What do you need to make a home pedal generator?

Equipment that can generate electricity by pedaling a bicycle is generally sold widely, but it is possible to produce a generator with your own hands as long as you have the tools. Marie Verdeil and Kris De Decker, who actually tried how to make such a homemade pedal generator, have released the procedure.

How to Build a Practical Household Bike Generator - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE


According to Verdeil et al., the first thing we need to prepare is a 12V / 24V permanent magnet DC generator with a maximum output of about 150 to 250W. A brushed motor is required instead of a brushless DC motor that requires high speed rotation. Also consider which devices you want to charge, and thus how much voltage you need, and also get a spindle with the right gear ratio.

Then fix the spindle to the motor ......

Adjust the angle of the crate so that the spindle is in contact with the bicycle tire.

Prepare a buck converter or boost converter and build an appropriate circuit.

It is attached to the back of the handle and connected to the motor to complete a simple pedal generator.

Verdeil et al. ``Many people have created pedal-type generators and published manuals online and in books, but when you actually make them, you will find that this manual is insufficient for practical use.'' In particular, he pointed out that there is not enough explanation about where and how the generated power flows.

Verdeil et al.'s manual details the voltage required for each device you want to charge, and the gear ratio and time required to charge those devices. By the way, it seems that it takes less than 6 minutes to charge a smartphone with this pedal type generator.

You can see how you are actually riding a bicycle in the video that is displayed by clicking the image below. The light next to it is lit by the power generated by the bicycle.

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