Netflix added a function to forcibly log out ``free riding users'', so I tried using it

Netflix is implementing measures such as adding a '

advertising basic ' plan to suppress the decrease in new subscribers. Newly, as a countermeasure against 100 million 'free users who illegally share accounts', ' a function to force log out of another device logged in to the same account ' was added, so I tried using it.

Giving Members Additional Control Over Their Account - About Netflix

The procedure for forcibly logging out a free riding user is like this. First, select 'Account' from the menu on the top right of the Netflix top screen.

Next, search for 'Manage access and devices' in the account menu and click it.

A list of devices logged into the same account will be displayed. You can forcibly log out by clicking 'Logout' located to the right of the device name you want to log out.

A green notification will appear after a successful force logout. You're done! You can also force log out of the mobile version of the Netflix app using the same procedure.

In addition to adding the above forced logout function, Netflix is aiming to increase new members by introducing a basic plan with advertisements. However, in the financial results report announced by rival Disney in November 2022, it is clear that the total number of members of Disney's streaming services such as `` Disney + '', `` Hulu '', and `` ESPN Plus '' has exceeded the number of Netflix members. It is

It turned out that the total number of paid members of Disney's streaming service reached 235.7 million and exceeded Netflix - GIGAZINE

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