Elon Mask revives Twitter account that was frozen due to discrimination and hate remarks

Under Twitter's Elon Mask CEO, it turned out that the Twitter account that was once frozen by making discriminatory remarks and hate remarks has been revived.

It turned out that the account of 'Project Veritas', which was doing hate speech, was revived. In a resurrection tweet, Peoject Veritas said, ``Thanks to Elon Musk for reinstating his account and standing up for true investigative reporting.''

Project Veritas suspended by Twitter after story on hate speech algorithms: 'Wow!

The Project Varitas account has been frozen on February 12, 2021, and will be revived for the first time in 1 year and 9 months.

Prior to this, the account of rapper Ye (renamed from Kanye West in 2021) was also revived. 'Shalom' is a greeting in Hebrew. Mr. Ye was also restricted from early October 2022 on Twitter for making discriminatory remarks.

However, unlike Project Varitas, Mr. Ye's account was not originally ``frozen'', and it seems that the restriction was lifted in late October 2022, and he is also tweeting intermittently. I was. It is unclear why he did not tweet for nearly two weeks from early November.

Also, regarding Mr. Ye's account, Mr. Mask said, ``The restrictions were lifted before the acquisition of Twitter, and there was no consultation with me.''

In addition to this, there are people whose accounts have been frozen due to discrimination and hate remarks, but not all of them have been revived, and the criteria for resurrection are unknown.

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