes between first-party data and third-party data, allowing targeting with Apple's own ad network. thing. Apple's advertising network uses app install data and in-app purchase data, subject to ATT restrictions, to target and display ads to users. “ATT is unfair, accessible only to Apple,” Seufert said. It's stealing opportunities,' he said.

Seufert repeatedly points out that 'Apple's advertising network leverages the privacy provision ATT to create a clear competitive advantage.' In addition, the UK Fair Trade Commission has evaluated that ``the implementation of ATT is likely to harm competition,'' and ``Apple's privacy provisions are unfairly advantageous and anti-competitive. 'As an investigation by the German Federal Cartel Agency has started, there is a movement to see Apple's advertising business as a problem.

``Apple's privacy regulations are unfair rules that exclude its own company'' and German authorities start an investigation-GIGAZINE

While there is a movement to view Apple's advertising business as a problem, Apple has added new ad display positions to the App Store, has posted nearly 200 job openings on advertising platforms, and has posted privacy on billboards and TV commercials. Mr. Seufert emphasizes that it is clear that Apple is expanding its advertising business significantly, appealing its efforts.

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