AI will take over the voice of Darth Vader


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Actor James Earl Jones, who has been the voice of the character `` Darth Vader '' in the movie `` Star Wars '' series for over 40 years, has retired from the role of Darth Vader. At the same time, it was also revealed that a project to reproduce Mr. Jones' voice with AI is underway.

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Mr. Jones has been in charge of Vader's voice since Darth Vader first appeared in ' Star Wars Episode 4 / New Hope ' published in 1977. However, the series has continued for a long time, and Mr. Jones will be 91 years old in 2022, so he will retire as Vader.

It is AI that reproduces Mr. Jones' voice that acts as Darth Vader instead of Mr. Jones. According to Vanity Fair's report, Respeecher, a startup company that produces AI synthesized voice, has succeeded in reproducing Mr. Jones' voice with AI, taking over the rights from Lucasfilm, the creator of Star Wars.

Mr. Jones' voice reproduced by Respeecher was used in the drama `` Obi-Wan Kenobi '' distributed on Disney + from May 2022. Darth Vader's voice heard in this drama seems to sound a little different from that of ' Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker ' last played by Mr. Jones.

The synthesized voice by Respeecher has been incorporated into Lucasfilm works so far, and the voice of the young Luke Skywalker who appears in the drama `` Mandalorian '' delivered in 2019 and the drama `` Boba Fett '' delivered in 2021. was not a new recording, but was synthesized by Respeecher .

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