``HERO11 Black'' capable of shooting 5.3K 60fps movies from GoPro & ``HERO11 Black Mini'' that has been made smaller and lighter while maintaining performance

From GoPro, which develops action cameras with high-precision camera shake correction function and waterproof performance, ' HERO11 Black ', ' HERO11 Black Creator Edition ' and ' HERO11 Black Mini ' have appeared. Each model is equipped with a large 1/1.9-inch sensor that supports movie shooting at up to 5.3K and 27-megapixel photography. In addition, it supports movie shooting with an aspect ratio of 8: 7, making it easy to create vertical content that is popular on TikTok and Instagram.

GoPro introduces three types of HERO11 Black cameras that automatically send highlight videos to your smartphone

◆HERO11 Black
The appearance of 'HERO11 Black' is as follows. It looks similar to the previous generation model ' HERO10 Black ' with a display on the front, but the sensor, which is a very important factor in the image quality of the camera, is larger (1/1.9 inch) than the previous generation model. is adopted, and it is possible to shoot movies of up to 5.3K 60fps and photos of 27 megapixels. In addition, it also supports shooting in 10-bit color, and can express more than 1 billion colors. Regarding the camera installed in 'HERO11 Black', GoPro said, 'The image quality is dramatically improved compared to the previous GoPro camera,' appealing the improvement in shooting performance.

In addition, 'HERO11 Black' is equipped with waterproof performance up to a depth of 10m and image stabilization technology 'HyperSmooth 5.0'. The battery has also been improved, and the shooting performance in a normal temperature environment has increased by up to 38 hours, and the camera performance in a low temperature environment has also greatly improved.

'HERO11 Black' has been on sale at the time of article creation, and is sold at the following official shops for 72,000 yen including tax. In addition, a set with a one-year subscription plan is sold at 62,000 yen including tax.

Media Mod | Waterproof Action Camera (HERO11) | GoPro

◆HERO11 Black Creator Edition
'HERO11 Black Creator Edition' is a set for creators that adds a tripod built-in battery grip, LED light, directional microphone, etc. to 'HERO11 Black'.

The price at the official shop of 'HERO11 Black Creator Edition' is 101,000 yen including tax, and the one-year subscription plan set is sold at 89,000 yen including tax.

GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition | Vlog, Delivery Camera | GoPro

◆HERO11 Black Mini
'HERO11 Black Mini' is a model that has the same large sensor as 'HERO11 Black' but is smaller and lighter. The small body is wrapped in a sturdy outer shell, and it is said that it has achieved 'the highest durability in GoPro history'. In addition, the 'HERO11 Black Mini' battery is built-in, and like the 'HERO11 Black' battery, it is appealing that it has improved performance in low temperature environments.

The release date of 'HERO11 Black Mini' is October 25, 2022. The price is 58,000 yen including tax, and subscription plan subscribers will be available for 48,000 yen including tax.

GoPro HERO11 Black Mini (Small Action Camera) - Coming Soon

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