From the moment the lid is opened, it is wrapped in the scent of Darjeeling & Assam and the satisfaction of each grain is high ``Pino fragrant milk tea'' tasting review

' Pino Fragrant Milk Tea ' using milk tea ice and black tea chocolate has appeared as a new flavor in the small ice 'Pino' series. It is said that the ice that combines Assam tea is coated with chocolate using Darjeeling tea, and it is finished so that you can feel the scent of gorgeous tea, so I actually ate it and checked it. .

Fragrant Milk Tea | Pino Morinaga Milk Industry
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The package of 'Pino fragrant milk tea' looks like this. In addition to the tea design, the words 'Darjeeling & Assam Fragrance' push the tea to the front.

Dairy products, tea chocolate coaching, starch syrup, tea / emulsifier etc. are used as raw materials.

The calorie is 32 kcal per grain.

When I open the lid, it looks like this. It looks like a normal Pinot chocolate ice cream, but the different point is that the scent of black tea drifts strongly from the time you open the lid. You can feel the strong, rich aroma of a tea leaf specialty store without having to put your nose close to it.

According to the letter written on the back of the lid, this scent is 'a deep scent of Darjeeling and Assam'.

It is like this when you cut it with a kitchen knife to see what the contents of the coating are like. The ice is slightly brown and close to the color of milk tea.

By putting the ice cream in your mouth, the aroma becomes even stronger, and you can fully enjoy the milk tea-flavored ice cream. The soft sweetness of chocolate and ice cream harmonized well with the pleasant scent of tea leaves, resulting in a very luxurious ice cream.

The price of `` Pinot Fragrant Milk Tea '' is 150 yen excluding tax, and it will be sold at convenience stores and mass retailers nationwide from August 22, 2022.

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