Geometric origami pioneer Shuzo Fujimoto's five self-published origami textbooks are now in the public domain



Five self-published origami textbooks by Shuzo Fujimoto , who invented many origami with geometric patterns and is world-famous among origami enthusiasts, have been released in the public domain with the consent of Mr. Fujimoto's children. it was done.

Fujimoto's Five Books are now Public Domain - Origami by Michał Kosmulski

Mr. Fujimoto was born in Osaka in 1922. After working for a chemical and pharmaceutical company, he became a chemistry teacher at a high school in Hyogo Prefecture. At first, he started with the problem of ``how to make an equilateral triangle with a single sheet of paper'', and as his interest in origami increased, he made a series of complex three-dimensional shapes such as a regular pentagon, a regular tetrahedron, and a regular icosahedron. Eventually, he began making origami models as teaching materials for explaining crystal structures etc. in chemistry classes.

Fujimoto's origami evolved to represent crystalline structures and geometric shapes, and was one of the pioneers of the triangular/hexagonal lattice that later became a staple of origami tessellation. Since then, he is also called a pioneer of geometric origami. In addition, although he had exchanges and correspondence with origami designers and researchers in Japan and overseas, he was basically outside the mainstream origami trends, so he had a unique style of origami that was rare even from a global perspective. is evaluated as having produced

Mr. Fujimoto invented many origami models, but the ``Fujimoto Cube'' and ``Fujimoto Apple'' announced in the early days, and the ``High Density Hydrangea'' and ``Clover'' announced in 1994 are particularly famous. There are many videos on YouTube that explain how to fold them. In each work, you can see that the paper has very fine creases and is skillfully folded along the creases to create the shape.

'Fujimoto Cube'

Origami Fujimoto Cube-YouTube

'Fujimoto Apple'

Origami Instructions: Apple (Shuzo Fujimoto)-YouTube

'High Density Hydrangea'

How To Fold A High-Density Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto) | Origami Tutorial by Origami_art_love - YouTube


How To Fold A CLOVER (Shuzo Fujimoto) | Origami Tutorial Clover Folding by Origami_art_love - YouTube

Mr. Fujimoto passed away in a nursing home in 2015, but on October 22, 2022, an online event was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth . Among them, Mr. Fujimoto's two children announced that they would publish five origami textbooks that Mr. Fujimoto self-published during his lifetime in the public domain.

The 1976 first edition of ``3D Origami '', the 1982 first edition of `` Invitation to Creative Origami Play' ', the 1978 first edition of `` Twisted Origami 1 '', and the 1983 first edition of `` Twisted Origami 2 '' entered the public domain. , The first edition is ' Twisted fold 3 ' of unknown year. Both are published as PDF files scanned from paper books, and it is also possible to look up textbooks with folding methods from Mr. Fujimoto's work catalog .

The cover of 'three-dimensional origami' looks like this. Mr. Masami Nishiwaki, who worked at the same school as Mr. Fujimoto, contributed to the 'three-dimensional origami'. ), and it is revealed that Mr. Nishiwaki used it in class as an atom / molecule / crystal model in addition to being a color in the school at the school festival.

The text explains in detail how to fold various geometric figures and objects.

Some color photos are also inserted in 'Invitation to creative origami play' ...

'Twisted Fold 1', 'Twisted Fold 2' and 'Twisted Fold 3' contained pictures drawn by Mr. Fujimoto.

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