Netflix's live-action drama 'Resident Evil' ends after just one season

Deadline, an overseas entertainment media, reports that Netflix's live-action drama adaptation of the popular horror game series Resident Evil , Resident Evil , will be discontinued after Season 1, which was released in July 2022. .

'Resident Evil' Series Canceled By Netflix After One Season – Deadline

This is the second time that 'Resident Evil' has become original content for a streaming service. The first time was the full 3DCG animation ' Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness ', which depicts Leon and Claire at the same time as the game ' Resident Evil 5 ', and was released in July 2021.

Full 3DCG animation 'BIOHAZARD: Infinite Darkness' production decision, teaser PV release - GIGAZINE

And the second time was the live-action drama 'Resident Evil'. Based on the setting of the original game, it is a drama that depicts a unique world view that is completely different from the original game and the live-action film series . Mr. Andrew Dove , who also served as a writer and producer for the drama 'Supernatural', was in charge.

'Resident Evil' Trailer-Netflix-YouTube

The drama 'Resident Evil' was viewed 72.7 million hours in its first weekend, and started at No. 2 on the rankings. The first place was series 4 of ' Stranger Things Unknown World ' which is a popular drama series at the time of release.

After that, 'Resident Evil' climbed to the 3rd place in the second week, but there was no phenomenon that 'the popularity ranking rises greatly in the second week' seen in other popular series. It has dropped out of the top 10 popularity rankings for the week. The Netflix version of `` Resident Evil '' has an overwhelmingly low score of 55% for critics and 27% for audiences on the movie criticism site Rotten Tomatoes. Deadline reports that Netflix has opted not to make a second season of Resident Evil due to the negative reviews.

Deadline commented, 'I'm not surprised. The drama was boring.' I'm sure that we expressed our own views on the drama.' 'I was really looking forward to this drama, but it was actually a mess. There were opinions such as

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