We've started a public beta test for Discord's GIGAZINE official server, so I'd be happy if you could join us!

To view GIGAZINE's new arrival news, there are methods such as 'Register GIGAZINE as a favorite', 'Follow GIGAZINE's SNS account', and 'Subscribe to GIGAZINE's RSS'. We have newly opened an official Discord server where you can quickly check the new articles of GIGAZINE .

It's okay for readers who say 'I don't have a Discord account ...'. You can join immediately by following the steps below. If you have a Discord account, you can participate in various communities other than GIGAZINE's server. There is no harm in making it.

First, click 'Join Discord' at the bottom of the widget below.

If the widget is not displayed, you can click the link or image below.


Next, the user name input screen will be displayed. Enter your favorite user name and click 'Yes'.

Next, click the white frame on the left side of 'I am human'.

If you are asked to prove that you are human, answer the question and prove you are human. You may also be asked for phone verification at this stage.

Next, enter your birthday and click 'Done'.

When the following screen appears, enter your email address and password and click 'Create Account'.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered.

The following e-mail will be delivered to the inbox of the e-mail, so click 'Verify e-mail address'.

When the following screen appears, click 'Open in Discord'.

Below is the Discord screen of the created account. GIGAZINE's server is displayed on the left side of the screen.

You can check GIGAZINE's new articles from the 'News' channel on the GIGAZINE server. In addition, the GIGAZINE server is operated as a 'community server' at the test stage at the time of writing the article, and the participating readers have already been set so that messages cannot be sent. For the time being, the main thing is to check whether the news is properly flowing, and to see if there are any problems such as strange displays, broken links, etc. If you find a strange behavior,

it would be helpful if you could report the situation at the time of the problem in as much detail as possible, like ``Isn't the ●● on Discord's GIGAZINE official server strange?''

Discord allows you to enhance the functionality of participating servers using a feature called ' Server Boost '. And finally, this is super important, but if you boost GIGAZINE's server more and more, you will be able to strengthen the server in various ways, and it will surely lead to the foundation and foundation on which the GIGAZINE community will develop in the future, so GIGAZINE All the editorial staff and all the other participants are jumping up and down with joy! hopping!

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