I went to the pre-opening of Nintendo's directly managed official store 'Nintendo OSAKA' in Osaka

Following 'Nintendo TOKYO' in Tokyo, Nintendo OSAKA , the second official store directly managed by Nintendo in Japan, will open on November 11, 2022 (Friday) on the 13th floor of the Daimaru Umeda store in Umeda, Osaka. On November 10th, the day before the opening, a pre-opening of 1000 groups of 2000 people will be held, so I participated in this and went to Nintendo OSAKA ahead of time.

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'Nintendo OSAKA' will open on November 11th at the Daimaru Umeda store. Invited to pre-opening by lottery. | Topics | Nintendo

You can check the inside of 'Nintendo OSAKA' at the time of pre-opening in the video below. The video is also posted on Facebook, so you can check it out here.

Nintendo directly managed official shop 'Nintendo OSAKA' Inside the store at pre-opening - YouTube

So, I came to JR Osaka station at once.

The Daimaru Umeda store has a shutter at the entrance before opening, but the visuals announcing the opening of Nintendo OSAKA were appealing everywhere.

So, I moved to Nintendo OSAKA on the 13th floor ahead of time. The interior of the elevator has several Nintendo OSAKA specifications, and Nintendo's popular characters are walking around like this.

When you arrive on the 13th floor, you will be greeted by Nintendo characters. Squid, Ganondorf, Inkling (Boy), Zelda, Bowser, Bowser Jr. from the left.

A huge statue of Mario that has been three-dimensionalized with the Nintendo OSAKA logo and amiibo pixel art .

And Tsubukichi & Mamekichi & Tanukichi, Totake, Link dressed as hero

of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild , Killer, Princess Peach, Toad, Jugem, Luigi, Pikmin, Link, Villager & Shizue, Inkling ( Girl), Mario, and it feels like an all-star gathering of Nintendo.

This is the entrance of Nintendo OSAKA before opening. It is located on the 13th floor of Daimaru Umeda, on the same floor as ONE PIECE Straw Store and Pokemon Center Osaka.

Nintendo OSAKA's original T-shirt, and from the left, Link, Shizue & Mamekichi & Tsubakichi, Inkling, and Mario figures were displayed at the most conspicuous position of the entrance.

This figure is about a size larger than an amiibo.

Just before the pre-opening, the media and related parties gathered around the entrance one after another.

At 10:00, the opening time of the Daimaru Umeda store, customers who were invited to the pre-opening gathered one after another. During the pre-opening, 50 groups of 100 people will be added every 30 minutes to limit the number of people.

People waiting for the opening time moment by moment.

And finally open. However, the wave of people does not flow into the store all at once, and it feels like entering the store one by one by presenting a QR code to prove that you are invited to the pre-opening.

Alcohol disinfection is carried out before entering the store.

You can check the moment when the store actually started with the following video. The

video is also posted on Facebook, so you can check it out here.

``Nintendo OSAKA'' pre-open entry starts-YouTube

As soon as you enter the store, you will be handed a shopper with a translucent Nintendo logo on it, and you can put the products you are interested in inside.

The store is gradually filled with people.

The area closest to the entrance of the store is the area where giant Mario is placed.

Especially popular was the area where Splatoon-related products are placed, where a huge inkling welcomes you.

squid cushion

octopus cushion

The squid-shaped cushions were especially popular, and many people picked them up or stuffed them into shoppers.

Zelda's legendary area where a huge link was shooting Pasha Pasha

Animal Crossing area where Shizue & Mamekichi & Tsubukichi welcome you

A Pikmin area with impressive life-sized (?) Pikmin placed slightly higher up

There is also a Nintendo Switch area in the back of the store, where peripheral devices and software are lined up.

The figurines displayed in the store are displayed everywhere in the store, so you can check them anywhere or put them in the shopper.

Giant capsule toys placed in two places in the store. What exactly is inside the capsule?

Every time I put a coin in, that familiar sound in Mario was ringing.

It is also possible to receive an explanation of the product from a clerk wearing a red T-shirt.

A shopper overflowing with Nintendo goods.

50 pairs of 100 people are added to the store every 30 minutes, but since there is no limit to the time that can be entered, the impression that the number of customers gradually increases as time passes.

A colorful shelf where a large amount of small things are stored.

Here was a mini size eraser of Nintendo characters such as Pikmin.

Erasers are purchased packed in the following containers.

Customers with families glued to some shelves.

Here, various controllers sold exclusively for

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers were sold. However, it seems that these will be sold after confirming that they are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online.

A shelf decorated with Splatoon's successive amiibo.

The cash register is located in the back of the store on the opposite side of the entrance.

After paying, it seemed that the translucent shopper could be refilled with a vinyl shopper like the one below.

In addition, there were some areas that could not be entered because it was pre-open, so please check what you can do with your own eyes after opening the store.

The video below shows me walking around the Nintendo OSAKA store during the pre-opening period with my camera in hand.

Nintendo directly managed official shop 'Nintendo OSAKA' Inside the store at pre-opening - YouTube

We have also published an article that allows you to carefully check the interior of the store with photos, so if you are interested, please check it out.

I have carefully seen how the inside of the store of 'Nintendo OSAKA' where Nintendo's official goods are lined up is finished before opening Report - GIGAZINE

We have also published an article where you can carefully check the inside of the store with a video, so please check it out.

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