I took a closer look at the unique handmade carts that showed a splendid run at `` Red Bull Box Cart Race Osaka 2022 '', such as core fighters with high reproducibility and Roman tanks drawn by two horses.

It is said to have originated in the 1950s when American children attached wheels to soap boxes and ran them down hills to play. The Japanese competition of the 'Box Cart Race', a race in which hand-made carts are used to run down hills, is called ' Red Bull '. Box Cart Race Osaka 2022 ' was held at Expo'70 Commemorative Park in Osaka on Saturday, October 22, 2022. Karts that can participate in the race must be ``3.5m in length, 2m in width, 2.5m in height, with a maximum weight of 80kg, and be equipped with brakes and handles''. Freely decide and handcraft the cart. I actually took a closer look at some of these unique carts at the venue.

Red Bull Box Cart Race Osaka 2022


The state of the ``Red Bull Box Cart Race Osaka 2022'' race is summarized in the following article.

`` Red Bull Box Cart Race Osaka 2022 '' report where handmade carts such as eating dolls, automatic ticket gates at stations, oden stalls blew up the slopes of the Expo Memorial Park - GIGAZINE

© Suguru Saito / Red Bull Content Pool

Before the start of the race, the karts scheduled to participate were lined up behind the starting point.

The first thing that caught my attention was the karts of the team 'Tapmans' who participated from Tokyo with my company friends and family. It was designed to imitate JR East's automatic ticket gate, and I was collecting the eyes of people around me, saying, ``If you are walking in the park, there will suddenly be an automatic ticket gate!''

``I thought it would be interesting if the automatic ticket gates started running when I got on a crowded train, so I made it with the image of a ticket gate that transforms and runs without being able to get on a crowded train.'' It is said that the actual automatic ticket gate that is used every time for commuting is properly measured, and it is almost full size and faithfully made.

The balance of Suica is also displayed properly, and the details are well-crafted.

Furthermore, before the start, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is loaded ... ...

When you turn on the switch, the electric equipment installed inside lights up. It seems that the production period is about 2 months using every weekend.

The automatic ticket gate of the team 'Tapmans' participated in the race as a top runner. The sight of the automatic ticket gate accelerating at the first incline running with tremendous momentum was so surreal that the venue was well received.

Although it is a relatively large cart because it is an automatic ticket gate of almost full size, it ran to the goal splendidly.

The next thing that caught my eye was the huge RX-78 Gundam. The symbolic tricolor color stood out well even from a distance.

Kart is not a Gundam, but this huge core fighter.

In addition to the silhouette, the surface is carved with streaks and painted in earnest. In order to make this core fighter, it seems that a 3D model was made in advance and had it painted by a professional, and I was convinced by the tremendous quality.

It is the cart of '

BUILD BANG ', which is multi-professional in the Kansai area, mainly cosplay modeling, and it is said that it will be the third time this year.

It seems that in past competitions, he has exploded with Space Sheriff Gavan.

The gigantic Gundam that particularly caught the eye at the venue was designed to allow people to enter inside, and it was also used during the opening performance.

``The pilot is going to cosplay Amuro Ray,'' so one before cosplaying. What I have on my side is the helmet I wear when I participate, but this is also quite a surprise.

In the actual race, the pilot who cosplayed as Amuro in the Earth Federation Forces mobile suit pilot straddled the Core Fighter and roared the course. For some reason, the audience laughed and cheered him on as he continued to run with perfect balance while maintaining a crouched posture. However, both wings came off immediately after starting to run.

© Kunihisa Kobayashi / Red Bull Content Pool

A movie was posted on Twitter showing how the core fighter actually runs through the course.

Safely reach the goal.

The core fighter after the goal looks like this. The vertical stabilizer and cockpit part were slightly twisted due to the impact during the course.

A cart with a dynamic design that has a hammock installed as it is. It is 'SANITETEM 1983 GG-R TURBO' of the team 'Osaka University of Arts 83OB Ossans'. Two welded bicycles are decorated with grass, carefully painted blocks, and wooden tags with the word 'Tengoku' written on them.

The sheep costume sleeping in the hammock is the pilot's costume.

A member of the team 'Osaka University of the Arts 83 OB Ossans'. As the name suggests, it is a team made up of alumni of Osaka University of Arts.

The team logo was drawn on the back of the costume worn by the members.

In the race, he showed a tricky driving style of maneuvering while lying in a hammock.

