What is the game that surpassed `` Elden Ring '', which is overwhelmingly selling in 2022 with a cumulative sales volume of over 16.6 million, in July 2022?

Research firm NPD Group has announced the top 10 sales of video games in July 2022. Since its release at the end of February 2022, `` Elden Ring '', which is the `` overwhelmingly selling game now '' that has topped the monthly sales ranking 6 out of 7 times and has reached 16.6 million units in total sales. , will be deprived of the top position in the sales ranking in July 2022.

Best Selling Video Games | July 2022 Data - The NPD Group

MultiVersus tops Elden Ring to become July's best-selling game | Eurogamer.net

The NPD Group announced the 'Top 10 video game sales in July 2022' as follows. It should be noted that both packaged and download versions are counted for the PC and PlayStation platforms, but it is important to note that Xbox and Nintendo Switch do not count download version sales.

1st place: MultiVersus (first appearance)
2nd place: Elden Ring (1st place last month)
3rd place: LEGO Star Wars / Skywalker Saga (2nd place last month)
4th place: Xenoblade 3 (first appearance)
5th place: Call of Duty Vanguard (11th place last month)
6th: MLB The Show 22 (4th last month)
7th place:Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (6th place last month)
8th place: Digimon Survive (first appearance)
9th: Minecraft (10th last month)
10th: F1 22 (12th last month)

Instead of Elden Ring, the top seller was Warner Bros.' fighting game 'MultiVersus.' A fighting game in which popular characters such as Batman, Superman, and Tom and Jerry fight, and the open beta version with free basic play has been distributed on the PlayStation Store , Xbox , Steam , and Epic Games Store from July 2022, but Japan supports it. It is outside the region and cannot be played at the time of article creation. You can see what kind of fighting game it is by looking at the official video below. In addition to 1v1 battles like Street Fighter, 2v2 and 1v1v1v1 battles like Super Smash Bros.

MultiVersus-Official First Look Reveal-YouTube

Elden Ring, which lost the number one spot in the July 2022 sales ranking, still reigns supreme in the overall sales ranking for 2022. According to Bandai Namco Entertainment, the publisher of Elden Ring, as of May 2022, the cumulative worldwide sales of the work were 13.4 million. Considering that the cumulative sales volume in August at the time of article creation was 16.6 million, Elden Ring sold 3.2 million in just 3 months, so the number of sales is still likely to grow.

In addition, Elden Ring has already been reviewed by GIGAZINE. If you are interested in what kind of game it is, please check it out.

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