List of new animations starting in winter 2023

The end of the anime that is being broadcast and distributed is approaching, and the time to start a new work is approaching. The number of animations that will start from the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023 will be more than 60, and if you combine the limited-edition works and the first terrestrial broadcasts of the distribution works, the number will be close to 70, and more than ever. It's hard to choose.

Among these many, new original animations that are not originals or sequels such as manga or novels are ' Buddy Daddies ' by PAWORKS, ' HIGH CARD ' by Homura Kawamoto & Hikaru Takeno & Tom's Entertainment, DMM .com and Asahi Productions' ' Ars no Kyojuu ', ' MAKE MY DAY ' based on a drawing by Yasuo Otagaki, ' Kiyoneko ' where game commentator Kiyo plays his own role, a media mix project with a musical. 'FLAGLIA' ~Natsuyasumi no Monogatari~ ', Sony Music's idol project anime ' UniteUp ! ' I have.

Also, in the customary Fate New Year's Eve Special, Ryogo Narita's novel ' Fate/strange Fake ' will be animated.

In addition, 'Bungo Stray Dogs', 'Is it wrong to ask for a meeting in a dungeon?' ~I want to be a singing sister~' 'D4DJ' 'Fictional reasoning' 'Evolution fruit' 'The seven deadly sins' 'The man picked up by the gods' 'Tokyo Revengers' 'Maou Gakuin Misfit' 'Magician' Orphen Hagure Journey', 'Aggressive Retsuko', 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean', 'Tototsuni Egyptian God', 'The Way of the Househusband', 'Magic Soushi', and 'Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac'.

Below, the work list is arranged in order from the earliest broadcast / distribution time.

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Mado Soshi Final Edition

・Broadcast information
WOWOW: 11/10 (Thursday) 25: 00 ~ (subtitle version)
TOKYO MX (Japanese dubbed version)
BS11 (Japanese dubbed version)
WOWOW (Japanese dubbed version)

・Work information

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji realize that the owner of the demon arm is involved in all the mysteries while chasing the mysterious incidents that occur in various places.
As they continue their journey, they reach the ominous town of Yiseong, covered in fog, and meet a blind Taoist named Xiao Xingchen.
Wei WuXian and Lan Wangji find out about the tragic incident that once happened to Xiao Xingjin, Xue Yang, Song Ran, and Ah Jin here in Uiseong. It became.
The identity of the Demon Arm, the conspiracy swirling in the Senkai, the true mastermind――――
All the mysteries are solved, and the story finally comes to an end.

Original: Ink incense copper smell
Director: Kumaoka
Series composition/screenplay: Liang Sha
Character draft / design: Shinrin
Music: Songyokukyo
Japanese version production: Sony Music Solutions, Aniplex
Copyright notation: ©2021 Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited

Wei Wuxian: Ryohei Kimura
Ran Wanzi: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Jiang Chung: Hikaru Midorikawa
Jiang Yenli: Saori Hayami
Ran Shicheng: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Jin Ling: Yuki Kaji
Ran Sujui: Shimba Tsuchiya
Lan Jingyi: Soma Saito
Nie Huaisan: Natsuki Hanae
Jin Zhu Xuan: Kenji Akabane
Wen Ning: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Warmth (Wen Qing): Ayako Kawasumi
Wen Chao: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Wang Lingjao: Kana Asumi
Luo Qingyang: Lynn
Jiang Fumin (Jiang Fongmien): Kenji Hamada
Yu Zuyuan: Takako Honda
Ai Keijin (Lan Chi Ren): Mitsuhiro Sakamaki
Jin Guangshan: Award for Hayami
Wen Luohan: Kenta Miyake
Warm stream (Wen Juriu): Takayuki Sakai
Nie Mingjue: Hiroshi Shirakuma
Su Shaw: Masafumi Kobatake
Jin Guangyao: Akira Ishida
Xue Yang: Koki Uchiyama
Xiao Stardust (Xiao Shinchen): Kaito Ishikawa
Song Ran: Takuya Eguchi
Argin: Aoi Yuki


Hashtag: #Magic Soushi #Magic Soushi Anime

``Magic Soshi Final Edition'' Japanese dubbed version 1st PV

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean (Episode 25 to Final Episode 38)

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 30 ~
BS11: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 30 ~
MBS: 1/6 (Friday) 26: 55 ~
Animax: 1/14 (Sat) 21: 30 ~

Netflix: 12/1 (Thursday) ~
ABEMA: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 30 ~

・Work information

Father Pucci, who inherited the will of DIO who sought 'heaven', aimed for 'place' and 'time' and left Green Dolphin Street Prison. Jorin Kujo and his friends Hermes Costello and Emporio Arniño also escaped from prison. In addition, Weather Report and Narciso Anasui also aim for the final destination with their own goals in mind.
Location: Cape Canaveral. 'Time' is the next 'new moon' after 6 days. DIO's sons, drawn by the thread of fate, gather under Father Pucci, who has learned of Jolyn's escape from prison. They become assassins and use their stand abilities as weapons to attack Jolyne and the others. And as Father Pucci approaches 'Heaven', strange things begin to happen...
Over 100 years of pride in the Joestar family, DIO's ambition, and the 'fate' of mankind, the final battle between Jorin and Father Pucci has finally come to an end--the final chapter of the endless story is now. Opening the curtain!!

Original: Hirohiko Araki
General Director: Kenichi Suzuki
Director: Toshiyuki Kato
Series composition: Yasuko Kobayashi
Character design: Masanori Sakai
Sub-character design: Kei Tsuchiya
Stand design: Shunichi Ishimoto
Prop design: Daisuke Niitsuma, Yukitoshi Takaraya
Art setting: Lake Taki, Junko Nagasawa, Yuriko Watanabe
Art Director: Yoshito Watanabe
Color design: Yuko Sato
Director of Photography: Kazuhiro Yamada
Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose
CG Producer: Yutaka Hamanaka
CG Director: Kotaro Shishido
Sound Director: Miwa Iwanami
Music: Yugo Kanno
Animation production: david production
Copyright notation: ©LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS/集英社・ジョジョの奇妙な冒険SO製作委員会

Kujo Jorin: Fairouz Ai
Hermes Costello: Mutsumi Tamura
Foo Fighters: Mariya Ise
Emporio Al Niño: Atsumi Tanezaki
Weather Report: Yuichiro Umehara
Narciso Anasui: Daisuke Namikawa
Jotaro Kujo: Daisuke Ono
Enrico Pucci: Tomokazu Seki

Twitter: @anime_jojo
Hashtag: #jojo_anime

Anime 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean' 3rd PV | Eng sub

Sutopuri Here!We!GO!!

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 12/4 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~

・Work information
A virtual variety program in which the members of the 6-person entertainment unit 'Sutopuri' challenge 'fun' while going back and forth between the virtual and the real.

Copyright notation: © STPR Inc.


Hashtag: # Sutopuri HWG


・Broadcast information
YouTube: 12/4 (Sunday) 18: 00 ~

・Work information
Animation of the character 'Kiyo Cat' created by the game commentator Kiyo. The original is Koji Oishi, a manga artist known for 'Lycopene of Tomatoipu' and 'Inu Marudashi'.

Original work and character design: Koji Oishi

Kiyo: Kiyo
Kiyo cat: Kiyo

Twitter: @kiyo_saiore

OP: Kiyo 'Uchotenko'

Me and Roboco

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 12/4 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~

Delivery: 12/5 (Monday) 12: 00 ~

・Work information

20XX A.D.—
An era when beautiful girl maid robots 'made to order' spread to one family
An ordinary elementary school student, an ordinary person, was thrilled with his long-awaited custom-made beautiful girl.
But the one who came home-!?
Unexpectedly non-standard!?
Roboco, the strongest messed up maid in history, will revitalize Japan in Reiwa (somewhat forcibly)! !
This winter, all over Japan will become a Roboco Trico!

Original: Shuhei Miyazaki
Director: Heitaro Daichi
Assistant Director: Michihiro Sato
Series composition: Koyuri Oba
Character design: Yuko Ebara
Prop Design: Yoshihiro Sato
Art Director: Manami Koyama
Color design: Ayami Minowa
Photographer: Rena Tanimoto
Editing: Masafumi Kajino
Sound Director: Kazuya Tanaka
Animation Production: Gallop
Copyright notation: ©宮崎周平/集英社・僕とロボコ製作委員会

Roboco: Shun Matsuo (Chocolate Planet)
Bond: Minami Tsuda
Gachigorilla: Ryotaro Okiayu
Motuo: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Circle Chuwa-n: M・A・O
Meiko: Sayo Hiratsuka
Bond's mom: Kotono Mitsuishi


Hashtag: # Me and Roboco


TV anime ``Boku and Roboco'' PV│Start broadcasting on Sunday, December 4, 2022

Gudetama ~How long have you been asking your mother~

・Broadcast information
Netflix: 12/13 (Tue) ~

・Work information

Igudetama, who has given up on his destiny because he just wants to be eaten anyway, is caught up in the positive and hot chick, Shakipiyo, and goes out of the refrigerator to the outside world. The diametrically opposed bumpy duo embark on a journey to find their mothers!

A Netflix movie that has nothing to do with the short animation broadcasted in TBS's information program 'Asachan!'.

Gudetama Anime Episode 1 Official Delivery (English subtitled)-YouTube

Original: Sanrio
Director: Motonori Sakakibara
Series composition: Yoichi Kato
Music: Koji Endo
Production: OLM
Production cooperation: L'Espace Film
Copyright notation: ©2022 SANRIO CO.,LTD. S/D・G 著作 株式会社サンリオ In association with NETFLIX

Akiyoshi Nakao
motora serina
Minagawa Sarutoki

OP: Yuko Hara 'Gudetama March'

``Gudetama: How much is it to ask my mother?'' Trailer-Netflix

Sonic Prime

・Broadcast information
Netflix: 12/15 (Thursday) ~

・Work information

During the battle between Sonic and Dr. Eggman, a mysterious explosion occurred and the world collapsed!?
Sonic runs around the parallel world to get his friends back and save the world!

Original: Sega
Production: Netflix, WildBrain

Sonic: Junichi Kanamaru
Tails: Ryo Hirohashi
Emmy: Taeko Kawada
Knuckles: Nobutoshi Kana
Shadow: Koji Yusa
Rouge: Rumi Ochiai
Eggman: Kotaro Nakamura


Hashtag: #Sonic #Sonic Prime

Sonic Prime Trailer - Netflix


・Broadcast information
DMM TV: 12/16 (Friday) ~

・Work information
Set in the 1960s when the manga 'Lupin the Third' was released, this is an original story in which the boy Lupine, who is still nothing, runs around Japan during the period of high economic growth.

Original: Monkey Punch
Director: Daisuke Sakou
Series composition: Ichiro Okochi
Setting consideration: Haruichi Shirato
Character design: Asami Taguchi
Art Director: Tetsuhiro Shimizu, Hiroki Kozaki
Sound Director: Yuji Tange
Music: Yoshihide Otomo
Animation Production: Telecom Animation Film
Production: Toms Entertainment
Copyright notation:原作:モンキー・パンチ ©TMS

Lupine: Yu Hatanaka
Dimension: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Yoko: Saori Hayami
Shinobu: Yukinari Toa
Lupine the First: Yoshito Yasuhara
Lupine II: Toshio Furukawa


Hashtag: # Lupine Zero

OP: 'AFRO 'LUPIN '68''
ED: Tavito Nanao 'Lupin III Theme Song'

New animation 'LUPIN ZERO' main trailer released! Exclusive distribution on DMM TV from December 16th!

The Seven Deadly Sins Grudge Edinburgh Part 1

・Broadcast information
Netflix: 12/20 (Tue) ~

・Work information

14 years have passed since the battle with the demons. Prince Tristan of the Kingdom of Liones, who has regained peace, has the power of the demon tribe of his father Meliodas and the power of the goddess tribe of his mother Elizabeth, who served as the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins as the sin of wrath (Dragon Sin). , was suffering from being unable to control the two too large forces.
In the midst of this, even though she was once a member of the group of holy knights <Six Stars in the Blue Sky>, the evil hand of Deathpierce, who abandoned the kingdom, approaches Elizabeth. In order to save his cursed mother, Tristan leaves the kingdom and heads for Edinburgh, where Despears resides. And Tristan's own destiny will also begin to move greatly due to the newly encountered fairy tribe.
A new generation story that also involves <The Seven Deadly Sins> is about to begin.

A spin-off of 'The Seven Deadly Sins' featuring Meliodas and Elizabeth's son Tristan as the main character, it will be distributed as a Netflix movie in a front and back structure. In addition, the sequel 'Four Knights of the Apocalypse' of the manga 'The Seven Deadly Sins' has been announced as a TV animation.