© Suguru Saito / Red Bull Content Pool

However, because the center of gravity is slightly higher, there are also accidents that overturn on the way.

Immediately return and start running again.

©Jason Halayko/Red Bull Content Pool

The moment you finish safely

Achilles of the team 'Never Surrender'. Designed like a chariot of the ancient Roman Empire, the silhouette of the two horses pulling it is eye-catching.

The horse's feet are especially elaborate.

A thread is connected to the reins at the operator's hand, and when this thread is moved, the leg also moves.

A member of the team 'Never Surrender' in the final adjustment. The production period is about 2 months, with work on Saturdays and Sundays. It seems that the production cost was about 120,000, but when asked about his enthusiasm, he said, ``I want to make it spectacular.''

In the actual race, you'll wear the costume of an ancient Roman Imperial soldier and run the race. However, the spectators at the venue were laughing as they watched as the bones that supported the horse clearly began to collapse as soon as they crossed the steps immediately after the start.

© Suguru Saito / Red Bull Content Pool

Although I managed to reach the goal, the two horses turned over and turned into something like a lump. It was impressive to see the horse running while rubbing the horse's nose on the ground all the time.

However, just like his enthusiasm, he ran through to the end while being flashy and broke, and proudly commented, 'I can say that I'm already in first place today.'

Miyakonik is a team of students from

Miyakojima Technical High School that was created as part of an extracurricular practice at school. The cart is named 'Papa-san ~ CAR CHASE ~'.

As the name suggests, the setting was ``an escaped prisoner stole money and fruits from the supermarket'', and the supermarket cart-like car was decorated with watermelons, pineapples, and coins.

And behind it is a large Red Bull can and wings following the catchphrase 'Red Bull gives you wings.' It seems that the production period took about 3 weeks with classes twice a week and extracurricular activities.

Like an escaped prisoner who provokes the police, he is the pilot who decides on the best provocative face.

In the race, the team members pushing the kart were dressed as police officers and chased the kart from behind.

It showed stable running with a relatively low vehicle height and finished the race. The checkered flag waved over the goal gate.

Team 'Miyakonik' leaves the stage while receiving warm applause from the surroundings.

Takara Tomy's official team 'Choro Q''s 'Choro Q Go!' issue is designed with Choro Q as a cart. It is a paper exterior made by a company that produces storefront displays. The pilot is Mr. Masaki Hasegawa, a manzai duo and Nishikigoi who is in charge of the tie-up campaign.

The exterior is made of paper, but the frame is made of metal and solid.

The headlight part is properly equipped with electrical equipment.

In the race, he showed a splendid run and finished the race. The paper exterior is extremely durable and does not warp even in the toughest races.

In addition, the 10-yen coin that is stacked behind is said to incorporate the story that wheelie running is possible when putting a 10-yen coin on the back of the actual Choro Q. In the actual race, fortunately or unfortunately, there was no runaway during wheelie driving.

The “Delicious Takoyaki-go” of the team “Takoyaki-chan Yakikana” features a huge takoyaki stand.

A member of the team 'Takoyaki-chan and Yakikana'. The pilot wearing a takoyaki-shaped helmet, his fellow passenger who is his boss, and the tako girl who colored the performance.

A huge noren hanging above the cart

Takoyaki is lined up in the takoyaki machine ......

The takoyaki in the center is a mechanism that is blown up from the bottom and turns round and round.

The huge takoyaki goodwill was not defeated by the wind pressure, and they ran to the goal without dropping a single takoyaki.

Even within the same stall, the team 'Drinking and Production''s 'Drinking for a little drink and Itsunamaniyara Box Cart Race' issue is an oden stall. Not only lanterns and goodwill, but also small items such as sake bottles and product descriptions.

However, it is still weak against wind pressure due to acceleration immediately after the start, and the roof and noren are blown off when running down the first slope.

©Jason Halayko/Red Bull Content Pool

As I ran, the exterior came off more and more, and the parts that fell apart were rolling behind me.

© Suguru Saito / Red Bull Content Pool

When you reach the goal, it's almost just a skeleton.

What was unique about the ``Box Cart Race, having a drink as if it were a little drink,'' was that it was different from other carts in that two people boarded facing each other and grabbed a handle with a sake bottle. It was a 'shaku steering system' that steered by two people pulling each other. That's why it looks like the figure you are piloting is drinking sake. In terms of safety, it is a fairly challenging system, but it completed the race. It wowed the audience.

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