`` iPhone 14 '' photo review & benchmark test, I tried to see how the terminal, which is described as `` the smallest upgrade ever '', upgraded from the previous model

I got my hands on the “iPhone 14” released on September 16, 2022, so I thoroughly checked its appearance. It has become a hot topic that

there are few changes from the 'iPhone 13' so much that the overseas media that conducted the preliminary review described it as 'the most minimal upgrade in Apple's history', so the iPhone 13, which is the previous model. I also prepared an appearance comparison and benchmark comparison.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus - Apple (Japan)

◆ Contents
1: iPhone 14 photo review
2: I compared the appearance of iPhone 14 and iPhone 13
3: I tried a benchmark test

◆ 1: iPhone 14 photo review
This is the iPhone 14 package.

When you open the inside, the main body is enshrined. The color I bought this time is 'Starlight'.

Other contents are a manual, an Apple logo type sticker, a SIM pin, and a USB Type-C Lightning cable.

The iPhone 14 body looks like this.

The size is 146.7 mm long x 71.5 mm wide x 7.80 mm thin. The display is 6.1 inches.

The actual weight is 170g. The nominal value is 172g.

Taking it in my hand looks like this.

The main camera on the back is a dual camera.

The upper left is the ultra-wide-angle camera, and the lower right is the wide-angle camera.

There is nothing in particular on the top surface.

A microphone, a speaker, and a Lightning connector are arranged on the bottom.

There is a SIM card slot, volume control button, sound on / off button on the left side.

There is a power button on the right side.

That's why the iPhone 14 photo review is over for the time being.

◆ 2: I compared the appearance of iPhone 14 and iPhone 13
Next, let's compare it with the iPhone 13. From now on, iPhone 14 will be placed on the left and iPhone 13 on the right unless otherwise specified. The size of the iPhone 13 is 146.7 mm in height, 71.5 mm in width, and 7.65 mm in thickness, and the only difference from the iPhone 14 is the thickness. The iPhone 14 is 1.5mm thicker.

The difference in thickness lies in the height of the camera module, with the iPhone 14 being about 1mm higher.

There is no difference in the thickness of the main body except for the camera module.

The actual weight of the iPhone 13 is 173g. The nominal value is also 173g. The iPhone 14 is 1g lighter than the nominal value.

Comparing the back is like this. Even the position of the camera and logo is exactly the same. Since the color is also the same starlight, I thought that I could not distinguish it at all just by looking at it ...

You can see that the LED lights are made slightly differently on both models, and the iPhone 13 looks a little orange overall.

The top surface looks something like this, even the position of the resin line drawn on the aircraft is the same.

The bottom looks like this. The top is iPhone 14.

left side

right side.

So, I looked for the difference in appearance between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, but the only difference was the height of the LED light and camera module.

◆ 3: I tried a benchmark test
Let's do a benchmark test on iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 and compare the numbers. The iPhone 13 is equipped with a 4-core GPU

A15 Bionic , and the iPhone 14 is equipped with a 5-core GPU A15 Bionic, so the CPU-related scores should be the same and the GPU-related scores should differ. .

The benchmark test was conducted with iPhone 14 upgraded to iOS 16.0.1 and iPhone 13 upgraded to iOS 16.0. At the time of writing the article, iOS 16.0.1 was distributed only to iPhone 14, and it is reported that it is a version to fix activation and data migration related bugs on iPhone 14.

The benchmark software used this time is

Geekbench 5 and AnTuTu . We tried each method twice and adopted the one with the best results.

Start with Geekbench 5. As with the photo review, unless otherwise mentioned, the left is the iPhone 14 and the right is the iPhone 13 image. The memory (RAM) is different for both models, and the memory shown in Geekbench 5 is 5.56 GB for iPhone 14 and 3.56 GB for iPhone 13.

Geekbench 5 allows you to test with both CPU and Computing. First of all, the test result of the single core of the CPU looks like this. Overall, the iPhone 14 has slightly higher numbers.

This is the result from text rendering to HDR.

From ray tracing to machine learning is like this.

Next, the multi-core test results are like this. Overall, the iPhone 14 has higher numbers.

There is a big difference in HDR processing etc.

The iPhone 14 also scored well in ray tracing.

Next, the result of computing looks like this.

Except for Horizon Detection, the iPhone 14 is superior in everything.

Next, I will test it with AnTuTu.

The result is like this, iPhone 14 wins in all CPU and GPU ......

The results of MEM (memory) and UX (user experience) were like this.

In addition, both models that were benchmark tested in succession with Geekbench 5 and AnTuTu had a temperature rise of nearly 40 degrees.

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