I saw `` Akagawa Fireworks Presents 2022 '' where collaboration fireworks with Tokyo Revengers were also launched

Many fireworks festivals in 2020 and 2021 have been canceled due to the corona crisis. In 2022, measures against the new coronavirus infection and review of the scale are being implemented, and the number of fireworks festivals that are gradually reviving is increasing. The

Akagawa Fireworks Festival will also be revived with corona measures such as shortening the program and limiting admission to the free area. I went to see what kind of fireworks were going up at `` Akagawa Fireworks Presents 2022 '', which was also collaborated with Tokyo Revengers .

Akagawa Fireworks Presents 2022 'Smile & Peace ~ Energize the Community, Bring Smiles to the Children ~'

The venue is between Haguro Bridge and Mikawa Bridge on the Akagawa River in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture.

On August 20, 2022, the venue opened before 16:00. There is also a temperature measurement at the time of entry, and measures against the new corona are also taken.

At 19:10, when I was preparing the camera for shooting fireworks at 20 minutes before the start of the fireworks display, the drone show of 'Pokémon GO' suddenly started. I hurriedly shoot with my camera.

It was a surprise production with 700 drones that caused a stir in the venue.

At 19:30, it was time to start. The main content of this fireworks display is Music Star Mine, and it starts with the opening welcome fireworks 'First Step to Resurrection'. The song is YOASOBI 'Trace that dream'.

The person in charge was Beniya Aoki Fireworks Co., Ltd. And it's raining here. Fireworks are launched even though water droplets are attached to the lens and it becomes difficult to take pictures well.

The next Music Star Mine 'Smile Blooms, Gift of Light' was launched by

Ando Fireworks Co. , Ltd. The rain is getting stronger, but I will try to take at least one picture. The song is BTS 'Permission to Dance'.

And finally, it became a collaboration fireworks program with '

Tokyo Revengers '. On August 20th, when this fireworks display was held, Mikey Manjiro Sano's birthday will be launched to celebrate Mikey's birthday.

After the message from Mikey, which was recorded for this Akagawa fireworks, flows into the venue, Cry Baby of Official HIGE DANdism will flow and fireworks will be launched.

The person in charge was

Kitanihon Hanabi Kogyo Co., Ltd. You can see the actual fireworks in the video below.

Tokyo Revengers and Akagawa Fireworks Collaboration Star Mine [Akagawa Fireworks Presents 2022]-YouTube

Next, the Music Star Mine of 'Sakai Shonai 400th Anniversary Commemorative Fireworks' will rise. The song is LiSA 'Fire'. Isoya Fireworks Co., Ltd. was in charge of the launch.

And the program 'Shakudama Fantasia' between Music Star Mine, two shakudama will be launched. I couldn't take pictures in the first half because of the rain, but I was able to take pictures in the second half.

There are two more programs left, the first is 'A New Hope for the Future', and the song is

ONE OK ROCK 's 'We are'.

It was launched by

Margaux Co. , Ltd.

It's time for the finale. The finale consists of two parts, and the first half is a collaboration between

Alps Fireworks , Okubo Fireworks Factory, Kanno Fireworks Co., Ltd., Sato Fireworks Co., Ltd., Shinohara Fireworks Co., Ltd., Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks Co., Ltd., and Wakamatsu Fireworks Factory Co., Ltd. firework. The song was Aimyon 's 'Naked Heart'.

In the second half, the grand finale will be fireworks by

Ina Kako Horiuchi Fireworks Co. , Ltd.

MISIA 'Aino Katachi' was played, and the width of the fireworks exploded from the middle, and the fireworks went up as if to wrap the venue.

The fireworks display, which was shortened to about 1 hour, has ended, but on August 19, 2023, the announcement that the Akagawa fireworks and the 30th anniversary event will be held as usual, including the design fireworks competition. was done.

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