Summary of how to use the tool ``COCOA'' that displays the contact information of the new corona in great detail


new coronavirus contact confirmation application (COCOA) released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare allows you to receive notifications of close contact with people infected with the new coronavirus. However, there is little information that can be confirmed with COCOA, and there are many people who have felt that they want to know more information. If you use ' COCOA ', you can check detailed information such as the date and time when the infected person was nearby based on the information recorded by COCOA, so check the procedure to actually use COCOA I tried to.

A tool that can analyze COCOA logs in detail - COCOA

When you access, the following screen will be displayed. To use, you need to read the information of COCOA installed on your smartphone, so first start COCOA.

After launching COCOA, tap 'Check contact results with positive registrants'.

Next, tap 'Save information' ... ...

When the share menu is displayed, tap 'Copy'. If you're using an Android device, you'll need to save it somewhere rather than copying it.

Next, return to, tap the blue input area, and tap 'Paste'. For Android devices, tap 'Select from file' at the bottom right and select the saved data OK.

When the data is displayed in the input area, tap 'Check'.

Then the log details screen will be displayed. COCOA can only confirm ``whether or not there has been close contact in the past 14 days'', but can go back and check ``records of new positive registrants nearby''.

By scrolling down, you can check the time and distance that the new request registrant was nearby.

The distances and scores displayed on are calculated under the following conditions based on the signal strength values recorded in COCOA. In addition, the information read by COCOA is temporarily stored on the server and automatically deleted one hour after analysis.

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