The desktop grabber under development by Intel has the same performance as NVIDIA's 'RTX 3060'

At the time of writing the article, the graphics board market for gaming is in a situation where two companies, NVIDIA and AMD, are competing. In order to throw a stone into such a graphic board market, Intel is trying to introduce a desktop graphic board from the high-performance GPU brand '

Intel Arc '. Newly, Intel has released the performance comparison results of the graphics board ' Intel Arc A750 ' under development and NVIDIA's ' GeForce RTX 3060 ', showing performance that exceeds 'GeForce RTX 3060' in multiple games. I'm here.

Intel® Arc™ A750 Graphics Benchmarked in Nearly 50 DX12 & Vulkan Games

Below is a graph showing the average frame rate (fps) when running various games at 1080p (full HD) and highest image quality on a test machine with the same conditions other than the graphic board such as CPU and memory. 'Intel Arc A750' (blue) records fps that exceeds 'GeForce RTX 3060' (green) in games such as ' Resident Evil Village ' and ' Monster Hunter Rise '. On the other hand, 'GeForce RTX 3060' records higher fps in ' Battlefield V ' and ' Fort Knight '.

The average fps when running various games at 1440p and high image quality is as follows. Similar to 1080p/maximum image quality, victory and defeat are divided for each game.

When comparing various games by classifying them by 3D graphics API, 'Intel Arc A750' is 'GeForce RTX 3060 , surpassing the processing performance of

Intel said, ``The Intel Arc A750 performed 3-5% better than the GeForce RTX 3060. I am confident that we can provide excellent performance in games that play,' he said, highlighting the high performance of 'Intel Arc A750'.

In addition, Intel has stated that it plans to release a graphic board for desktops in the summer of 2022, and it seems that the release date of the Intel Arc A750 will be announced soon.

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