'Monster Eater ~ Dungeon Rice Board Game ~' that 'Dungeon Rice' became a card game appeared, the contents are like this

The popular card game designed

by Ginichiro Suzuki is based on Ryoko Kui 's manga ' Dungeon Meshi,' which tells the story of 'going through dungeons while cooking and eating the monsters you encounter in order to save your friends who were eaten by dragons.' Based on the game system of ' Monster Maker ', it will be made into a board game with the title ' Monster Eater-Dungeon Meal Board Game- ' and will appear on September 15, 2022 from Arclight Games . Since I had the opportunity to actually play, I first tried to see what kind of game it was.

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The package looks like this. The original game plan is by Ginichiro Suzuki, and the game designer is Seiji Kanai, known for ' Love Letter '.

The original author Ryoko Kui is in charge of the illustrations used in the package and the game.

The number of players is assumed to be 2 to 5, the play time is 45 minutes, and the target age is 10 years old or older.

The contents are instructions and various tokens.

The tokens are made of cardboard and pre-cut so they can be easily removed without scissors.

Bags for tokens and cards, dice, cards.

There are 5 types of cards in all. Below are the character cards, there are 28 in total. In addition to familiar faces such as Raios, Marushiru, Chilchuk, Senshi, and Izumi, characters that appeared in the manga are on cards. As far as the characters of the game are concerned, it is more enjoyable if you read up to about

10 volumes of the original book .

And this is a monster card, all 30 cards. Monsters seen in the original, such as 'Walking Mushroom' and 'Large Scorpion' are drawn.

Turning over the 'Walking Mushroom' card, the first dish that the Raios ate when they met Senshi at the entrance of the labyrinth, 'Mizutaki with a large scorpion and walking mushroom' was drawn.

The labyrinth card describes the rooms of each dungeon, the monsters you encounter, events, and so on. 125 sheets in total.

A total of 20 item cards with items that can be obtained in the labyrinth, such as gold coins and gems.

There are 5 game progress cards in which the progress in the game is written.

The dice has 6 sides, and 3 each of 2 colors of blue and orange are prepared.

You can read the report you actually played from the following to see what kind of game is finished using these cards and dice.

``Monster Eater-Dungeon Rice Board Game-'' play review that cooks monsters encountered while exploring the labyrinth and connects them to vitality for tomorrow-GIGAZINE

Monster Eater ~Dungeon Rice Board Game~ will be released on September 15, 2022, and the price is 4950 yen including tax.

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