An art exhibition of paintings and sculptures created using AI will be held at a gallery in New York

In recent years,

due to the development of high-precision image generation AI, a picture drawn by AI has won first place in an art competition , causing controversy. I'm here. In the meantime, Bitforms gallery in New York City, USA will hold an art exhibition called ' Artificial Imagination ', a collection of paintings and sculptures created using AI, from October 26th to December 29th, 2022. doing.

Artificial Imagination |

Exhibit aims to present AI images as real art

Aerial Imagination is the brainchild of investment firm Day One Ventures , with artificial intelligence developer OpenAI as a partner. The exhibited works can be seen on the official website of Bitforms gallery, and can also be confirmed from the tweets of AI artist Alexander Reben .

The work 'new experimental version, state of the art' submitted by AI artist August Kamp looks like an old color photograph of something that looks like a device, and has a realistic texture that makes it look like a real photograph.

Meanwhile, artist

Marina Zurkow 's 'A Questionable Tale' paintings of various fairy tales and children's tales have a touch reminiscent of mid-20th century mass advertising.

Many of the works are paintings drawn using the AI ` ` DALL E 2 '' that generates images from text, but some works using the sentence generation AI `` GPT-3 '' are also exhibited. For example, Raben uses GPT-3 to generate 'captions of works' and incorporates AI into art by creating three-dimensional works that match it.

The work 'zippers' that Mr. Raben actually exhibited is a work in which a red zipper is glued to a cloth canvas. According to the AI-generated caption, the piece was created in 1964 by Isabellaide Ufferbrecht, who was born in the Netherlands in 1942, and said, 'The casual sewing is an inconsistent concept of love. 'The closed zipper expresses that the artist is hidden and trapped behind the canvas.' It is said that there is a concept such as 'I can not see love for others'.

Some argue that the appearance of AI is a threat to take away the work of artists, but many artists who participated in the exhibition think that AI is like ``the appearance of a camera''. When the camera first appeared, there was a concern that a camera that accurately records a certain moment would kill the art of painting. A new field of art has opened up. In the same way, AI has the potential to open up new fields while coexisting with existing art.

Artist Ellie Pritts , who participated in the exhibition, said, 'I think it's really important to appeal that AI is a new medium. (AI art production) is a legitimate job with some artists taking it seriously. It is.'

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