Original work: Hiroshi Suzuki
General Director: Noriyuki Abe
Director: Bob Shirahata
Screenplay: Rintaro Ikeda
Music: KOHTA YAMAMOTO, Hiroyuki Sawano
Production: Alfred Imageworks x Marvy Jack

Tristan: Ayumu Murase
Fairy: Koki Uchiyama
Meliodas: Yuki Kaji
Elizabeth: Sora Amamiya
Van: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Diane: Aoi Yuki
King: Jun Fukuyama
Gowther: Yuhei Takagi
Tristan (boyhood): Mikako Komatsu
Death Pierce: Yohei Azakami
Priest: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Tyrone: Shinnosuke Tokudome
Minica: Makoto Koichi
Kurumiru: Shimoji Murasakino


# Edinburgh of the seven deadly sins

OP: Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]: XAI 'LEMONADE'

'The Seven Deadly Sins Edinburgh Part 1' Clip Footage-Netflix

A 5,000-year-old herbivorous dragon, certified as an unexplained evil dragon

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Friday)
AT-X: 1/6 (Friday)
BS Fuji: 1/10 (Tue)

ABEMA: 12/30 (Friday) ~
d Anime store: 1/6 (Friday) ~

・Work information

A slave girl, Leko, presented as a 'sacrifice' from the village, appears under the kind-hearted and harmless herbivorous dragon that has lived quietly for about 5000 years.
Believing the dragon to be the 'strongest evil dragon', Reko pleads for help in subjugating the demon king, and in return offers 'Please eat me.'
But dragons are timid and eat only grass...
A journey to subdue the demon king begins with the strongest 'kin girl' who has become the strongest due to the power of belief and the weak and weak 'Evil Dragon'!

Original: Enomoto Yoshiharu
Character draft: Shugao
Director: Liu Siwen
Series Composition: Liu Siwen, Li Jiajie
Character production: Maruko
Production: bilibili
Animation production: LAN STUDIO Rin movie
Copyright cooperation: Kadokawa Aoba (Shanghai) Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.
Japanese version production: Starry Cube Co., Ltd.
Copyright notation: ©bilibili ©Kaisei Enomoto, Syugao / KADOKAWA 2022

Herbivore Dragon: Yoshitada Otsuka
Leco: Aoi Yuki
Riot: Yoshino Nanjo
Aliante: Mariko Miyayo
Saint of Water: Shuka Saito


Hashtag: # herbivorous dragon

OP: Shuka Saito 'We are geniuses'

January new program animation `` 5000-year-old herbivorous dragon, unexplained evil dragon certification '' PV

Fate/Strange Fake

・Broadcast information
12/31 (Sat) ~
Broadcast in 'Fate Project New Year's Eve TV Special'

・Work information

In the land of the United States, which will be the first stage of the 'Holy Grail War',
A story of deadly battles and madness unfolding as numerous magicians (masters) and heroic spirits (servants) intermingle.

Original: Ryogo Narita, TYPE-MOON
Character draft: Shizuki Morii
Director: Shun Enokido, Takahito Sakazume
Screenplay: Daisuke Daito
Character design: Yusuke Yamada
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
Production: A-1 Pictures
Copyright notation: ©成田良悟・TYPE-MOON/KADOKAWA/FSFPC

Ayaka Sajo: Kana Hanazawa
Saber: Yuki Ono
Archer: Tomokazu Seki
Lancer: Yu Kobayashi


Hashtag: #strangefake

[Latest video] 'Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn-' / 2023 summer TVSP anime broadcast decision

Show time! 2 ~ I want to be a singing sister ~

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Sunday) ~
BS11: 1/8 (Sunday) ~

Anime Festa: Mid-December ~
Other delivery: Sequentially

・Work information

Minami, who is active as a singing sister, and Shoji, a single father who started dating.
As children's idols, it's a secret, but when we were alone, I felt the joy of loving each other as a man and a woman.
However, a scandal is finally directed at the two who continue their secret relationship...!?

Original: Mai Girigiri
Director: Saburou Miura
Character design: Kenichi Hamazaki, LAZZ
Acoustic Production: Studio Mouse
Sound Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
Production: Picante Circus
Animation Production: Rabbit Gate
Production: Comet Company
Copyright notation: ©ギリギリ舞/Suiseisha Inc.

Minami Takasaki (sister Minami): Rokka Kitami
Shoji Fujimoto: Immortal Eight Gods
Kana Fujimoto: Airi Akatsuki
Kazuhiro Older Brother: Shirokami Sou
Paotang: Alice Sakurai
Maya Segawa: Marimo Yuki


Hashtag: # Shotaimu

[Official] TV anime `` Shot Time!

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Battle Sanctuary

・Broadcast information
Delivery: 1/1 (Sat) ~
(U-NEXT, unlimited anime, Hulu, d anime store, etc.)
* All 12 episodes delivered at once

・Work information

Burn your Cosmo and run through Sanctuary!
Death creeps up on the goddess Athena who has been shot by the god-slaying arrow.
Only the pope who is enshrined at the top of the sanctuary can pull out the arrow.
In order to save the goddess Athena, Seiya and his five Bronze Saints break through the Zodiac within 12 hours and aim for the top of the sanctuary, between the popes.
However, each of the twelve signs is protected by the ultimate Gold Saints, blocking Seiya's progress.
As the fire clock in the sanctuary ticks away the time left in Saori, Seiya and the other Bronze Saints battle an immeasurably powerful enemy.
Approaching the disturbing darkness that covers the sanctuary.

Original: Masami Kurumada
Director: Yoshiharu Ashino
Story Editor: Eugene Son
Character design: Terumi Nishii
Cloth design: Yoshi Okazaki
Music: Yoshihiro Ike
Production/Production: Toei Animation
Copyright notation: ©︎Masami Kurumada / Toei Animation

Pegasus Seiya: Seiichi Morita
Dragon Shiryu: Takahiro Sakurai
Cygnus Glacier: Yoshiro Miura
Andromeda Shun: Satomi Sato
Phoenix Ikki: Katsuyuki Konishi
Saori Kido: Fumiko Orikasa


Hashtag: #Saint Seiya #Battle Sanctuary


The legendary series finally opens! 'Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Battle Sanctuary' Trailer

The Way of the Housewife Season 2

・Broadcast information
Netflix: 1/1 (Sunday) ~

・Work information
A sequel to the anime series depicting the daily life of 'Immortal Dragon', a former and most evil yakuza who is now a full-time househusband.

Original work: Kousuke Ono
Director: Chiaki Kon
Series composition: Susumu Yamakawa
Animation production: JCSTAFF

Dragon: Kenjiro Tsuda
Miku: Shizuka Ito
Elegant: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Silver: M・A・O
Yakuza young head: Jun Fukushima
Town Chairman: Kimiko Saito
Torajiro: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Boss's father: Yoshitada Otsuka
Torii Hibari: Atsuko Tanaka


# Househusband

It seems that adventurers who distrust humans will save the world

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/10 (Tuesday) 23: 00 ~
BS11: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/10 (Tuesday) 25: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~

ABEMA: 1/3 (Tue) 23: 30 ~
Other delivery available

・Work information

Terane, a city belonging to the Holy Kingdom of Dinez.
Merchants who have a sharp eye for adventurers who aim for a quick fortune, minstrels who sing and dance, nobles, priests, and beastmen...
A melting pot of occupations and races, the city itself was like a labyrinth. Nick, a light warrior who was kicked out of the adventurer party [Martial Arts] and deceived by his lover, was also a resident of this city. Disgusted with everything, I stopped by at a bar. The bad food, the adventurers around me who seemed to be having fun, and the unremarkable people at the table... Washing down all the boring things with lukewarm sake...!
'''You can trust humans!'''
Involuntarily, frustration and dissatisfaction came out of my mouth. It should have been my own thoughts, but the voice was for four people.
This is the beginning of their adventure, each with their own scars!!

Original: Shinta Fuji
Character draft: Susumu Kuroi
Original planning: Frontier Works
Director/Series composition: Itsuki Imazaki
Character design total drawing director: Hiroo Nagao
Prop design: Hiroki Nozawa
Color design: Naoto Kondo
Art Director: SeoJungho
Art setting: Hidenori Nakahara
Assistant Director/Director of Photography/Editor: Kazuto Horikawa
Music: Ryo Takahashi, Satoshi Takarano, Ryota Fujii
Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Music production cooperation: Updream
Animation production: GEEKTOYS
Animation production cooperation: Animation Studio Seven
Copyright light notation: ©富士伸太/MFブックス「人間不信の冒険者たちが世界を救うようです」製作委員会

Nick: Yusuke Kobayashi
Teana: Sayumi Watabe
Callan: Sayaka Kikuchi
Gem: Junichi Toki
Kizuna: Mikako Komatsu
Agate: Kaori Ishihara


Hashtag: # Anime Human Distrust

OP: Junichi Toki 'Glorious World'
ED: Mao Abe 'Never Fear'

The 2nd PV of the TV anime “Adventurers who distrust people seem to save the world” will start broadcasting from January 10, 2023 (Tuesday)!

The magical revolution of the reincarnated princess and the genius daughter

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/4 (Wednesday) 21: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/4 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~
BS11: 1/4 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/4 (Wednesday) 26: 05 ~
Kansai Television: 1/5 (Thursday) 27: 10 ~ (26: 55 ~ after the second episode)

ABEMA: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
Other delivery available

・Work information

Princess of Palletia Kingdom, Anisphere Wynn Palletia has memories of her previous life.
Reincarnated in a world where magic exists as a matter of course, Anisphere dreamed of flying in the sky with magic, an unprecedented and insane thing.
However, Anisphere, who cannot use magic for some reason, spends her days and nights in dubious research while being nicknamed Princess Kiteretsu.
One night, Anisphere flew into the sky with her homemade witch broom.
The runaway broom jumped in at the aristocratic academy's evening party.
There, Euphilia, the daughter of the perfect duke, who is rumored to be a magical genius, was being declared annulled by Anisphere's younger brother, Prince Algard.
Seeing Euphilia's silent tears, Anisphere gently reaches out.
──This magic is for your smile.
'Reincarnation x Genius' magical fantasy where two girls open up the future!

Original: Crow Pierrot
Character draft: Yuri Kisaragi
Director: Shingo Tamaki
Series composition: travel
Character design: Naomi Ide
Animation Production: Diomedia
Copyright notation: ©2023 鴉ぴえろ・きさらぎゆり/KADOKAWA/転天製作委員会

Anisphere Win Palletia: Ayaka Senbongi
Euphilia Magenta: Manaka Iwami
Iria Coral: Ai Kakuma
Algard Bona Palletia: Shogo Sakata
Reini Cyan: Hina Hitsujimiya
Tilti Claret: Yu Shinohara


Hashtag: # Tenten anime

TV anime ``Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Daughter's Magical Revolution'' PV 2nd

Ice attribute boy and cool colleague girl

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/4 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~
Me-Tele: 1/4 (Wednesday) 26: 00 ~
ABC: 1/4 (Wednesday) 26: 44 ~
BS Asahi: 1/6 (Friday) 23: 00 ~

・Work information

There is a workplace where pure white love is blizzarding.
Himuro-kun, who is a descendant of the yuki-onna who lives in the present age, is a new member of society who causes blizzards and creates snowmen and pillows when his emotions overflow. Her secret feelings for Fuyutsuki-san, a slightly unique but kind colleague, grow stronger and sometimes freeze the surroundings. On the other hand, Mr. Fuyutsuki, who tends to be seen as cool by those around him, is also very interested in the mysterious Himuro.
The relationship between the two gradually changes through daily work and company events, and they begin to spend time together in their private lives, but both of them are clumsy when it comes to romance and can't close the gap...
A heartwarming “work-related fantasy romantic comedy” woven by two seemingly cool people begins!

Original: Miyuki Tonogaya
Director: Mankyuu
Series composition: Tomoko Konparu
Character design: Miyako Kano
Chief animation director: Miyako Kano, Yuji Ushijima
Prop design: jimao
Art Director: Eiji Iwase
Color design: Sachiko Urushido
Director of Photography: Tomomi Saito
Editing: Shun Tokuda
Music: Ruka Kawada
Music Production: Lantis
Animation production: Zeroji x Liber
Copyright notation: ©︎殿ヶ谷美由記/SQUARE ENIX・氷属性製作委員会

Fuyutsuki: Yui Ishikawa
Himuro-kun: Chiaki Kobayashi
Mr. Kitsunemori: Yumi Uchiyama
Saejima-kun: Koki Uchiyama
Mr. Otonashi: Ayane Sakura
Firebird: Sougo Nakamura
Yukimin: Hiyori Nitta


Hashtag: # Ice attribute boy

ED: Nowlu 'Linaria'

The 2nd PV of the TV anime “Ice Attribute Boys and Cool Colleague Girls” will start broadcasting on January 4, 2023 (Wednesday)!

Bungo Stray Dogs 4th season

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/4 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/4 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/4 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/4 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~
BS11: 1/5 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~
WOWOW: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~

d Anime store: 1/4 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~

・Work information

'Your detective agency is the pride of the country.'

It's been about a month since we won the 'cannibalism' operation plotted by the 'Rat of the House of Death' in a joint fight with the Port Mafia.
The Armed Detective Agency was awarded the Exorcism Azusa Bow, the highest medal for safety contribution, and was honored throughout the country.

An urgent request from the government comes in.
The murders of four young members of the Diet were regarded as the five signs that the celestial being, the highest rank of Rokudo Rinne, would show on the verge of death.
The Armed Detective Agency stands up to prevent the remaining one case from happening.

'Everyone must do everything in their power to stop the thief's plot.'

However, it was a trap set by the cunning 'devil' Fyodor, who should have caught him!

A government official who has doubts about the 'justice' they advocate.
The strongest special unit of military and police who bares fangs, 'Hound'.
'Tennin Goshui' rampant to pass the guidance to ruin.

The Armed Detective Agency, which has changed from glory to being slandered by people, is attacked one after another by new enemies and bottomless despair...

Friends scattered.

Will Atsushi Nakajima be able to overcome this unprecedented crisis?

Without light, the curtain of battle rises.

