I tried to completely reproduce the famous scenes of Harry Potter such as Harry and Hermione's encounter and Mr. Lupine VS Dementor with the Lego block set 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition'


Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition ' is a kit that allows you to assemble the 'Hogwarts Express' that appears in Harry Potter by combining 5129 LEGO® blocks. Since such 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' came to the editorial department, following the creation of the locomotive and the creation of the track & tender, I will assemble a passenger car that can reproduce the famous scene under construction by arranging mini figures and accessories. .

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'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' is a kit that allows you to create a Hogwarts Express with a total length of 118 cm by combining 5129 blocks. There are 4 assembly instructions in the kit, and you can assemble 'locomotive', 'track & tender', 'passenger car' and 'station platform' according to each instruction manual. You can check how to actually assemble a locomotive with wheels according to the procedure in the following article.

I tried assembling a locomotive with wheels with 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' that can completely reproduce Harry Potter's 'Hogwarts Express' with Lego blocks - GIGAZINE

Also, in the following article, you can see how to assemble long tracks and coal piled tenders.

I tried making a coal-rich tender with the Lego block `` Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition '' that can reproduce famous scenes such as `` Harry attacked by Dementors ''-GIGAZINE

This time, we will assemble a passenger car that can reproduce the famous scene in the work according to the 3rd manual.

A large number of blocks are used to assemble the passenger car.

The block bag also contained minifigures of Harry, Malfoy and Luna.

In addition, there are many small items that viewers of the Harry Potter series will grin, such as Neville's toad 'Trevor' and Ron's mouse 'Scabbers'.

By assembling the passenger car and placing accessories such as various minifigures, 100 flavor beans, and frog chocolates, you can reproduce the scene where Harry and Ron meet Hermione in '

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone '.

In addition, scenes where Harry and others are attacked by dementors (dementors) in '

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' ...

You can also reproduce the scene where Luna helps Harry who was petrified by Malfoy in '

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince '.

The passenger car has a sliding door that can actually slide sideways ......

A door that can be opened and closed on the outside can also be installed.

The wheel parts of the passenger car look like this.

The wheels are made to a width that fits perfectly with the track assembled according to the second manual, and can be moved freely on the track.

There is also a block that glows when you press the button.

The glowing block is combined with other blocks to make a plate with a name quote.

If you attach the plate to the small compartment of the passenger car, you can illuminate each small room like this.

Reproduce the famous scene, attach the wheels and lighting parts, and finally make a wall with a large window ...

Attach to vehicle body.

This completes the passenger car. The time it took to assemble the passenger car was about five and a half hours, including the shooting time.

The front of the passenger car has a connecting part that can be connected to the rear of the tender.

When connecting the passenger car and the tender, a huge Hogwarts express model was completed like this.

The side walls are designed to be easy to remove ...

You can remove the wall to see famous scenes, or combine minifigures to create your own scenes.

In the 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition', in addition to the locomotives, tenders, passenger cars, and tracks that have been created so far, you can also create platforms for platforms 9 and 3/4 of King's Cross Station. An article outlining how to create a Home is coming soon.

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