Will Elon Musk not resume Twitter Blue until he finds a way to avoid Apple's fees?

Earon Musk, CEO of Twitter, said that Twitter Blue, which can buy authenticated badges for 1200 yen per month, will resume sales on `` December 2nd of local time,' ' but this can be postponed to avoid App Store fees. It is reported that Twitter Blue sales will not resume until then.

Twitter's advertising losses are piling up

Musk won't relaunch Twitter Blue until he finds a way to avoid Apple fees | Ars Technica

Mr. Mask, who acquired Twitter, released Twitter Blue, which allows you to buy authenticated badges as one of the measures to improve profitability. However, now that anyone can purchase verified badges, a problem has arisen with the proliferation of impersonated accounts that have purchased verified badges . In response, Twitter suspended sales of Twitter Blue, and Mr. Mask also indicated his intention not to resume sales of Twitter Blue until the impersonation account could be eliminated from the platform.

After that, Mr. Mask will color-code the authenticated badge, which was previously displayed with a blue check mark, into `` blue for individuals '', `` gold for companies '', and `` gray for governments '', and will resume sales on December 2. I am announcing that there is.

Elon Musk announces Twitter's new authenticated badge will change to 'individual blue', 'company gold' and 'government gray' checkmarks - GIGAZINE

Platformer reports that Twitter's product manager has shared a message with employees saying that they are making some adjustments to Twitter Blue, delaying the resumption of sales. Changes made to Twitter Blue include `` asking subscribers to enter a phone number '' and `` price increase from $ 7.99 (about 1096 yen) to $ 8 (about 1098 yen) ''.

However, just before the resumption of sales of Twitter Blue, it turned out that Mr. Mask decided to postpone further. One of the reasons is the fee for selling Twitter Blue via the App Store. When you make an 'in-app purchase' on the App Store, Apple collects 30% as a fee. Developers objected that 30% was too high, and Apple launched a program to lower the fee to 15%, but only for small businesses with revenues of $1 million or less in the previous year.

Mr. Musk recently tweeted that ' Apple has almost stopped advertising on Twitter and is trying to lock the Twitter app out of the App Store, ' but Platformer's Zoë Schiffer and Casey Newton said, 'Twitter is Apple. We are postponing the renewal of Twitter Blue to avoid the 30% App Store fee.'

Overseas media Ars Technica has asked Apple for comment, but it has not received a response, so it is difficult to confirm whether Apple has stopped advertising on Twitter. However, according to reports, Twitter's advertising revenue in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa has decreased by 15% year-on-year, and it seems that it has decreased by 49% on a weekly basis. In addition, according to a Washington Post report , it is clear that 48 million dollars (about 6.57 billion yen), which is 4% of Twitter's advertising revenue in the first quarter of 2022, was advertising revenue via Apple. increase.

The Financial Times points out that if the feud between Apple and Twitter drags on, iPhone users may have to access Twitter from a web browser.

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