A movie of a skimming machine skillfully installed in a credit card payment terminal at a convenience store is a hot topic

The number of stores accepting credit card payments has increased, and we are now in an era where you can shop without carrying cash. However, credit card payments are accompanied by the risk of '

skimming ,' in which information is extracted by attaching special equipment to payment terminals. A movie of a skimming machine skillfully attached at an overseas convenience store has become a hot topic.

This movie was released by Joseph Harris in March 2022, and became a hot topic because it was shared more than 40,000 times in one day, and was also covered by American news media.

Viral video shows card skimmer device at Fresno convenience store | KMPH

The movie begins when Mr. Harris visits Seven-Eleven in San Francisco. The credit card payment terminal next to the cash register is covered with a hood to hide the numeric keypad for entering the PIN.

However, when this hood is peeled off, the numeric keypad and exterior that are thought to be the main body also come off together with the hood.

Some boards and circuits were attached to the back.

Looking at the payment terminal after removing the hood, the original numeric keypad is attached. In other words, all the parts that looked like 'a terminal with a hood attached' were skimming machines.

A clerk who noticed that Mr. Harris peeled off the skimming machine glances at this and leaves the place as it is. According to the American news media KMPH, the Seven-Eleven side denied the involvement of store staff.

This type of skimming machine has appeared in at least 2020 and is featured in the following movies.

How To Spot A Credit Card Skimmer (FavTrip)-YouTube

In the movie, not only the introduction of the skimming machine, but also the method of attaching the skimming machine to the payment terminal while talking to the clerk with multiple people and distracting them is disclosed.

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