I tried playing the trial version of `` HARVESTELLA '' that advances the story in a fantasy world while doing farming and fighting

The Nintendo Switch version of Square Enix's fantasy x life simulation RPG ' HARVESTELLA ' will be released on Friday, November 4, 2022, and the Steam version will be released on Saturday, November 5, 2022. A trial version that can take over save data was delivered on Nintendo Switch, so I actually played it.



To download the trial version, search for 'Harvestella' on the Nintendo eShop, find the software, and select 'Download Trial'.

I've finished downloading, so I'm going to play it right away.

The trial version is a version that allows you to experience 'until Chapter 2 is cleared' or 'until 15 days have passed in-game'. It is also possible to carry over save data to the product version.

Start with character makeup. Select your gender from 'Male', 'Female', and 'Neutral'.

You can choose from 8 different appearances.

12 hair colors

15 eye colors

You can choose from two types of voices.

Pick a name and start the game.

The stage is a small village with medieval buildings.

The main character I created earlier is falling down ... ...

A mysterious girl floating in the air appears and heals the hero.

A girl who calls out, 'Now you've healed your injuries. Let's go...' and disappears before the main character wakes up.

The hero stands up while staggering. A mysterious light is dancing around the area from the previous time, and you can see that there is a shining structure towering behind the hero.

You can operate the hero from here. You can move the character with the left stick and move the viewpoint with the right stick. Jump with the B button and dash with the ZR button.

When I looked around, the girl from earlier was standing there. The hero who is told by a girl that he may be able to save 'this world' and 'that child'. The girl disappears, leaving a mystery behind.

A girl who wanders aimlessly sees a huge crystal that glows red and faints as it is.

At dawn, the main character is healed by a mysterious woman.

The woman claims to be a village doctor and says, ``I don't think it's insane to go out in the season of death.''

During the conversation, you may sometimes see options. When I listened by choosing 'Dead season ...?'

'I wonder if my memory is confused ...' was returned, and the question was not resolved. Apparently, the word 'dead season' is common knowledge not only in the village, but also in this world. When she calmed down, she was told to come to the clinic, and then she left.

It can be operated again from here. It is a mysterious world where bluish-white glowing ores are formed everywhere in the lush green scenery. A mini map is displayed in the upper right, and the destination of the quest is displayed with a star-shaped mark.

When I opened the menu with the + button, I already had valuables such as `` Kuwa '' and `` Jouro ''. In addition to valuables, I was able to access the menus 'notebook', 'backpack', 'party', 'job', 'illustration book' and 'other'.

If you visit the village as it is ......

A child running around the street talked to me and told me the location of the clinic.

- You can check the map by pressing the button. In addition to the clinic, the village had places such as general stores, renovation shops, blacksmiths, and fishing points.

When I headed to the clinic like this, the doctor explained to me about the season of death. The season of death refers to the 'season of death', and at the turn of the season, the crystals called 'Seas Light' emit abnormal light, and dust of light dances. It is said that if you take this chili into your body, it will erode your life, so this season everyone will be stuck at home.

While talking about this and that, the ground suddenly trembled. The area suddenly becomes dark.

The structures placed around the village shine all at once ......

A mysterious glowing object crashes near the village.

When approaching, there is a huge object that glows red.

A door appears on the object and opens as if inviting the protagonist.

When I actually entered, a mysterious person wearing a red armor was lying there.

However, the hero who is instructed to leave the armor by the doctor who came in later. Apparently, this armor is known as an existence called 'demons', and demons are 'anyway troublesome'.

With the words of the protagonist, who has no prejudice against demons, the doctor decides that since he has found it, he must treat it. With the help of the village chief, we will be treating the demons in a hut on the outskirts of the village.

That's why the hero and the demons decided to rest in the same hut. From now on, this hut will be the main character's base.

Thus ended the first day. The date advances.

The next morning, the demons still haven't woken up. On the other hand, the main character is encouraged to farm for recreation and recuperation. This is where the real work begins.

You can check the actual farming in the following video.

I tried farming with fantasy x life simulation RPG 'Harvestella' - YouTube

First, hold down the ZR button and press the left button to select the hoe.

By pressing the Y button twice toward the field, 1 square will be plowed.

After plowing all the necessary plots, open the backpack with the arrow button and select the seeds ......

Press the X button to sow seeds in the tilled area.

Furthermore, hold down the ZR button and press the upper button to switch to Jouro ......

Water it by pressing and holding the Y button, and you're done. The growth period varies depending on the species, and it seems that if you miss a day of watering, it will not grow.

There are also the concepts of 'stamina' and 'hunger'. The two bars displayed at the bottom left represent physical strength on the top and stamina on the bottom. Your stamina will decrease each time you farm or dash, and when it reaches 0 you will only be able to walk and jump. Stamina recovers by consuming the hunger gauge, and the hunger gauge is filled by eating food.

The concept of 'time' is also important in this game. While playing the game, the time displayed in the upper right always progresses, and time is consumed as compensation for specific actions such as 'craft' and 'repair'. It also consumes a lot of time when going back and forth between villages, huts, and dungeon areas. You'll fall asleep at midnight, so you'll need to return to your base early and sleep in your bed.

Although the hero fell asleep on the second day in this way, when he woke up in the middle of the night, the demon suddenly emitted light ... ...

A girl appeared from inside.

The main character goes to call everyone for the time being, but the girl still doesn't wake up, so I decided to see how it goes.

The next morning, the girl finally got up and made a shocking remark, 'I think she came from the future,' and despite the skeptical eyes of those around her, she began to search for a way to change to the future.

Also, from around this time, the main character will be able to go to the dungeon. There are strange monsters here and there in the dungeon, but you can defeat them by attacking them with the weapons that the protagonist possesses.

Monsters sometimes drop materials, so you can collect them. It is also possible to collect items from specific points on the field. Attacking, collecting, and mining also consumes stamina, and when stamina runs out, you can't do any of these actions, so be careful. You should also pay attention to your time and explore in moderation.

In addition, you will be able to craft items at the base, and you can create useful items such as 'items that can instantly return home' from items obtained in dungeons.

As you progress through the story and quests, various characters may become friends. You can meet various characters specializing in magic attacks and recovery. You can see how you are exploring the dungeon with your fellow characters in the video below.

Fantasy x life simulation RPG 'Harvestella / HARVESTELLA' tried to fight with enemies - YouTube

While meeting the character, the main character will be able to switch 'jobs' ...

You can acquire unique 'skills' for each job, and you will be able to proceed with battle and exploration advantageously.

In the initial state, the things you can do are limited, but as you progress through the game, the things you can do will increase. There is exploration, there is life simulation, and it seems that you can raise pets and nurture 'bonds' with characters.

'Harvestera' will be released for Nintendo Switch and PC. The suggested retail price is 7680 yen including tax. In addition, Amazon.co.jp has started pre-ordering the package version with Amazon limited original mini poster.

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