Drainage pipes for sewage that are stretched around the house can accumulate dirt from kitchens and washrooms. If you don't clean it all the time, you may emit a terrible odor or clog the drain pipe. I had a similar experience in the GIGAZINE editorial department, so I decided to ask a professional contractor to clean the drainpipe cleanly.

The reason why I tried to clean the drain pipe in the first place is like this. During the rainy season of 2020, the drain in the kitchen of the GIGAZINE editorial department suddenly clogged and the water stopped flowing. The situation at that time can be confirmed in the following video.

GIGAZINE editorial department kitchen drain, clogged - YouTube

When I removed the part attached to the drain, it started to flow, so I removed it and used it for a while, but the same kind of clogging continued several times, so I thought, ``There must be a more fundamental cause.'' Especially.

So I decided to have

the city-designated plumber come to investigate. When the traders searched around the company building in various ways ......

Found a drain pipe. When I opened the lid and looked at it, it was in a state where dirty water had accumulated and gave off a bad smell. Originally, the water here should be flowing well, so I asked for cleaning.

Dig out with a scoop ......

When I removed the pipe inside, the clogged dirty water flowed out at once.

If you look closely, you can see that the wall of the drain pipe has a white muddy thing stuck to it. This is all 'oil' and 'fat', which is the cause of clogging. It hadn't been cleaned in a long time, so dirt had accumulated over the years. That's why the GIGAZINE editorial department decided to ask for cleaning of the drain pipe once a year.

And this time in 2022, the time for cleaning has come. The cleaning company that we ask every year made an appointment two days after the phone call, and things went very smoothly. The tools brought by the contractor who came to clean up are like this, there are engines, hoses, and water tanks.

This is the place where the drain pipe in question is connected. It is called a “drainage trough” and has the role of connecting drain pipes to drain pipes. When I open the lid ......

Beautifully muddy. You can see that the white oil stains have accumulated.

The following thin and long hose was picked up by the trader immediately.

The tip looks something like this, and it seems that water can be reversed from the back to the front. It is said that this hose is inserted to the back of the drain pipe and the dirt is pushed forward with the water flow.

Collect water in the bowl ......

It looks like the engine is ready for cleaning.

First, insert the hose into the drain pipe leading to the indoors.

When the drain valve was opened and water was injected, water immediately flowed out from the back.

After a few minutes, the water turned black like this.

A scoop is also used to thoroughly scrape off the dirt.

This is the pipe that was connected to the drain pipe. It was full of moss and water scale.

By the way, as to where the flowing water goes, it passes through the drainage pipe in the drainage basin ......

Merge with a sewage drain pipe nearby.

And it flows into the drainage pipe on the road.

You can see how the water is actually flowing in the video below.

Shooting a state of cleaning a drain pipe into which household wastewater flows-YouTube

Cleaning of the drain mass is over in about 10 minutes. The water was so clear that I could see the 'bottom' of the trout.

Next, we will start cleaning the sewage pipes that are stretched around the residence. Since there are scattered drains that can access the drain pipe from the place cleaned earlier to the back of the house, remove all these lids ......

Put the hose in each hole in order and flush it with water as before.

It looks like this is actually flowing. The water was a beautiful color when I looked into it, wondering if the inside was not very dirty or if the dirt had just been washed away.

Cleaning the drain pipe into which household wastewater flows - YouTube

With this kind of feeling, the hose was passed through all seven drains from the back of the house to the road side, and the dirt was washed away with water.

Clean the pipes in the meantime. The pipes were also full of oil and other contaminants.

Cleaning was completed in about an hour. The price was 27,500 yen including tax.

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