Original: Kafka Asagiri
Manga: Harukawa 35
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Series composition/screenplay: Yoji Enokido
Character design total drawing director: Nobuhiro Arai
Prop design: Bunyo Katagai
Art Director: Yumiko Kondo
Color design: Yukari Goto
Director of Photography: Go Kanbayashi
3DCG Director: Yota Ando, Hiroki Oguri
Editing: Shigeru Nishiyama
Music: Taku Iwasaki
Music Production: Lantis
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Sound effects: Shizuo Kurahashi (sound box), Sachiko Nishi (sound box)
Sound production: Glovision
Animation Production: Bonds
Production: Bungo Stray Dogs Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©朝霧カフカ・春河35/KADOKAWA/文豪ストレイドッグス製作委員会

Atsushi Nakajima: Yuuto Uemura
Osamu Dazai: Mamoru Miyano
Doppo Kunikida: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Ranpo Edogawa: Hiroshi Kamiya
Junichiro Tanizaki: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Kenji Miyazawa: Hanakura Hanemichi
Akiko Yosano: Yu Shimamura
Kyoka Izumi: Sumire Morohoshi
Yukichi Fukuzawa: Rikiya Koyama
Fukuchi Cherry Blossom: Akio Otsuka
Akiko Okura: Makoto Koichi
Jono Chrysanthemum: Yuki Kaji
Suehiro iron intestine: Yohei Azakami
Fyodor D: Akira Ishida
Nikolai G: Takehito Koyasu
Sigma: Shoya Chiba
Oguri Mushitaro: Takeshi Kusao


Hashtag: #bungosd

ED: Rack life 'mark'

TV anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs' 4th season PV 2nd

Tsurune - A shot of connection -

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
ABC: 1/4 (Wednesday) 26: 14 ~
BS11: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 1/6 (Friday) 22: 00 ~

・Work information

What is “winning” and “losing” in Kyudo?
What is the difference between 'ataru' and 'ateru'?
There was a bow puller who faced a question that could not be measured by numbers alone.
Minato Narumiya, a member of Kazemai High School's archery club, has won the prefectural tournament and devotes every day to archery.
Around the same time, the hitherto unknown Tsujimine High School archery club advances to the local tournament.
Eisuke Nikaido, who holds the real power of Tsujimine, stands in the way of Minato and the others with a fearless smile.
Their thoughts are shot and released.
When each shot collides, an answer is born that no one yet knows.

Original: Kotoko Ayano
Director: Takuya Yamamura
Series composition: Michiko Yokote
Character design: Mirai Kadowaki
Total drawing director: Nobuaki Maruki
Art Director: Shoko Ochiai
3D art: Mutsuo Shinohara
Color design: Azumi Hata
Accessory setting: Hiroshi Karata
Director of Photography: Kohei Funamoto
3D Director: Rin Yamamoto
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Music: Masaru Yokoyama
Music Production: Lantis, Heart Company
Animation Production: Kyoto Animation
Production: Tsurune II Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©綾野ことこ・京都アニメーション/ツルネⅡ製作委員会

Narumiya Minato: Yuuto Uemura
Seiya Takehaya: Aoi Ichikawa
Ryohei Yamanouchi: Ryota Suzuki
Kisaragi Nanao: Shogo Yano
Kaito Onogi: Kaito Ishikawa
Shuu Fujiwara: Kensho Ono
Hiroki Motomura: Takuma Terashima
Daigo Sase: Yu Miyazaki
Chiichi Sugawara: Yusuke Kobayashi
Manji Sugawara: Kohei Amasaki
Eisuke Nikaido: Jun Fukuyama
Koshiro Fuwa: Takayuki Kondo
Higuchi Holly Horse: Yuya Hirose
Reiji Aragaki: Yuichiro Umehara
Ken Otaguro: Yohei Azakami
Masaki Takigawa: Shintaro Asanuma


Hashtag: # Tsurune

OP: Rack life '℃'
ED: Ding 'Hitominaka'

2nd PV of TV anime ``Tsurune -One shot of connection-''

The Last Summoner -The Last Summoner-

・Broadcast information
FOD: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
Available on d Anime Store, Bandai Channel, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

・Work information

All things have a soul, and a person who can summon that spirit is called a Summoner.
An ordinary high school student, Aje.
He is good at cooking, and one day he accidentally summons the goddess with the food he made himself.
Guided by the goddess named Dora, Aje began her life as a summoner.
In the days of constant trouble, the number of summoner companions increases little by little.
And then, the daily life of Atget changes little by little, and together with Dora, he gets caught up in his fate as a summoner.

Original: Mint video, Yu Shu, Zhang Dan
Planned by Li Ying, Yu Chu
Character design: Lin Lin, Lien Yuji
Storyboard: Li Yan, Jiang Ning
Art setting: Liu Yi
3D&CG Line Director: Wang Changjiang, Chen Xiayu
Music Production: Genso Ongaku
Animation production: ASK
Co-production: BILIBILI
Animation Producer: Cao Bao
General Director: Yu Shu
Japanese version production: Happinet Phantom Studio, Fuji Television Network
Japanese version producers: Ayana Kawanami, Josuke Hayashi, Masahito Nakatomi
Acoustic production: Yayoi Tateishi
Sound Production: Bit Groove Promotion
Dubbed translation: Yukari Honjo, Green Light LLC
Copyright notation: ©ASK×bilibili

Agee: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Dora: Atsumi Tanezaki
Meow: Karin Isobe
Hana: Aiba Aina
Stan: Hiyori Kohno


Hashtag: # The Last Summoner

ED: Muvidat 'Ultramarine'

'The Last Summoner -The Last Summoner-' PV/Distribution starts in January 2023!

Technoroid OVERMIND

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
TV Osaka: 1/4 (Wednesday) 25: 35 ~
TV Nagasaki: 1/21 (Sat) 26: 30 ~

ABEMA: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
Other distribution: 1/4 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~ sequentially

・Work information

Even if it's a program, I'm sure you'll feel the same heart throbbing as a human.

A future where most of the ground has been submerged due to the effects of a sudden rise in temperature due to abnormal weather.
The world is managed by the World Government, and it is recommended that robots and androids take over the labor that has become harsher due to rising temperatures.

A new hope found by people who have lost the joy of the sun... That is the entertainment tower 'Babel', one of the world's largest amusement parks where various entertainments are concentrated.
Among them, the climb stage, aiming for the top with singing and dancing, caught the world in a vortex of enthusiasm.

And - this is a certain 'empty house'.
In this place forgotten by people, four androids Cobalt, Chrome, Kay, and Neon lived without owners.
Four people who repeat the same day without knowing why they were created or why they are here...
―A chance encounter between them and a boy.
It was the beginning of the destiny that would later move people, androids, and the world.

'It's okay. I'm sure we'll meet again. No matter what difficulties come your way—to get your destiny.'

Relying on a nameless program welling up in their hearts, the four of them aim for the top of Babel, where the champion [STAND-ALONE] reigns.
how were they born? What do they have in their hearts?
Behind the fierce entertainment battle, the secret of the world is about to be revealed.

Draft: Noriyasu Uematsu x RUCCA x Elements Garden
Original: Shibaura Android Laboratory
Director: Imgahi
Supervisor: Ai Yoshimura
Series composition: Ayumi Sekine
Character draft: LAM
Character design: Saori Sakiguchi
Music: Elements Garden x RUCCA
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Title & Logo Production: Rai Rai Public Corporation
CG production: LOGIC&MAGIC
Animation Production: Video Studio
Game development and operation: Wonder Planet
Copyright notation: ©芝浦アンドロイド研究室/TECHNO-OM Project

Cobalt: Nozomi Urawa
Chrome: Satoshi Shibuya
Kay: Daimu Mineta
neon: kayto
Kite: Makoto Furukawa
Light: Keigo Hagiya
Knight: Gakuto Kajiwara
Denta: Shun Horie


Hashtag: #Technoroid #Techmai

TV anime 'Technoroid Overmind' PV

Tomo-chan is a girl!

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
BS11: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
Tochigi TV: 1/4 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
MBS: 1/7 (Sat) 27: 38 ~

・Work information

Satoshi Aizawa (Tomo-chan), a boyish high school girl who is in love with her childhood friend Junichiro Kubota, wants Junichiro to see her as a 'girl', but she always fails. Will Tomo-chan's clumsy maiden heart reach Junichiro...!?

Original: Fumita Yanagida
Director: Hitoshi Namba
Assistant Director: Noriko Hashimoto
Series composition: Megumi Shimizu
Character design: Shiori Hiraiwa
Music: Masaru Yokoyama
Animation production: Lay-duce
Copyright notation: ©柳田史太・星海社/トモちゃんは女の子!製作委員会

Satoshi Aizawa: Rie Takahashi
Junichiro Kubota: Kaito Ishikawa
Misuzu Group: Rina Hidaka
Carol Allston: Sally Amagi
Mitsusuke Misaki: Kohei Amasaki
Tatsumi Tanabe: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


Hashtag: #tomochan

OP: Maharajan 'Kurae! Telepathy'
ED: Satoshi Aizawa, Misuzu Gundo, Carol Allston 'yurukuru * love'

TV anime “Tomo-chan is a girl!” PV | Broadcast starts on January 4, 2023 (Wednesday)!


・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/5 (Thursday) 21: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/5 (Thursday) 22: 30 ~
BS NTV: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 30 ~
Kansai Television: 1/8 (Sunday) 26: 29 ~

・Work information

Once upon a time, in Nagasaki, a history different from ours...
Betrayed by what he believed in, Raizo fell into a cowardly trap and killed his fiancée's father.
Carrying an unforgivable crime, he himself is in danger of a desperate situation, but is saved by a jack-of-all-trades who takes on all kinds of conveniences.
In fact, their true identity was 'REVENGER', a killer who takes revenge on powerless people.
Yuho, an elegant maki-e artist who lives by her secret faith.
Tetsuha, a former pirate town doctor who is loved by the townspeople.
Nio, an androgynous boy who has both innocence and cruelty.
Souji, a gambler who lives from day to day, loves sake and gambling.
Half-picked up, Raizō ends up joining a group of assassins who have one or two quirks.
A strange friendship is born through the life-threatening work between the five people who were born, raised, doctrines, and claims.
Before long, they become embroiled in a big conspiracy while chasing the truth of the incident that occurred in Nagasaki.

Original: Benjiya
Planning: Shochiku, Asiado, Nitroplus
Director: Masaya Fujimori
Story draft / Series composition: Urobuchi Gen (Nitroplus)
Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi (Nitroplus), Renji Taiki (Nitroplus)
Character design draft: Jiro Suzuki, Yuuichi
Character design: Yuji Hosokoshi
Chief animation director: Yuji Hosokoshi, Yuki Nishioka, Emiko Endo
Art Director: Hodaka Okamoto
Color design: Naomi Nakano
Director of Photography: Teppei Sato
Music: Jun Futamata
Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
Animation Production: Asiado
Production: REVENGER Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©REVENGER製作委員会

Horse Raizo: Jun Kasama
Usui Ghost: Yuichiro Umehara
Murakami Toru: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Nio: Hisako Kanemoto
Souji: Shota Hayama


Hashtag: #REVENGER #Revenger

ED: Maaya Sakamoto 'un_mute'

Original animation 'REVENGER' (Revenger) 4th PV

Spy classroom

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/5 (Thursday) 22: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/5 (Thursday) 23: 30 ~
BS NTV: 1/5 (Thursday) 23: 30 ~
Sun TV: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Monday) 26: 35 ~

ABEMA: 1/5 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~
d Anime store: 1/5 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~
Other distribution: 1/12 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~

・Work information

Kagerou Palace・The rules of communal living.
To live in cooperation with one seven people.
One: Play seriously when you go out.
Defeat me by any means possible.
――A world where each country wages a “shadow war” by spies.
The mission success rate is 100%, but the brilliant spy Klaus, who has a flawed personality, creates an organization - Akari - that challenges 'impossible missions' with a mortality rate of over 90%.
However, the elected members are seven girls with no practical experience.
Poisoning, traps, and tricks—the only way for the girls to accomplish their mission is to cheat Klaus and win!?
The world's greatest deception by the world's strongest spy!

Original: Takemachi
Original illustration: Tomari
Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Series Composition: Shinichi Inotsume
Character design: Sumie Kinoshita
Animation production: feel.
Copyright light notation: ©竹町・トマリ/KADOKAWA/「スパイ教室」製作委員会

Lily: Sora Amamiya
Grete: Miku Ito
Givia: Nao Higashiyama
Monica: Aoi Yuki
Tier: Sumire Uesaka
Sarah: Ayane Sakura
Annette: Tomori Kusunoki
Klaus: Yuichiro Umehara


Hashtag: #Spy classroom #spyroom

OP: nonoc 'light'

TV anime 'Spy Classroom' Main PV [Broadcast on Thursday, January 5]

Is it wrong to try to meet someone in a dungeon?

・Broadcast information
ABEMA: 1/5 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~
Other delivery available

TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Friday) 25: 05 ~
AT-X: 1/6 (Friday) 22: 30 ~
BS11: 1/6 (Friday) 25: 30 ~

・Work information

The nightmare never ends.
Despair invites ruin, and calamity invites disaster.
In the midst of their battle with Juggernaut, Bell and Liu disappeared into the abyss.
The destination is the abyss of the dungeon that all adventurers fear - the 'deep layer'.
Full of wounds, isolated and helpless, threat of impending disaster.
In the midst of the labyrinth's desperation, the fairies, tormented by the regrets of five years ago, remember their former companions.
On the other hand, the two-headed giant dragon Amphis Baena appeared in front of the party without Bell.
The vicious stream of flames that the incarnation of destruction spews swallows everything.
In a labyrinth where both hope and light have been lost, will the fate of the adventurers come to an end, or...
This is a harsh [family story (Familia Misu)] where a boy and a fairy fight against death.

