The trailer of the animated movie 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' featuring Mario and Kuppa is finally released, scheduled for road show on April 28, 2023

The trailer of the feature-length animated movie `` The Super Mario Bros. Movie '' of Nintendo's popular game ``Super Mario Bros.'' series will be held for the first time at ``Nintendo Direct: The Super Mario Bros. Published. Chris Pratt will be voicing Mario, the main character, and Jack Black will be voicing Bowser. It was also revealed that it will be released in Japan on April 28, 2023.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct-YouTube

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, appears. The production of the movie has been progressing for a long time of more than 7 years.

Chris Meledandri, Founder, CEO and Producer of Production Company Illumination

Directed by Michael Jelenick and Aaron Horhas

Nintendo Direct: At the time of distribution of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it is said that it is in the stage of lighting and synthesis.

Music is Mr. Brian Tyler, and Mr. Koji Kondo who composed BGM in the original game 'Super Mario Bros.' released in 1983.

The starring English voice actor is Chris Pratt, who starred in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Jurassic World'. It seems that he was playing the arcade version of Mario Bros. when he was a child.

'Being Mario has always been my dream.'

And Jack Black, known for 'School of Rock' and 'Gulliver's Travels', plays the role of Kuppa, who stands in the way of Mario's powerful enemy played by Chris Pratt. Appeared with a line that seems to be a villain's Bowser, 'I'm the main from here!'

'This movie will surely leave a mark on the Mario community!'

After the comments of the two main characters, the trailer started. A towering castle is reflected in the ice world.

A pillar of fire that breaks through the ice.

A huge Kuppa castle approaches the ice white.

'It's the Great Demon Lord Kuppa!' Kamek said.

Kuppa appears while shaking the huge body from the flames.

The ice castle gates open.

A cute penguin king and soldiers appeared.

The penguins make snowballs and throw them at the Bowser corps ...

The difference in strength is obvious.

Koopa army corps that does not move even a little

'Do you surrender?'


Kamek swings his wand and releases magic.

The penguins floated to the surface with the power of magic and were incapacitated at once.

Bowser shoots flames from his mouth towards the ice castle.

It seems that the aim of Kuppa who stepped into the ice castle was this superstar.

Meanwhile, Mario jumps out of a clay pipe on the wall and lands on a giant mushroom.

There are huge mushrooms all around.

When Mario gently tries to touch the mushroom ......

Kinopio jumps out and stops Mario.

'Let's go to the Mushroom Kingdom!'

The title is 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie'

Luigi who is chased by a large amount of Karon also appeared.

Theatrical release is April 28, 2023.

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