Research is underway to send Morse code from the dream to the real world by eye movement

It may feel like a dream story when you hear that 'a person in a dream sends a message to the real world', but in the middle of a

lucid dream when the person who sees it is aware that it is a dream , A project to transmit Morse code to the real world using 'eye movement' is being promoted by enthusiasts out of the field.

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A lucid dream is a dream in which the person who sees it can realize that it is a dream, and it is said that the person who sees it can change the state of the dream as he or she wishes. Lucid dreaming is very attractive for people who want to have their dreams as they want, and various researchers and enthusiasts are researching ``how to see lucid dreams''.

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In September 2022, on LSDBase, a blog where such lucid dream enthusiasts post various articles, a person named Sebastiii said, ``By measuring the brain waves of people who are lucid dreaming and detecting eye movements, , Read Morse Codes Sent from Dreams.'

Looking at the electroencephalogram image released by Mr. Sebastiii, there are three parts where the electroencephalogram moves greatly. It seems that this brain wave was measured using a headgear type sleep measuring device Dream 2 or Dream 3 with a clinical level polysomnographic function.

In a lucid dream, Mr. Sebastiii ``looks left twice, looks right once, and looks left once'', causing eye movements in the real body, and the Morse code ``F (... -・/TonTonTwoTon)' was attempted to be sent. In the EEG graph, the downward waveform represents 'left' and the upward waveform represents 'right'. The following is the one with the most easy-to-understand part extracted and arrowed. Considering that the part that protrudes straight without a fine step in the waveform is the direction in which the eye is directed, it can be confirmed that the waveform moves in the order of 'left, left, right, left'.

The idea of ``transmitting Morse code using eye movement from within a lucid dream'' has existed for a long time, and in 2012, ``blink in a lucid dream and - (Two) 'sends' research has beenpublished . The idea of transmitting Morse code in the direction we are looking at this time was inspired by this 2012 study.

Michael Paul Coder, who published a study in 2012, praised the method of sending Morse code in the direction of eye gaze as superior to the one that uses blinking. Technology media Hackaday said, ``Anyone who is comfortable learning Morse code can use this method of transmitting information with a commercially available headband. It may be a waste, but this unexpected method may be a good counter.'

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