Original: Fujino Omori
Character draft: Suzuhito Yasuda
Director: Hideki Tachibana
Series composition: Fujino Omori, Hideki Shirane
Character design: Shigeki Kimoto
Art Director: Kinteiren (Moonflower)
Color design: Tomomi Ando
Director of Photography: Shingo Fukuyo
Editing: Kentaro Tsubone (REAL-T)
Sound Director: Hitoshi Aketagawa
Music: Keiji Iuchi
Producer: EGG FIRM/SB Creative
Animation production: JCSTAFF
Copyright notation: ©大森藤ノ・SBクリエイティブ/ダンまち4製作委員会

Bell Cranel: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Hestia: Inori Minase
Liliruca Arde: Maaya Uchida
Welf Crozzo: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yamato Life: Chinatsu Akasaki
Sanjou no Haruhime: Haruka Chisuga
Kashima/Sakura: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Hitachi Chigusa: Yuka Iguchi
Daphne Lauros: Kazukuna Kowaka
Cassandra Irion: Ayumi Mano
Aisha Belka: Akeno Watanabe
Liu Lion: Saori Hayami
Astraea: Mai Nakahara
Alise Lovel: Yumiri Hanamori
Gojono Kaguya: Ayaka Senbongi
Lyra: Ayaka Suwa


Hashtag: #danmachi

OP: Saori Hayami 'Vision Red'
ED: sajou no hana 'cut'

Broadcast in January 2023! 'DanMachi IV: Deep Chapter: Calamity Arc' Trailer

Onii-chan is over!

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/5 (Thursday) 23: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
BS11: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 30 ~

ABEMA: 1/5 (Thursday) 25: 00 ~
Other distribution: 1/8 (Sunday) 25:00-Sequentially

・Work information

Mahiro Oyama, a shut-in and a damneet, wakes up one day to find that she has become a 'girl'!?
Mahiro is confused because he can't recognize the beautiful girl in the mirror when his younger sister, Mihari Oyama, a genius scientist who skipped a grade and entered university, shows up and puts a suspicious drug in her drink. It turns out...!
You haven't been outside for 2 years, you've been playing shady games... you have to work sometimes!
For Mahiro, who suddenly ends up living as a girl as a follow-up observation of Mihari's 'girl-turning medicine', there are many things she doesn't know about 'girl life' such as toilets, baths, skirts and bras...
Furthermore, he gets to know Mihari's junior high school classmate Kaede Hozuki and her younger sister Momiji, and Mahiro's daily life becomes more and more lively.
After a series of hardships, what will be the fate of the 'former' brother...!?

Original: Neko Tofu
Director: Shingo Fujii
Series composition: Michiko Yokote
Character design: Ryo Imamura
Music: Daisuke Achiha, Arisa Okehazama
Produced by: EGG FIRM
Production: Studio Bind
Copyright notation: ©ねことうふ・一迅社/「おにまい」製作委員会

Mahiro Oyama: Marika Takano
Mihari Oyama: Kaori Ishihara
Hozuki Maple: Hisako Kanemoto
Hozuki Momiji: Minami Tsuda

Twitter: @onimai_anime
Hashtag: # Onimai

OP: Enako feat. P Maru. 'Aiden Sadada Meltdown'
ED: ONIMAI SISTERS 'Himegoto * Crisisters'

TV anime 'Onii-chan is over! ] “Onimai” PV 2nd / Broadcast starts January 5, 2023!

When I became a dog, I was picked up by someone I liked.

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Friday) 25: 35 ~
BS11: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 30 ~
AT-X: 1/13 (Friday) 22: 45 ~

ABEMA: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
d Anime store: 1/5 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
AnimeFesta: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
Other delivery available

・Work information

When he woke up, he had become Pochita, the pet dog of his classmate, Inukai-san!
She's super cool at school, but she's actually an over-the-top dog lover.
Walks, toilets, baths—every day being raised as a dog is a series of happenings.
I want to return to being a human as soon as possible, but I'm happy to be loved by the people I love...
At this rate, my body and mind will become a dog!?
A new romantic comedy with a 'dog's eye (low angle)'!

The second PV (Wonderful ver.) has a viewing age limit on YouTube.

Original: Gosei Furukawa
Director: Takashi Ando
Visual Director: Hisashi Saito
Character design total drawing director: Kazuaki Morita
Design Works: Ryuji Iwata, Kazuya Morimae, Akira Koshiishi, Ayako Karatani, Kyota Washikita
Art Director: Takuji Jizomoto
Art setting: Takuji Jizomoto, Miyuki Onodera, Mariko Akiyama
Color design: Akatsuki Nagasaka
Director of photography: Atsushi Kano
Editing: Yoshiaki Kimura
Sound Director: Kohei Yoshida
Sound effects: Junichiro Suzuki, Yuki Shizuoka
Music: Tatsuya Kikuchi (marble)
Animation production: Quad
Copyright notation: ©古川五勢・講談社/犬ひろ製作委員会

Pochita: Shuichiro Umeda
Inukai love: Saya Aizawa
Nekotani Mike: Mayu Sagara
Tsukishiro Rabbit: Yurie Kozakai

Twitter: @inuninattara
Hashtag: # Inuhiro

OP: Miyuki Hashimoto, Yui Sakakihara, Rita with AiRI, Ayumi. ☆ Fuwaku ☆ Fraction

TV anime ``When I became a dog, I was picked up by my favorite person.'' 2nd PV | Broadcast starts on Friday, January 6, 2023!

A magician of ice sword rules the world

・Broadcast information
TBS: 1/5 (Thursday) 25: 58 ~ (25: 28 ~ after the second episode)
BS11: 1/6 (Friday) 23: 30 ~

d Anime store: 1/5 (Thursday) 26: 30 ~ (26: 00 ~ after the second episode)
DMM TV: 1/5 (Thursday) 26: 30 ~ (26: 00 ~ after the second episode)

・Work information

---The world's strongest magician of ice swords---
The boy who inherited that title, Ray White, was anguished by his excessive power, and disappeared from the battlefield with a deep emotional wound after winning the Far East Campaign...
Time passed, three years later.
Rei enrolled in Arnold Academy of Magic where elite magicians gather from all over the world.
What awaits him, who is from an ordinary family (ordinary) for the first time since the academy began, is insults and contempt from a magician who came from an aristocracy.
And it was a number of conspiracies involving even the irreplaceable friends he met at the academy.
Now, the curtain rises on the friendship of the strongest sorcerer and the turbulent school life.

Original: Nana Mikoshiba
Character draft: Riko Buneda
Manga: Nobuto Sasaki
Director/series composition/sound director: Masahiro Takata
Character design: Makoto Shimoshima
Art Director: Ayumi Kojima (Studio Recess)
Director of photography: Natsumi Uchida (animo caramel)
Music: Tatsuhiko Saiki, Natsumi Tabuchi
Animation Production Supervisor: Yokohama Animation Lab
Animation Production: Cloud Hearts
Copyright light notation: ©御子柴奈々・講談社/「冰剣の魔術師が世界を統べる」製作委員会

Ray = White: Junya Enoki
Amelia Rose: Iori Saeki
Elisa Griffith: Nana Harumura
Rebecca Bradley: Azumi Waki
Clarisse Cleveland: Kaede Hondo
Ariane Olgren: Akira Sekine
Lydia Ainsworth: Atsumi Tanezaki
Abbie Garnett: Nanako Mori
Carol = Caroline: Maaya Uchida
Evi Armstrong: Yuichiro Umehara

Twitter: @hyouken_pr

# Ice sword magician # hyouken

OP: Sizuk 'Dystopia'
ED: Maaya Uchida 'Loud Hala'

Main PV of the TV anime “The Magician of the Ice Sword Rules the World” | Broadcast starts on Thursday, January 5, 2023!

A leisurely farmer in another world

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/6 (Friday) 21: 00 ~
TV Tokyo: 1/6 (Friday) 25: 53 ~
BS TV Tokyo: 1/8 (Sunday) 24: 35 ~

・Work information

Hiraku Machio lost his life after fighting a lonely disease. God gave him a second life, and he was determined to start his long-awaited farming life, but he was sent alone to the middle of a deep forest full of monsters.
The only things you can rely on are the knowledge you got in your previous life and the power of the 'universal farming tools' given by God. Even so, Kagaku continues to open up his own land through trial and error, and vampires, elves, angels, and even dragons gather, and eventually his home develops into a village.
Welcome to Taiki no Mura, a different world farming life where you can relax and lively, have fun, slapstick, and smile all the time!

Original: Kinosuke Naito
Character draft: Yasumo
Director: Ryoichi Kuratani
Series composition: Douko Machida
Character design: Yoshiko Saito
Sub-character design: Yusuke Isouchi
Chief animation director: Yoshiko Saito, Yusuke Isouchi, Kiyotaka Nakahara
Art director: Hirofumi Sakaue (Totonyan), Yumi Okayama (Totonyan)
Art setting: Hiroshi Kato (Totonyan)
Color design: Yuko Tsumori, Kaori Nakahira
Director of Photography: Nozomu Oma
3DCG Director: Ban Yoshinori
Editing: Masaki Utsunomiya
Music: Koji Takanashi (Team-MAX), Johannes Nilsson (Team-MAX)
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Sound Director: Shuhei Abe
Sound production: Saber Links
Animation Production: Zeroji
Copyright notation: ©内藤 騎之介/「異世界のんびり農家」製作委員会

Town fire music: Atsushi Abe
Lucy = Lou: Shimoji Shino
Tier: Aya Suzaki
Rear: Lynn


Hashtag: # Leisurely farmer

OP: Lucy = Lou & Tier 'Flower Ring'
ED: Yui Hizuki 'Feel the winds'

TV anime 'Farmer in Another World' 2nd PV / 'Farming Life in Another World' 2nd PV

Sugar Apple Fairy Tail

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/6 (Friday) 21: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Friday) 22: 30 ~
BS Asahi: 1/6 (Friday) 23: 30 ~
Sun TV: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 30 ~

with delivery

・Work information

A world where humans use fairies and sugar candies are believed to bring good luck.
The special sugar confectioners who made the sacred sugar confections there were called 'silver sugar masters.'
Ann, a girl who lost her mother who was a first-class silver sugar master, decides to follow in her footsteps and become a silver sugar master herself.
In order to do so, he must be recognized for his skill as a craftsman at the royal capital's exhibition held once a year.
On the way to the royal capital, Ann hires the warrior fairy Shar as an escort.
Char is a skilled warrior, but he has a foul mouth and distrusts humans, so he constantly fights with Ann.
However, while traveling with such Char, Ann begins to wish to be friends.
What kind of future will the human Anne and the fairy Sharu co-create while overcoming the differences in races, positions, and difficult situations?

Original: Miri Mikawa
Original illustration: Aki
Director: Yohei Suzuki
Series composition: Kiyoshi Mizukami
Character design: Haruko Iizuka
Sub-character design: Mai Furuki
Art Director: Akira Suzuki
Director of Photography: Hidenori Manaka
Acoustic Director: Hitoshi Aketagawa
Music: Hinako Tsubakiyama
Animation production: JCSTAFF
Production: 'Sugar Apple Fairy Tail' Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©2023 三川みり・あき/KADOKAWA/「シュガーアップル・フェアリーテイル」製作委員会

Anne Halford: Yuzuka Nukui
Shall Feng Shall: Masaaki Underwater
Mithril Lid Pod: Rie Takahashi
Hugh Mercury: Tomoaki Maeno
Cat: Takuma Terashima
Jonas Under: Leiji Kawashima
Keith Powell: Yuto Uemura


Hashtag: # sugar apple

OP: Minori Suzuki 'Musical'
ED: Morohoshi Sumire 'Fulfill'

[Book PV] TV anime 'Sugar Apple Fairy Tale' / Sugar Apple Fairy Tale PV

Nijiyon Animation

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Friday) 21: 54 ~
BS11: 1/11 (Wednesday) 21: 54 ~

YouTube: 1/6 (Friday) 21: 54 ~

・Work information
Anime based on the spin-off comic 'Nijiyon' of 'Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club'.

Original: Hajime Yatate
Draft: Sakurako Kimino
Manga: Miyakohito
Director: Yuuya Horiuchi
CG Director: Tomoki Tatsuguchi
Art Director: Ryuta Hayashi
Color design: Misako Akama
Director of Photography: Tomoyuki Ishiyama
Editing: Rina Oguchi
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Music: Naoki Endo
Animation Production: Sunrise
Production: Project Love Live! Nijiyon Animation, Bandai Namco Film Works, Bandai Namco Music Live, Bushiroad, KADOKAWA
Copyright notation: ©プロジェクトラブライブ!にじよん あにめーしょん

Yuu Takasaki: Princess Naki Yano
Ayumu Uehara: Aguri Onishi
Kasumi Nakasu: Mayu Sagara
Drops of Sakurazaka: Kaori Maeda
Asaka fruit forest: Miku Kubota
Ai Miyashita: Natsumi Murakami
Beyond Omi: Akari Kito
Setsuna Yuuki: Tomori Kusunoki
Emma Verde: Maria Sashide
Rina Tennoji: Chiemi Tanaka
Shioriko Mifune: Moeka Koizumi
Mia Taylor: Shu Uchida
Bell storm ball: Akina Houmoto


Hashtag: #Nijigasaki #lovelive

ED: Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club 'Wachugodo'

TV anime ``Nijiyon Animation'' promotional PV

The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern War

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Sunday) 23: 30 ~
AT-X: 1/9 (Monday) 23: 00 ~
BS12: 1/12 (Thursday) 26: 00 ~

DMM TV: 1/6 (Friday) 22: 00 ~

・Work information

Year 1205 on the Septian calendar.
Lavi, a girl born and raised in the poorest region of Northumbria, located in the northwestern part of the Zemuria continent. In order to protect her hometown, and to prove that she is different from her grandfather, Vlad, who was once revered as a hero and betrayed Northumbria, she volunteered to join the Northern Jaegers, which is famous as the continent's largest jaeger corps. was doing his duty.
Lavi, who is immersed in his mission and repeatedly violates discipline, is ordered to form a platoon with Marty, Iselia, and Talion on a reckless secret spy mission to the Erebonia Empire.
In order to get information about the unknown existence 'Hero of the Empire' that threatens Northumbria...

