Summary of how to download and back up all data posted on Twitter

Twitter has a function that allows you to download 'all tweet history posted after opening an account'. It seems to be useful when you want to check your own tweet history or for backup when retiring from Twitter, so I tried to summarize the procedure to actually download the tweet history.

How to Download Your Full Tweet History and Tweets | Twitter Help

◆ Application for downloading tweet history
The procedure for downloading tweet history is the same for both the smartphone app version and the PC browser version. This time, I will check the procedure with the Twitter application for iPhone.

First, swipe the Twitter screen to the right to display the menu, tap 'Settings and Support' and then tap 'Settings and Privacy'.

When the setting screen is displayed, tap 'Account'.

Then tap Download data archive.

Then, the login screen is displayed, so log in using a method suitable for your account. This time, I entered the user name in the user name input field and tapped 'Next'.

Enter the password and tap 'Login'.

When the identity verification screen is displayed, tap 'Send code'. The code will be sent by email or SMS depending on your account registration status. This time I tried the email address with a registered account, so the code was sent by email.

After successfully sending the code, you will receive an email containing a 6-digit verification code in the inbox of your registered email address.

After checking the email, return to the original screen, enter the 6-digit authentication code, and tap 'Next'. Since the valid time of the authentication code is 10 minutes, it is necessary to operate quickly.

If the authentication is successful, the following screen will be displayed, so tap 'Request archive'.

You will then see a message that says 'Notify me when the download is ready'. After this, if you wait for a while, you will be able to download the tweet history in ZIP format.

◆ Download and display tweet history
About 24 hours after the above message was displayed, I received the following email from Twitter. Since 'Ready to display on the desktop browser' is displayed, the work from here on will be done on the PC. First, log in to Twitter with a browser and click 'Download' in the email text.

When the password input screen is displayed, enter the password and click 'Next'.

When the following screen appears, click 'Send Code'.

You will then receive a 6-digit verification code in your email.

Enter the above authentication code in the input field and click 'Next'.

When the following screen is displayed, click 'Download Archive' on the right side of the screen.

When the list of downloadable archives is displayed, click Download Archive.

Then, you can download the ZIP format file, so decompress it using Windows standard function or decompression software.

After unzipping, open 'Your archive.html' included in the folder.

Then, the data included in the account is displayed as a slurry as follows. If you click 'Tweets' in this, you can check all tweet history.

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