What are the 'enclaves' that spread all over the world?

Various countries and regions are dotted with 'enclaves' in various parts of the world. Mr. John Nelson explains what kind of place the enclave refers to and the area that is an example.

Enclaves & Exclaves


Regarding the definition of an enclave, Mr. Nelson gives three examples. An area completely surrounded by the territory of one nation, an area surrounded by multiple nations, and an area completely surrounded by the territory of an enclave .

An area completely surrounded by the territory of a single state is called an enclave , and Mr. Nelson cites four representative examples: Vatican City, the Republic of San Marino, the Kingdom of Lesotho, and Libya. increase.

Vatican City is the world's smallest sovereign state, less than half a square kilometer and population of just 842, ruled by the Pope.

Vatican City is an enclave surrounded by Italy.

The Republic of San Marino , with a population of 33,000, is also a territory of Italy and is the oldest constitutional republic in the world. It is also said to be the oldest continuously sovereign state.

The Kingdom of Lesotho , an enclave within South Africa, was colonized by the Dutch and British during the imperialist era, but declared independence in 1966, making it the largest enclave.

Libya , which exists near the border between France and Spain, is located in France as a Spanish enclave. In the Treaty of the Pyrenees of 1659, Libya was considered a 'villa' and remained part of Spanish territory.

Next, Mr. Nelson cites the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the Fergana Basin as examples of ``areas surrounded by multiple nations''.

The Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic is an enclave of Azerbaijan, bordering Armenia to the east and Iran to the west. In 1990, Nakhichevan gained independence from the Soviet Union, and the ensuing schism eventually resulted in the independence of Armenia and Azerbaijan, resulting in an enclave. There is also a khaki village in Armenia as an enclave of Nakhichevan.

The inhabitants of the Fergana Basin , who live in enclaves that dot the borders of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, are sometimes caught up in ethnic and political unrest.

An example as an enclave within an enclave is Nawa . Nawa is a UAE village located within the Omani enclave within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). When the UAE was founded in 1971, drawing borders was a complex task, resulting in these geopolitically complex settlements.

``The evolution and disappearance of the enclave-enclave relationship is a long way off,'' Nelson said.

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