Based on Nihon Falcom's game 'Sen no Kiseki' series, the story of the Northumbria side that was not drawn in detail in the game is drawn.

Original: Nihon Falcom
Director: Eiichi Sato
Animation story investigation: Mao Emura
Series composition: Hideki Ryoga, Mao Emura
Original character design: Masaharu Hara
Character design: Mina Osawa
Animation Production: Tatsunoko Pro
Copyright notation: ©2023 Nihon Falcom/「閃の軌跡NW」製作委員会

Lavian Winslet: Makoto Koichi
Martin S. Robinson: Yuichi Nakamura
Iselia Frost: Bridcut Sarah Emi
Talion Drake: Yuki Ono
Grak Grommash: Haruhiko Izumi
Jaina Storm: Mie Sonozaki
Logan Mugart: Takayuki Kondo
Ivano: Jun Fukushima
Tack: Ryuichi Kijima
Rean Schwarzer: Koki Uchiyama
Altina Orion: Inori Minase


Hashtag: #Sen no Kiseki NW

TV anime 'The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern War' 2nd PV

Buddy Daddies

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
Tochigi TV: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
BS11: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
ABC TV: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 30 ~
Metere: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 30 ~
AT-X: 1/8 (Sunday) 21: 30 ~

ABEMA: 1/6 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
Delivery: 1/9 (Monday) 12:00-Sequentially thereafter

・Work information

Don't miss your target.
Two such men's assassin Buddy decides to take in a 4-year-old girl.
What started anew is a family life with a hot and cool duo and an innocent girl.
Even two people who can handle any kind of work are struggling with one daughter. She is in a great hurry to take care of meals, play with, and pick up and drop off at nursery school. Still, I can't turn down the job request.
What's more, the girl is the illegitimate child of the villainous mafia boss that the two of them dealt with...!
Is it possible to balance work and childcare?
And will happiness come to the temporary family?

Original: KRM's HOME
Director: Yoshiyuki Asai
Story draft: Shimokura Bio (Nitroplus)
Series composition: Yuko Kakihara, Shimokura Bio (Nitroplus)
Character draft: Katsumi Enami
Character design: Soichiro Sako
Chief animation director: Soichiro Sako, Sakae Sato
Art Director: Miho Sugiura
Music: Victory Kitagawa (ROUND TABLE)
Sound Director: Riki Iida
Production: PAWORKS
Copyright notation: ©KRM's HOME / Buddy Daddies製作委員会

Ikki Kurusu: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Rei Suwa: Koki Uchiyama
Miri Umisaka: Hina Kino


Hashtag: # Buddy Daddy

OP: Ayase 'SHOCK!'
ED: DURDN 'My Plan'

TV anime ``Buddy Daddies'' 2nd PV | Broadcast in January 2023

The Giant Beast of Ars

・Broadcast information
MBS / TBS series: 1/6 (Friday) 25: 25 ~ ('Super Animeism' frame)
AT-X: 1/9 (Monday) 23: 30 ~
BS NTV: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~

・Work information

The great beast created the earth, and humans stole the created earth.
The beast got angry and ate the human, and the human called the god to fight the beast.
It's the Age of Swords. Age of heroes. Age of mythology.
In a world where 'giant beasts' that cause enormous damage are rampant, people have prospered by hunting 'giant beasts' and using the dismantled contents.
'Jiro the Undead', who earns daily money by hunting giant beasts, encounters '22nd Kuumi' who is being chased by someone, and abandons his past sorrows to save her.
Speculation of the human empire and a mysterious experiment. Attacking giants.
Towards the promised time, the Jiiros approach the world's secrets--

An original animation produced by and animation production company Asahi Production.

Director: Akira Oguro
Character draft: Ashito Oyari
Series composition Screenplay: Norimitsu Kaiho
Character design: Hiroshi Shimizu, Masato Kato
Music: Shuji Katayama, Akiya Suzuki
Animation Production: Asahi Production
Copyright light notation: ©・旭プロダクション/アルスの巨獣製作委員会

Kuumi: Kina Hitsujimiya
Jiro: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Myah: Yu Serizawa
Melan: Daimu Mineta
Romana: Yoko Hikasa

Twitter: @ars_giant
Hashtag: # Ars' behemoth

OP: PENGUIN RESEARCH 'Transformable'
ED: Harukaumi 'Nameless Flower'

The first PV of the TV anime “Ars no Kyoju”│Broadcast starts on Friday, January 6, 2023!

Tsundere villainous daughter Lieselotte and commentary Endo-kun and commentary Kobayashi-san

・Broadcast information
MBS: 1/6 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
TBS: 1/6 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
BS-TBS: 1/6 (Friday) 26: 30 ~
AT-X: 1/11 (Wednesday) 22: 00 ~

・Work information

“You have a strong tsun! You have a strong tsun, Liselotte!”
Prince Siegwald was perplexed by the sudden voice of God.
According to the gods, Liselotte, Siegwald's fiancée, is a 'tsundere' and seems to face a future of 'destruction'...?
Her harsh words and deeds are all embarrassing!?
Siegwald, who was writhing alone because of the cuteness of her true feelings explained by God, had no way of knowing.
In fact, the true identity of God is just a high school student who plays and explains games...
While playing the maiden game 'Majikoi', their voices suddenly reached Siegwald, the target character of the game. In order to save Liselotte, who will face ruin no matter which route they choose, they deliver commentary and commentary to Siegwald, sometimes accurately and sometimes writhing over Liselotte's 'tsundere'.
Save your fiancée by relying on the oracle (*game commentary)!
Will it be possible to avoid the bad ending of the villainess whose true feelings she wants to hide are leaking!?

Original: Enoshima Suzu
Original illustration: Eihi
Manga: Rumio Sakaki
Director: Fumihiro Yoshimura
Series composition: Tomoko Konparu
Scenario: Tomoko Konparu, Mayumi Morita, Yuko Fukuda
Character design: Miyuki Katayama
Art Director: Kazuhiro Arai, Shunsuke Sakai
Art setting: Jiro Kohno
Prop Design: Naohiro Washio
Color design: Megumi Arai
Editing: Yukie Oikawa, Morita Editorial Office
Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
Sound Production: Bit Groove Promotion
Music: Tatsuhiko Saiki, Natsumi Tabuchi, Junko Nakajima, Sayaka Aoki, Intermediate Saku
Music production: Sun sound
Animation Production: Tezuka Productions
Copyright notation: ©恵ノ島すず・えいひ/KADOKAWA/ツンリゼ製作委員会2023

Liselotte Riefenstahl: Tomori Kusunoki
Siegwald Fitzenhagen: Yuichi Nakamura
Aoi Endo: Kaito Ishikawa
Shiho Kobayashi: Kana Hanazawa
Fine: Miyu Tomita
Baldur Riefenstahl: Tomokazu Sugita
Artur Richter: Ryota Osaka


Hashtag: # Tsunrize

OP: Dazby 'Ibitsuna Kotoba'
ED: Anna 'Like a flower'

TV anime `` Tsundere villain daughter Lieselotte and live commentary Endo-kun and commentary Kobayashi-san '' 2nd PV | Broadcast starts January 6, 2023

A slow second life of a dismissed dark soldier (30s)

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sat) 22: 00 ~

・Work information

“Are you fired…?”
Dariel (30s), a dark soldier of the Demon King's Army who was suddenly dismissed because he was said to be incompetent because he was a demon and could not use magic.
After being banished from his hometown, he happened to meet a village girl, Marika, who he helped in the forest, and drifted to the human race Lacus Village.
I passed the adventurer registration that demons shouldn't be able to pass, and an aura that can only be used by humans dwells in my palm!?
As a fledgling adventurer Dariel, a slapstick second life that can't be taken care of begins now.

Original: Mujushi Okazawa
Manga: Rurekuche
Character draft: sage Joe
Director: Fumitoshi Oizaki
Assistant Director: Yoshihide Yusumi!
Series composition/screenplay: Hitomi Amamiya
Character design: Reimi Yonezawa
Chief animation director: Shu Shibuya, Reimi Yonezawa
Art setting: Kazuhiro Arai, Takahiro Koyama
Art Director: Kazuhiro Arai
Color design: Shiori Shoji
Director of Photography: Yasuyuki Ito
2D Works: Yuki Yomogita
CG Director: Yukie Yamamoto
Editing: Akari Saito
Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita
Sound Production: Bit Groove Promotion
Music: Tsubasa Ito
Music production: Kuwabara Kiyoshi (Arte Refact)
Produced by: Good Smile Film
Animation Production: Encourage Films
Production: Fired Dark Soldier Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©岡沢六十四・るれくちぇ・講談社/解雇された暗黒兵士製作委員会

Dariel: Tomokazu Sugita
Marika: Akane Fujita
Bashbarza: Atsushi Abe
Gusita: Tetsuya Kakihara
Zebiantes: Rumi Okubo
Lady: Akari Kito
Droie: Mai Nakahara
Bezelia: Satoshi Tsuruoka
Rize: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Envil: Kenji Hamada
Erica: Keiko Watanabe
Smith: Hiroshi Iwasaki


Hashtag: # dark soldier

ED: Akari Kito 'Dear Doze Days'

TV anime ``Slow Second Life of the Dismissed Dark Soldier (30s)'' 1st PV

The case where the angel next door made me a useless person before I knew it

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sat) 22: 30 ~
BS NTV: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 1/8 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~

ABEMA: 1/7 (Sat) 22: 30 ~
Other distribution: 1/10 (Tue) 24: 00 ~

・Work information

Shu Fujimiya, a first-year high school student who started living alone after entering high school.
The most beautiful girl in school, Mahiru Shiina, lives next door to the apartment where he lives.
The two weren't particularly involved, but when she lent her an umbrella when she got soaked in the rain, a strange exchange began.
Midday, unable to see Zhou, who lives a self-indulgent life alone, cooks meals, cleans the room, and takes care of everything.
The two people who live next to each other slowly, little by little, communicate with each other.
This is a sweet and impatient love story with a cute neighbor.

Original work: Mr. Saeki
Character draft: Hanako
Director: Lihua Wang
Supervision: Kenichi Imaizumi
Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi
Character design: Takayuki Noguchi
Art Director: Masakazu Miyake
Music: Moe Hinata
Animation production: project No.9
Copyright notation: ©佐伯さん・SBクリエイティブ/アニメ「お隣の天使様」製作委員会

Amane Fujimiya: Taito Saka
Midday Shiina: Manaka Iwami
Itsuki Akazawa: Taku Yashiro
Chitose Shirakawa: Haruka Shiraishi


Hashtag: # Angel next door

OP: Oishi Masayoshi 'Gift'

PV just before the broadcast of the TV anime ``The case where the angel next door suddenly made me a useless person'' / Broadcast starts at 22:30 on Saturday, January 7, 2023!


・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 15 ~ (23: 00 ~ after the second time)
Television Osaka: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 15 ~ (23: 00 ~ after the 2nd time)
TV Aichi: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 15 ~ (23: 00 ~ after the 2nd time)
TV Setouchi: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 15 ~ (23: 00 ~ after the 2nd time)
TV Hokkaido: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 15 ~ (23: 00 ~ after the 2nd time)
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 15 ~ (23: 00 ~ after the 2nd time)
AT-X: 1/9 (Monday) 22: 00 ~

・Work information

A land where a sandstorm rages.
There is a scorching star, No Man's Land, far from the earth, where five moons shine.
The survivors of mankind have been living for their flesh and blood in a barren land where strange creatures wriggle, relying on an ecological power reactor 'plant' that creates all kinds of substances from scratch.
In that harsh world, there was one troublemaker called Humanoid Typhoon, who was given a bounty of 6 million $$, and who 'will surely suffer a disaster if he gets involved.'
Its name is 'Vash the Stampede'.

