Finally, a plug-in that moves the image generation AI 'Stable Diffusion' with 'CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Crysta)' appears

It is possible to run AI '

Stable Diffusion ' that automatically generates images from text on ' CLIP STUDIO PAINT ', a drawing software used when drawing manga and illustrations digitally. The plug-in ' NekoDraw ' has appeared. NekoDraw is published on GitHub and supports both ``text2img'' that generates images from text and ``img2img'' that generates higher-definition images from images.

GitHub - mika-f/nekodraw: NekoDraw: CLIP STUDIO PAINT plugin for executing Stable Diffusion txt2img and img2img processor.

'Stable Diffusion' is an image generation AI released under the Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license and licensed for commercial use. It is possible to output images in two ways: ' text2img ' that generates images along the input text and ' img2img ' that outputs more detailed images from images such as simple line drawings. However, in order to be able to use Stable Diffusion in a local environment, the hurdles for implementation are slightly higher, such as the technology and knowledge that can handle Python and Anaconda, etc., and the need for a terminal equipped with an NVIDIA GPU. Therefore, a lot of software has appeared that allows anyone to easily install Stable Diffusion.

``NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI'' that can install image generation AI ``Stable Diffusion'' in Windows environment with one button & can be operated with GUI is finally here-GIGAZINE

Summary of how to use ``NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI'' that can easily install image generation AI ``Stable Diffusion'' on Windows for free, you can quickly understand the tricks of setting spells and generating images - GIGAZINE

Free image generation AI ``Stable Diffusion'' can be easily installed and used by beginners on Windows & ``Artroom Stable Diffusion'' usage summary that also supports img2img - GIGAZINE

'NekoDraw', a plug-in that allows you to use such Stable Diffusion with Crysta, has appeared. In order to run Stable Diffusion in the local environment, NekoDraw requires a GPU with more than 12GB of memory (RAM) and 8GB or more VRAM of GeForce RTX 3060 or later.

You can see how Stable Diffusion's text2img is actually running with the Christa plug-in in the following video.

Easy to use, click 'Filter' → 'Stable Diffusion' → 'Stable Diffusion Prompt'

The overall format is 'Kawaii, Cute, Illustration', the theme is 'Lumine', the theme (supplementary) is 'in Genshin Impact' (Haragami), and the author and style is '

Hoyoverse '. ( HoYoverse , a work related to miHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact), and 'pixiv' is entered as the flavor.

It is said that such an image will be output in about 1 minute.

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The following is the image output with img2img with NekoDraw. We have succeeded in generating more detailed illustrations from rough line drawings.

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