The fact that the Twitter account that the author of Chainsaw Man used to call himself a small 3 girl was banned was a topic among overseas fans

Mr. Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of the popular manga `` Chainsaw Man '', which is also being broadcast on TV, has been operating Twitter under the name `` Nagayama Koharu '', a self-proclaimed 3rd grader. However, because he called himself a 'third grader's Twitter account', his account was frozen due to his age. This series of turmoil has become a hot topic not only among Japanese Twitter users, but also among overseas users, and has been picked up by the media.

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Chainsaw Man Creator Accidentally Banned From Twitter

Mr. Fujimoto operates a Twitter account called 'Nagayama Koharu (@nagayama_koharu)' and has 617,000 followers at the time of writing the article. The profile of this account says, 'I'm Koharu Nagayama, a 3rd grader. , For some reason, the account is operated by 'Tei' in the third grade of elementary school.

Twitter quietly froze @nagayama_koharu's account as Twitter made it possible for anyone to purchase a verified badge, resulting in a large number of impersonation accounts that acquired a verified badge.

According to Mr. Shihei Hayashi, who is also the editor in charge of Chainsaw Man, the account has been frozen due to age.

Since his Twitter account was frozen, Mr. Fujimoto created an account called @ashitaka_eva using his real name. However, I couldn't get people to believe that it was my account, so I had to post the setting materials for Chainsaw Man and complain that I was the person!

It became a hot topic in the second part of Chainsaw Man, saying that it was like Denji who trumpeted that he was a Chainsaw Man.

This series of events became a hot topic among overseas fans. At the time of writing, the tweet translated from Mr. Fujimoto saying 'I'm the person himself!' has been retweeted more than 12,000 times and has collected more than 107,000 likes.

After that, Mr. Shihei Hayashi mentioned that @ashitaka_eva is an account by Mr. Fujimoto himself. As a result, it has finally become known that @ashitaka_eva is Mr. Fujimoto's account.

After that, Mr. Fujimoto's first account 'Nagayama Koharu' was unfrozen, so @ashitaka_eva was deleted.

In addition, overseas media Kotaku said, ``Mr. Fujimoto is a manga artist who uploads videos of himself trying to fly and operates a Pixiv account called Koharu Nagayama, a self-proclaimed Filipino . The inside is shrouded in mystery.'

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