Original: Yasuhiro Naito
Director: Kenji Mutoh
Story draft: Oshitakehiko
Composition/Screenplay: Tatsuro Inamoto, Shin Okajima, Yoshihisa Ueda
Concept art character draft: Koji Tajima
Chief Designer: Nao Otsu
Character design: Takumi Watanabe, Tetsuro Moronuki, Takahiko Abiru, Akiko Sato, Takeshi Ninomiya, Yumihiko Amano
Set design: Chiyuki Aoki, Tomoyasu Fujise, Toshiyuki Sakaki, Asato Kamijo
Creature Design: Eiji Yamamori
Special effects designer: Kiyotaka Oshiyama
CG Chief Director: Eiji Inomoto
VFX Art Director: Kensuke Yamamoto, Daishi Hayakawa
Art Director: Yuji Kaneko
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Production: Orange
Copyright notation: © 2023 内藤泰弘・少年画報社/「TRIGUN STAMPEDE」製作委員会

Vash the Stampede: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Meryl Strife: Ando Sakura
Roberto De Niro: Kenji Matsuda
Nicholas D. Wolfwood: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Millions Knives: Junya Ikeda
Legato Bluesummers: Kouki Uchiyama
Zazie the Beast: TARAKO
William Conrad: Ryuusei Nakao
Vash the Stampede (childhood): Tomoyo Kurosawa
Millions Knives (childhood): Yumiri Hanamori
Rem Sablem: Maaya Sakamoto


Hashtag: #TRIGUN

OP: Kvi Baba 'TOMBI'
ED: Salyu × haruka nakamura 'Star Scum α'



・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Tochigi TV: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
BS11: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
HTB: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 30 ~
MBS: 1/7 (Sat) 27: 08 ~
Fukuoka Broadcasting: 1/8 (Sunday) 25: 50 ~
Me-Tele: 1/12 (Thursday) 26: 15 ~

・Work information

“I am an idol…?”
Akira Kiyose is a high school student who loves singing.
His song was published on a video distribution site as a singer 'KIKUNOYU'.
One day, he was scouted by the talent agency 'sMiLea Production' who heard his singing voice.
It was an office set up by the legendary idol 'Anela', who suddenly retired, to train idols.
Akira decided to form a group with Mari Naoe and Chihiro Isuzugawa, who were also scouted.
The three, who started out as singers, are inspired by the idols 'LEGIT' and 'JAXX/JAXX' belonging to the same agency, and aim for their idol debut with their own thoughts in mind.

A multi-dimensional idol project by Sony Music.

Director: Shinichiro Ushijima
Series composition: Rino Yamazaki
Character design: Majiro
Chief animation director: Majiro, Asami Komatsu, Yurie Hama
Action Director: Hiromi Ishigami
Design Works: Yurie Hama, Megumi Takagi, Iori Nonoshita, Yoko Kuhara, Shiori Mizutani, Hiromi Ishigami
Art Director: Masakazu Miyake
3DCG: Co., Ltd. 5
3D Director: Makoto Honda
Music: Yuki Hayashi
Production: Clover Works
Copyright notation: ©Project UniteUp!

Akira Kiyose: Kikunosuke Toya
Banri Naoe: Ryotaro Yamaguchi
Chihiro Isuzugawa: Amon Hirai
Daiki Takao: Shinzo Sukegawa
Eishiro Nijo: Shinnosuke Morikage
Fuga Togo: Ryuichiro Sakata
Haruka Rakusho: masa
Katsura Homare: Yuki Shimomae
Isumi Kashii: Takumi Umakoshi
Jun Wakasa: Yasuharu Tsubokura
Sota Morinomiya: Takamoto Manabu
Rin Otsuki: Soma Saito
Maon Tsujido: Yoshiki Nakajima


Hashtag: #UniteUp # Yu Yu

OP: 'Unite up!' Unite Up!

TV anime 'UniteUp!' 2nd PV

Strongest Onmyoji's Reincarnation in Another World

・Broadcast information
BS11AT-X: 1/7 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
BS11: 1/7 (Sat) 25: 30 ~

d Anime store: 1/7 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
DMM TV: 1/7 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
Other distribution: 1/12 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~

・Work information

You can't be happy just by being strong. Even if he's the strongest onmyoji.
Kuga Haruyoshi, an onmyoji who is said to be a genius without equal, was betrayed by the Imperial Court and was about to lose his life.
Determined to be happy in his next life, he is reincarnated in another world with a secret spell of reincarnation that he created himself.
And I got the name Seika and a new life.
“What I lacked in my previous life was cunning, and in this life I will be able to do well and get a happy life――――”
Accompanied by the strongest onmyoji and powerful youkai, what awaits him ahead of him is the peace he desired, or...
A different world fantasy challenged by the strongest Onmyoji, which no one has ever seen before, begins.

Original: Keiichi Kosuzu
Character draft: Kihiro Yuki, Yunagi
Manga: Toshinori Okazaki
Director: Ryosuke Shibuya
General Director: Nobuyoshi Nagayama
Series composition/screenplay: Douko Machida
Character design: Masayoshi Kikuchi, Sayaka Ueno
Music: Arisa Okehazama
Animation Production: Studio Blanc
Copyright light notation: ©小鈴危一・オカザキトシノリ/双葉社・「最強陰陽師の異世界転生記」製作委員会

Seika Lamprogue: Yumiri Hanamori
Eva: Azumi Waki
Amu: Nene Hieda
Mabel Crane: Akari Kito
Yuki: Yui Ogura
Fiona Urd Ehrgreif: Kaede Hondo
Haruyoshi Kuga: Yuichiro Umehara


Hashtag: # strongest onmyoji

ED: Efa x Amu x Mabel 'Link'

TV anime 'The Strongest Onmyoji's Reincarnation in Another World' 2nd PV | Broadcast starts on Saturday, January 7, 2023!

NieR: Automata Ver1.1a

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Tochigi TV: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
BS11: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Yomiuri TV: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 59 ~
Fukuoka Broadcasting: 1/10 (Tue) 25: 59 ~
Chukyo TV: 1/10 (Tuesday) 26: 27 ~
Sapporo TV: 1/12 (Thursday) 26: 29 ~
Animax: 1/14 (Sat) 22: 00 ~

Streaming: 1/7 (Sat.) 24:30 onwards

・Work information

5012 AD.
Mankind is in danger of extinction due to the [aliens] that suddenly flew to the earth and the [machine lifeforms] they created.
A small number of humans who escaped to the moon began a counterattack operation using [android] soldiers to recapture Earth.
However, in front of the [machine lifeforms] that continue to multiply infinitely, the battle falls into a stalemate.
As the ultimate weapon, mankind dispatches a new type of android [Yorha] unit to Earth.
[2B], who has been newly dispatched to Earth, joins up with [9S], an advanced investigator, and goes on a mission, but in the midst of that, he encounters a number of mysterious phenomena...
This is the story of a lifeless android who continues to fight for humanity.

Original: Square Enix
Director: Ryoji Masuyama
Series composition: Yoko Taro, Ryoji Masuyama
Character design total drawing director: Jun Nakai
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures
Copyright notation: ©SQUARE ENIX/人類会議

2B: Yui Ishikawa
9S: Natsuki Hanae
Pod 042: Hiroki Yasumoto
Pod 153: Kaoru Akiyama
Pascal: Aoi Yuki
Commander: Chiaki Kano
Operator 6O: Keiko Isobe
Operator 21O: Mary Hatsumi


Hashtag: # Nier #NieR # Nier Automata

OP: Aimer 'escalate'
ED: amazarashi 'Antinomy'

'NieR: Automata Ver1.1a' in Aniplex Online Fest

The Misfit of Demon King Academy II ~The Founder of the Strongest Demon King in History, Reincarnates and Goes to School with Her Descendants~

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
Tochigi TV: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
BS11: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
AT-X: 1/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 1/10 (Tuesday) 26: 05 ~
Yomiuri Television: 1/10 (Tue) 27: 41 ~

・Work information

What appeared before Anos, who had stopped the war between the demons and humans, was a new 'God's Son' who would destroy the tyrannical Demon King.
The 'nonconformist', who ignores all unreasonableness, goes to a new battle.

Original: Autumn
Character draft: Yoshinori Shizuma
General Director: Shin Onuma
Director: Masafumi Tamura
Character design: Kazuyuki Yamayoshi
Series composition: Hitoshi Tanaka
Art Director: Asuka Komiyama
Color design: Hayato Yoshida
Director of Photography: Kento Kida (Chiptune Co., Ltd.)
3D Director: Keiichi Eda (Chiptune Co., Ltd.)
Editing: Mitsutomo Takigawa (REAL-T)
Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
Music: Keiji Iuchi
Production studio: SILVER LINK.
Copyright notation: ©2021 秋/KADOKAWA/Demon King Academy

Anos Voldigord: Yuichiro Umehara
Misha Necron: Tomori Kusunoki
Sasha Necron: Yuko Natsuyoshi
Ray Grandsdry: Takuma Terashima
Misa Iriorogue: Nene Hieda
Eleonore Bianca: Sayumi Watanabe
Zesia Bianca: Misaki Kuno


Hashtag: # Demon Academy

OP: Lenny code fiction 'SEIEN'
ED: Momosu Momosu 'Esoa'

TV anime ``Maou Gakuin no Misfit II'' PV 2nd | Broadcast starts at 24:30 on January 7, 2023

Don't bully me, Mr. Nagatoro 2nd Attack

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
BS11: 1/7 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
MBS: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 38 ~
AT-X: 1/10 (Tuesday) 22: 00 ~
BS NTV: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 30 ~

ABEMA: 1/7 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
Other delivery available

・Work information

'I was made to cry by a junior girl...!!'
One day after school, I was spotted by a super 'S' junior at the library I occasionally drop by!
Her name is ``Nagatoro-san''!
Hateful but lovely. Even though it hurts, I want to be by your side.
A story of an 'S-dere girl' that awakens something inside you.

Original: Nanashi
Director: Shinji Ushiro
Series composition/screenplay: Taku Kishimoto
Main character design: Misaki Suzuki (telecom animation film)
Art Director: Makoto Shiraishi
Acoustic Director: Hitoshi Aketagawa
Music: Gin (BUSTED ROSE)
Animation production: OLM
Production: 'Don't mess with me, Mr. Nagatoro' 2 Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©ナナシ・講談社/「イジらないで、長瀞さん」2製作委員会

Nagatoro: Sumire Uesaka
Senpai: Daiki Yamashita
Gamo-chan: Mikako Komatsu
Yoshi: Aina Suzuki
Sakura: Shiori Izawa
Director: Nana Mizuki
Sister: Yoshino Nanjo
Sunomiya: Sayumi Suzushiro
Orihara: Kaori Maeda

Twitter: @nagatoro_tv
Hashtag: #Mr. Nagatoro #nagatoro

OP: Sumire Uesaka 'LOVE CRAZY'
ED: Mr. Nagatoro, Gamo-chan, Yoshi, Sakura 'MY SADISTIC ADOLESCENCE ♡'

Don't bully me, Mr. Nagatoro 2nd Attack | 2nd PV | January 2023 TV anime broadcast! |

Save 80,000 gold coins in another world in preparation for old age

・Broadcast information
ABC / TV Asahi affiliated 24 stations nationwide Net: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 00 ~ ('ANiMAZiNG !!!' frame)

d Anime store: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 30 ~
DMM TV: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 30 ~

・Work information

College entrance exam failure due to shock, people aiming for parents' insurance money, going to school or getting a job, various expenses such as house maintenance expenses and living expenses...
One day, Mitsuha, who was worried about her future life, was given the ability to 'go back and forth' between 'this world' and 'another world' from a mysterious being!
The future plan she came up with from there is to save a total of 2 billion yen [80,000 gold coins], 1 billion + 1 billion in two worlds!
That's right, for her safe old age with no one to rely on!

Original: FUNA
Director: Hiroshi Tamada
Series composition: Akihiko Inari
Character design: Yuki Fukuchi
Animation Production: FelixFilm
Copyright notation: ©FUNA・講談社/「ろうきん」製作委員会

Mitsuha Yamano: Rika Nagae
Colette: Rika Tachibana
Sabine: Kaori Maeda
Takeshi Yamano: Jun Fukuyama


Hashtag: # Rokin 8

OP: Kaori Maeda 'The one indicated by the shining coin'
ED: YABI x YABI 'After all economy'

TV anime `` Saving 80,000 gold coins in another world for old age '' book PV

Tokyo Revengers Holy Night Decisive Battle

・Broadcast information
MBS: 1/7 (Sat) 26: 08 ~
TV Tokyo: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
TV Hokkaido: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
Southern Japan Broadcasting: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 55 ~
tvk: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 00 ~
Iwate Broadcasting: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 28 ~
RCC China: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 45 ~
AT-X: 1/10 (Tuesday) 23: 30 ~
Cibatelle: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~
Tochigi TV: 1/10 (Tue) 25: 00 ~
Sanin Central Television: 1/10 (Tue) 25: 25 ~
Yamaguchi Broadcasting: 1/10 (Tue) 26: 24 ~
TV You Fukushima: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 58 ~
Shizuoka Broadcasting: 1/12 (Thursday) 25: 25 ~
Miyagi TV: 1/12 (Thursday) 25: 59 ~
Fukui Television: 1/13 (Friday) 25: 25 ~
Tulip TV: 1/13 (Friday) 26: 10 ~ (25: 55 ~ after the second episode)
RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting: 1/13 (Friday) 26: 25 ~
Yamagata Broadcasting: 1/14 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
BS Asahi: 1/15 (Sunday) 23: 00 ~
Tele ball: 1/15 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 1/15 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
TV Oita: 1/15 (Sunday) 25: 55 ~
Kochi Broadcasting: 1/15 (Sunday) 26: 25 ~
Ryukyu Broadcasting: 1/19 (Thursday) 24: 59 ~
Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting: 1/19 (Thursday) 25: 18 ~
Akita Asahi Broadcasting: 1/19 (Thursday) 26: 20 ~
BSN: 1/20 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
Hokuriku Broadcasting: 1/20 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
Shinetsu Broadcasting: 1/23 (Monday) 25: 30 ~
Ai TV: 1/21 (Sat) 25: 28 ~
Miyazaki Broadcasting: 1/28 (Sat) 17: 00 ~
TV Yamanashi: From February
Aomori TV: From March
Sanyo Broadcasting: From April

・Work information
Takemichi Hanagaki repeatedly time leaps to change the fate of his junior high school sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, who died, confronting Tokyo Revengers and Kokuryu.

Original: Ken Wakui
Director: Koichi Hatsumi
Series composition: Yasuyuki Muto
Character design: Kenichi Onuki, Keiko Ota
Bike Prop Design: Hideki Fukushima
Art Director: Rumi Matsumoto
Art setting: Yuho Taniuchi
Color design: Kunio Tsujita
Director of Photography: Yayoshi Yamamoto
3D Director: Masato Taira
Sound Director: Riki Iida
Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Animation Production: Leiden Film
Copyright notation: ©和久井健・講談社/アニメ「東京リベンジャーズ」製作委員会

Takemichi Hanagaki: Yuki Shin
Hinata Tachibana (Hinata Hina): Azumi Waki
Naoto Tachibana (Naoto): Ryota Osaka
Manjiro Sano (Mikey): Isamu Hayashi
Ken Ryuguji (Draken): Katsuya Fukunishi
Chifuyu Matsuno: Sho Kano
Takashi Mitsuya: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Shiba Hakkai: Yu Hatanaka
Keisuke Place: Masaaki Underwater
Haruki Hayashida (Perchin): Subaru Kimura
Ryohei Hayashi: Yukihiro Nozuyama
Nahoya Kawada (Smiley): Kengo Kawanishi
Yasuhiro Muto (Mucho): Daisuke Ono
Kazutora Hamiya: Junichi Toki
Atsushi Sendou: Takuma Terashima
Takuya Yamamoto: Yuya Hirose
Makoto Suzuki: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Isshi Yamagishi: Shota Hayama
Emma Sano: Yumi Uchiyama
Tetsuta Rare Saki: Showtaro Morikubo
Shuji Hanma: Takuya Eguchi
Kensei sect: Junya Enoki
Hajime Kui: Natsuki Hanae
Shiba Daiju: Tomokazu Sugita
Shiba yuzu leaf: Mikako Komatsu


Hashtag: #toman_anime # East Ribe

TV anime ``Tokyo Revengers'' ``Holy Night Decisive Battle'' PV

Handyman Saito-san goes to another world

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/8 (Sunday) 22: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV: 1/8 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/8 (Sunday) 24: 45 ~
BS NTV: 1/10 (Tuesday) 23: 30 ~

d Anime store: 1/8 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
Other distribution: 1/15 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~

・Work information

All my life, I've lived a normal life.
Exercising, studying, and so on. An ordinary person who can never be number one... That's Mr. Saito.
One day, Mr. Saito, who has a job as a handyman, is reincarnated in another world.
There, I met a strong and beautiful Tsundere warrior. Laerza.
The strongest wizard who forgets spells. And the lewd old man Morlock.
She looks cute, but she's a miser. La fan bread.
Mr. Saito challenges the dungeon capture with his friends who are too unique.
Use your lockpicking know-how to open treasure chests, and use your bag repair skills to repair your teammates' armor.
Utilize the experience of a “handyman” acquired in the original world in the other world.
Even in another world, Saito-san is by no means 'special'.
However, I know that I am needed and I know 'thank you'.
Saito was fulfilling.

Original: Kazutomo Ichichi
Supervisor: Shoji Masuda
Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka
Series composition Screenplay: Kenta Inohara
Character design: Yoko Tanabe
Music: Chiu Ohsumi
Sound Director: Yuichi Imaizumi
Animation production: C2C
Copyright notation: ©一智和智・KADOKAWA刊/「便利屋斎藤さん、異世界に行く」製作委員会

Saito: Ryohei Kimura
Laerza: Fairouz Ai
La Fan Bread: Nao Higashiyama
Morlock: Cho
Mevena: Ayaka Ohashi
Givengle: Koichi Soma
Releaser: Yumiri Hanamori
Gibre: Hinata Tadokoro
Franrill: Ruriko Aoki
Ninia: Azusa Tadokoro


Hashtag: # Handyman Saito

OP: Teary Planet 'kaleidoscope'
ED: konoco 'Saturation of Hidamari'

TV anime ``Handyman Saito-san goes to another world'' 2nd PV|2023.1.8 ON AIR

D4DJ All Mix

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/13 (Friday) 23: 00 ~
BS NTV: 1/13 (Friday) 23: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/13 (Friday) 23: 00 ~
AT-X: 1/13 (Friday) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/14 (Sat) 22: 30 ~

DMM TV: 1/8 (Sunday) 23: 00 ~
Other distribution: 1/13 (Friday) 23: 00 onwards

・Work information

Miyu Sakurada, Haruna Kasuga, Miiko Takeshita, and Kurumi Shiratori, who attend Arisugawa Gakuin, a traditional school with a spirit of service, have been recognized for their activities as a DJ unit 'LyricalLily' as one of the services that make everyone smile. rice field.
One day, Haruna is called to the chamber of commerce and industry, and will receive a request for regional revitalization events throughout the year from the new year.
We were worried about whether we could make it happen on our own, but what came to mind was the smiles of the people who made their first live together a success.
The spirit of service, LyricalLily's thoughts, are connected to each unit that was praised together at the DJ festival 'D4 FES.'

Original: Bushiroad
Story draft: Wataru Nakamura
Character draft: Yachie
General Director: Seiji Mizushima
Director: Daisuke Suzuki
Series composition: miscellaneous business
Animation character design: Takuya Chanohara: Yuka Hachimori
Modeling Director: Daisuke Haraoka Shinya Takaoka: Takao Yokoyama
Rigging Director: Natsuko Yashiro
Art Director: Yusuke Ikeda
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Music: Ryohei Sataka
Animation production manager: Hiroaki Matsuura
Animation production: Sanjigen
Copyright notation: ©bushiroad / D4DJ2製作委員会

Mimu Sakurada: Hazuki Sanda
Haruna Kasuga: Amane Shindo
Swan Walnut: Ruka Fukagawa
Miiko Takeshita: Yuzuki Watase
Aimoto Link: Yuka Nishio
Masahide Akashi: Kari Kagami
Onaruto Muni: Haruka Mimura
Rei Togetsu: Maiko Irie
Kyoko Yamate: Aimi
Inuyose Shinobu: Miyu Takagi
Sasago, Jennifer, Yuka: Moeka Koizumi
Picture sky Shimizu: Rei Kurachi
Saki Izumo: Risa Spinoki
Niijima Kimono: Ami Maeshima
Otowa Hanamaki: Youki Iwata
Noah Fukushima: Hinata Sato
Rika Seto: Natsumi Hirashima
Marika Mizushima: Yui Okada
Saori Hidaka: Himari Hazuki
Dahlia Matsuyama: Ai Negishi
Camellia Aoyagi: Riho Kato
Tsukimiyama Beach: Sae Otsuka
Yano Hiiro: Peach Haruna
Aoi Miyake: Tsunko


Hashtag: #D4DJ_AllMix

OP: Lyrical Lily 'Maihime'

[PV] TV anime 'D4DJ All Mix' PV / Broadcast starts January 13, 2023!

A man picked up by the gods 2

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
J: COM: 1/10 (Tuesday) 25: 00 ~
BS Fuji: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~

ABEMA: 1/8 (Sunday) 21: 30 ~

・Work information

Ryoma, who was reincarnated in another world in the form of a child by the gods, enjoyed life in a different world after meeting warm people such as the Duke of Jameel.
The cleaning shop 'Bamboo Forest', which was opened by making full use of the experience in the previous life and the abilities of the slimes, is doing well, and one day the story of opening a 'second store' in another town is approached.
Leaving the city of origins, Gimul... Come to Ryoma when it's time to set off!?
Beyond the expanding world, new encounters and challenges await Ryoma.

Original: Roy
Director: Yuuyuki Yanase
Series composition: Yuka Yamada
Character draft: Ririnra
Character design total drawing director: Kaho Deguchi
Animation production: MAHO FILM
Copyright light notation: ©Roy・ホビージャパン/『神達に拾われた男2』製作委員会

Ryouma: Azusa Tadokoro
Elias: Yuuki Kuwahara
Miya: Marika Takano
Miyabi: Yuiko Tatsumi

Twitter: @kamihiro_anime
Hashtag: # Man picked up by gods

OP: Minda Ryn 'Way to go'
ED: Azusa Tadokoro 'Drum type probe'

TV anime ``The Man Picked Up by the Gods 2'' PV│Start broadcasting on January 8, 2023

Fictional reasoning Season2

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Sunday) 25: 05 ~
BS NTV: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
Animax: 1/14 (Sat) 23: 30 ~

d anime store

・Work information

Those called 'monsters' certainly exist in this world as a matter of course.
Kotoko Iwanaga, a girl who is the 'God of Wisdom' among 'monsters', had troubles related to 'monsters' today as well.
Standing next to Kotoko is Kuro Sakuragawa, a man who fell in love at first sight and is feared even by 'monsters'.
This is a story in which two unusual people join forces to confront the mysterious and unreasonable incidents caused by 'monsters' with [fiction].
What will happen to the bizarre new case that the two will challenge, and how will their love develop?!

Original: Kyo Shirohira
Manga: Chashiba Katase
Director: Keiji Goto
Series composition: Noboru Takagi
Character design total drawing director: Kentaro Matsumoto
Design Works: Yasuhiro Kajino
Art Director: Rinko Morokuma
Color design: Natsumi Otsuka
Director of Photography: Soto Sekiya
Sound Director: Yo Yamada
Music: Akihiro Manabe
Animation Production: Brains Base
Copyright notation: ©城平京・片瀬茶柴・講談社/虚構推理2製作委員会

Kotoko Iwanaga: Akari Kito
Kuro Sakuragawa: Mamoru Miyano
Snow woman: Aoi Yuki
Masayuki Muroi: Makoto Furukawa
Rokka Sakuragawa: Mayumi Sako


Hashtag: # fictional reasoning

OP: Kano Elana 'Yotogi Banashi'
ED: Mamoru Miyano 'Invincible Love'

TV anime ``fictional reasoning'' Season 2 3rd PV

No more!

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 1/8 (Sunday) 25: 35 ~
TV Setouchi: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
BS TV Tokyo: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
TV Osaka: 1/12 (Thursday) 26: 35 ~

d Anime store: 1/8 (Sunday) 26: 05 ~
DMM TV: 1/8 (Sunday) 26: 05 ~
Other distribution: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~

・Work information

Judo has already graduated (end)!
In high school, I made a boyfriend and spent three sweet and sour years.
When I got sunburned, my uniform was rubbing against me and it hurt, my hair fell out a lot when I was doing ground fighting, it was hard to practice cold, I had nosebleeds, I broke bones, I fainted, and I wasn't very strong, so I decided not to do it anymore.
That's why... so don't remind me.
The feeling of this 'one'.

Original: Yuu Muraoka
Director: Ken Ogiwara
Series composition: Aya Satsuki
Character design: Airi Takegawa
Art Director: Masaki Nishiyama
Color design: Haruko Nobori
Director of Photography: Yohei Konishi
Editing: Masaki Sakamoto
Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
Music: Shun Narita
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Animation Producer: Hiroshi Omatsu
Animation production: BAKKEN RECORD
Copyright notation: ©村岡ユウ(秋田書店)/もういっぽん!製作委員会

Unknown Sonoda: Aya Ito
Sanae Takigawa: Yukari Anzai
Eternal Hiura: Chiyuki Miura
Anna Nagumo: Nene Hieda
Tsumugi Himeno: Anna Nagase
Shino Natsume: Yumi Uchiyama

Twitter: @IpponAgain_pr
Hashtag: # Moippon

OP: Subway Daydream 'Stand By Me'

TV anime `` Moippon! '' 2nd PV | Broadcast starts January 8, 2023


・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/9 (Monday) 20: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/9 (Monday) 22: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Monday) 26: 05 ~
BS11: 1/10 (Tuesday) 25: 30 ~

・Work information

Finn, who was living freely on the street, learned that the orphanage, which he was grateful for, was in danger of closing due to financial difficulties, and set out for a casino to get rich quickly.
However, what awaits them there is a nightmare-like uproar, with gunfights and car chases unfolding over the cards held by a man who wants his luck.

Eventually Finn will find out.
Protect the order of the world or throw it into chaos, at will.
The existence of 52 《Esque Playing Cards》 that grant special powers beyond human comprehension to the chosen ones.
And the power hidden in the 'buddy' that he has cherished ever since he was young.

A group of players called 'High Cards', who work for the well-established automobile manufacturer Pinochle, but are in fact ordered by the King of Forland to collect cards that are said to have been scattered throughout the kingdom.
Finn, who was scouted as the fifth member, is on a dangerous mission with his cool friends.

'All you need is manners, dignity, and the determination to put your life on the line. That's all.'

On the other side of the coin is Who's Who, a rival manufacturer bent on defeating the infamous Mafia Klondike family and Pinochle.

With a cause, desire, and revenge, the curtain rises on the frenzied competition (game) where players who are fascinated by cards put everything on the line!

Are you ready?
It's Showdown!!

An original animation by Tom's Entertainment, an animation production company, and Homura Kawamoto, the original author of 'Kakegurui', and Homura Kawamoto's younger brother, writer Hikaru Takeno.

Original: TMS, Homura Kawamoto, Hikaru Takeno
Director: Junichi Wada
Series composition: Naomi Kuroyanagi
Screenplay: Kenichi Yamashita, Kazuhiko Inukai, Shingo Nagai
Character draft: Shrimp
Character design: Nozomi Kono
Chief animation director: Nozomi Kono, Hina Nagata
Action animation directors: Shunpei Mochizuki, Junichi Hayama
Effect animation director: Takashi Hashimoto
Key animators: Shunpei Mochizuki, Junichi Hayama, Takashi Hashimoto
Art Director: Minoru Onishi, Akira Suzuki
CG Director: Masafumi Uchiyama
Card design: BALCOLONY.
Concept Art: Reoen (FLAT STUDIO)
Acoustic Director: Shoji Hata
Music: Ryo Takahashi
Animation Production: Studio Hibari
Production: Tom's Entertainment/6th Studio
Production: HIGH CARD Project
Copyright notation: © TMS/HIGH CARD Project

Finn Oldman: Hajime Sato
Chris Redgrave: Toshiki Masuda
Leo Constantine Pinochle: Shun Horie
Wendy Sato: Haruka Shiraishi
Vijay Kumar Singh: Yuichiro Umehara
Bernard Simmons: Kazuhiro Yamaji
Theodore Constantine Pinochle: Daisuke Ono
Bernard Simmons: Kazuhiro Yamaji
Owen Old Days: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Norman Kingstadt: Toshihiko Seki
Bristo Blitz Broadhurst: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Brandi Blumenthal: Mie Sonozaki
Van Klondike: Tomokazu Seki
Tilt: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Bobby Ball: Chiharu Sawashiro
Greg Young: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Sugar Peace: Rie Takahashi


Hashtag: #highcard # high card

OP: FIVE NEW OLD 'Trickster'

Original TV animation 'HIGH CARD' 2nd PV

Vampires die soon 2

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/9 (Monday) 23: 00 ~
BS11: 1/9 (Monday) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/9 (Monday) 23: 30 ~
tvk: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
AT-X: 1/10 (Tuesday) 20: 30 ~

ABEMA: 1/9 (Monday) 22: 30 ~
Other delivery available

・Work information

A vampire exterminator (vampire hunter) Ronald, a transcendental vampire Drark, and a lovable armadillo John, who decided to form a combination by chance.
Autumn Bookstore's new assassins participate in the gag rush that unfolds night after night, the familiar idiots and perverts go on a rampage, and Drark remains unchanged and turns to dust!
Can you protect peace and order in Shin-Yokohama, where vampires are rampant, Ronald?!

Original: Itaru Bonoki
Director: Hiroshi Kojina
Series composition Screenplay: Toshi Takame
Character design total drawing director: Mayuko Nakano
Assistant Director: Asami Kawano
Color design: Narumi Konno
Art Director: Hitomi Yoshida
Director of Photography: Yoshio Watanabe
Editing: Mariko Tsukatsune
Music: Ryo Takahashi
Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
Sound effects: Katsuhiro Nakajima
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Music Producer: Updream
Animation Production: Madhouse
Copyright notation: ©盆ノ木至(秋田書店)/製作委員会2すぐ死ぬ

Drark: Jun Fukuyama
Ronald: Makoto Furukawa
John: Mutsumi Tamura
Hinaichi: Natsumi Hioka
Handa Peach: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Satetsu: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Shot: Atsushi Tamaru
Maria: Yoko Hikasa
Ta Chang: Kaori Ishihara
Medoki: Koudai Sakai
Shoka: Junji Majima
Hiyoshi: Daisuke Ono
Egret: Kotaro Nishiyama
Fukuma: Junichi Toki
Suns: Mariya Ise
Transparent lower body: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Mikazuki: Ayumu Murase
Draus: Shou Hayami


Hashtag: # Vampire dies soon

ED: TRD 'Cozy Crazy PARTY!'

TV anime ``Vampire will die soon 2'' 2nd PV

Story of things

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
BS11: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~

・Work information

Aged utensils will eventually have a 'heart' and become a tsukumogami.
The vocation of receiving power from Saigami, talking to Tsukumogami, and returning to the eternal world--'Saigan'.
Kiheuma, the next head of the Gi family, one of the Three Sage Houses, hates Tsukumogami after his precious human being has been stolen.
Botan Nagatsuki, the head of the Nagatsuki family who lives in Kyoto, the thousand-year capital, lives together with the six Tsukumogami whom he loves as a 'family'.
To Hyoma, who is trapped in the past and continues to forcefully block Tsukumogami, Sojizou tells him to 'listen to their voices and guide them.'
The condition given by the grandfather is once again to spend time with his family at the Nagatsuki house as a freeload in order to identify the tsukumogami.
Terracotta Warriors and Botan have diametrically opposed feelings toward Tsukumogami. The two meet and live under one roof.
Human and Tsukumogami. Tsukumo no narrative that spins the edge.

Original: Onigunso
Director: Ryuichi Kimura
Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi
Assistant Director: Takahiro Okawa
Main character design: Shiori Fujisawa
Sub-character design: Yuka Shiga
Prop/Action Design: Satomi Watabe, Tetsuro Nireki, Juji Ogi
Color design: Satoko Kimura
Director of Photography: Yoichi Ogami
Editing: Kazuhiro Arai
Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta
Music: John Kanda, XELIK
Production: BN Pictures
Planning and Producer: Shogakukan Shueisha Productions
Copyright notation: ©オニグンソウ/集英社, もののがたり製作委員会

Chi-Horse Horse: Takeo Otsuka
Nagatsuki Botan: Yuki Takada
Haori: Miyuki Sawashiro
Tree: Chikahiro Kobayashi
Conclusion: Rena Ueda
Inkstone: Yoshiki Nakajima
Mirror: Aimi Tanaka
Box: ? ? ? ?

Twitter: @mononogatari_pr
Hashtag: # Monogatari

ED: TRUE 'rebind'

TV anime 'Monogatari' main PV Animation 'Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari' official main PV

Vinland Saga Season2

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
BS11: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
Gifu Broadcasting: 1/9 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
AT-X: 1/10 (Tuesday) 20: 00 ~

Scheduled to be distributed on Netflix and others

・Work information

The southern part of Denmark's Jutland peninsula has entered a new millennium.
After the death of his nemesis, Askeladd, Thorfinn, who lost his purpose in life, was bought as a 'slave' by the landowner Ketil and engaged in reclamation work on his farm.
There, he encounters Einar, a young man who also fell into slavery, and faces the sins he committed and finds the meaning of life.
On the other hand, Cnut, who was enthroned as King of England, was planning to further expand the territory in order to build 'paradise'.
This is a 'true warrior's story'.
Beyond the prologue is the “story of redemption and salvation”.

Original: Makoto Yukimura
Director: Shuhei Yabuta
Series composition Screenplay: Koji Seko
Character design total drawing director: Takahiko Abiru
Art Director: Yusuke Takeda, Kentaro Onuki, Izumi Hirabayashi
3DCG Director: Kohei Ogawa
Acoustic Director: Shoji Hata
Music: Yutaka Yamada
Animation production: MAPPA
Production: Vinland Saga SEASON 2 Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©幸村誠・講談社/ヴィンランド・サガ SEASON 2 製作委員会

Thorfinn: Yuuto Uemura
Einal: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Knut: Kensho Ono
Arnaise: Mayumi Sako
Ormal: Isamu Hayashi
Ketil: Hideaki Tezuka
Tall Gill: Kusunoki Daisuke
Snake: Shiho Komatsu
Sverkel: wheat person
Leif: Yoji Ueda
Thorkell: Akio Otsuka


Hashtag: # Vinland Saga # VINLAND_SAGA

OP: Anonymous 'River'

TV Anime 'VINLAND SAGA' SEASON 2 Opening Theme Trailer/TV Anime 'VINLAND SAGA' SEASON 2 Trailer with Opening Song

Ayakashi Triangle

・Broadcast information
BS11: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 00 ~
Tochigi TV: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 05 ~
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 30 ~
Yomiuri TV: 1/9 (Monday) 26: 59 ~

・Work information

The exorcist Kazamaki Matsuri, whose job is to exorcise the youkai that cause harm to people, secretly protects her childhood friend Suzu Hanano, who is easily liked by the youkai.
The one that caught Suzu's eye was a yokai called Shirogane, who looks like a cat, but continues to reign at the top of the yokai...!?

Original: Kentaro Yabuki
Director: Noriaki Akitaya
Deputy Director: Kei Umabiki
Series composition: Yasukawa Shogo
Character design: Hideki Furukawa
Acoustic Director: Hitoshi Aketagawa
Music: Rei Ishizuka
Animation production: CONNECT
Production: Ayakashi Triangle Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©矢吹健太朗/集英社・あやかしトライアングル製作委員会

Wind Wind Festival ♂: Shoya Chiba
Wind Wind Festival ♀: Miyu Tomita
Flower bell: Kana Ichinose
Shirogane: Tessho Genda

Twitter: @ayakashi_anime
Hashtag: # Aya Tora

OP: Philosophy dance 'Hot air flows'
ED: MIMiNARI 'I don't mind feat. Miyu Tomita, Kana Ichinose'

TV anime 'Ayakashi Triangle' PV

The King of Heroes reincarnates to master martial arts ~And the world's strongest apprentice knight♀~

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 1/9 (Monday) 25: 45 ~
AT-X: 1/11 (Wednesday) 21: 30 ~
BS TV Tokyo: 1/12 (Thursday) 24: 30 ~

d Anime store: 1/9 (Monday) 26: 15 ~
Other delivery available

・Work information

King of Heroes, Ingris, who became a 'Divine Knight' under the protection of the goddess and established a huge kingdom.
Before long, when he was old and just before he was called to heaven, he strongly hoped, 'I couldn't master my own martial arts during my life dedicated to my country and people. In my next life, I want to live for myself and train myself to the limit.' . Her wish was heard by the goddess, and she was reincarnated into the distant future...
However, she was born into the 'daughter' of a famous knight family!?
And for some reason, he was branded as disqualified as a knight...
'Rather convenient. You can stay on the front line without getting promoted. There is no training better than actual combat!'
Aims to enroll in the Royal Knight Academy in order to train as a squire of Rafinia, a childhood friend.
The legend of the beautiful world's strongest apprentice knight begins!

Original: Hayaken
Character draft: Nagu
Manga: Motohito Kuromura
Director: Naoyuki Kuzuya
Series composition: Koki Hirota
Character design: Reiichiro Ofuji
Sub-character designs: Tomoko Miyagawa, Rion Matsuda, Maki Fukui
Chief animation director: Reiichiro Ofuji, Tomoko Miyagawa, Masayuki Nomoto, Rion Matsuda
Music: Kenta Higashioji
Acoustic Director: Yuki Gofumi
Sound effects: Emi Takanashi
Animation Production: Studio Comet
Copyright notation: ©ハヤケン・ホビージャパン/『英雄王、武を極めるため転生す』製作委員会

Inglis Yukes: Akari Kito
Rafinia Billford: Ai Kakuma
Leone Olfer: Tomori Kusunoki
Liselotte Aalcia: Wakana Kuramochi
Eris: Haruka Shiraishi
Sistia Rouge: Eri Kitamura
Ripple: Naomi Ozora
Raphael Billford: Atsushi Tamaru
Leon Olfer: Yuichi Nakamura
The Man in the Black Mask: Katsuyuki Konishi
Old King Inglis: Wheat Man


Hashtag: # Hero King

ED: Yui Nishio 'Self Hug Big Love'

TV anime `` King of Heroes, reincarnated to master martial arts '' 2nd PV | Broadcast starts January 9, 2023!

Kubo won't forgive me

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/10 (Tuesday) 21: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 30 ~
BS11: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 30 ~
MBS: 1/10 (Tuesday) 27: 00 ~

ABEMA: 1/10 (Tue) 24: 30 ~
Anime Times Channel: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
Other distribution: 1/12 (Thursday) 24: 30 ~

・Work information

Junta Shiraishi, a first-year high school student, had a personality that no one could imitate.
Even if you're next to me, you won't notice, and even if you attend every day, you'll be mistaken for being absent.
He was a 'mob' boy with zero presence.
Even so, he lived a modest school life in his own way, but there was only one little troublesome thing.
Only Mr. Kubo, a 'heroine class' beautiful girl in the same class, finds him and interferes with him.
A 'mob' boy who can't be special, and a 'heroine' girl who appears in front of him.
From the corner of the classroom, youth begins to slowly change colors.
Anyone can be someone's 'special'. But the two are still a little too young to call that feeling 'love'.
Two steps before the 'romantic comedy', the adolescent sweet comedy of the heroine girl x mob boy begins.

Original: Nene Yukimori
Director: Kazuomi Koga
Series composition: Yuya Takahashi
Character design: Yoshiko Saito
Animation production: PINE JAM
Copyright notation: ©「久保さんは僕を許さない」製作委員会

Nagisa Kubo: Kana Hanazawa
Junta Shiraishi: Kengo Kawanishi

Twitter: @kubosan_anime
Hashtag: # Mr. Kubo

OP: Kana Hanazawa 'Even if it's not dramatic'
ED: DIALOGUE + `` Faint and sure ''

TV anime ``Kubo-san won't forgive me'' 2nd PV

Call Star-Am I really a bad star? -

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/10 (Tuesday) 23: 15 ~

Delivery: 1/10 (Tue) 24: 00 ~

・Work information

I am a star.
My job is to 'run over the head of a fainted person'!
But lately, this job seems pointless...
At that time, I witnessed a certain incident during work.
Maybe this is an opportunity to help people!?
All right!
I'll prove that I'm not a bad planet!

Planning: Zhu Chunyi, Lee Ye
Character design: Huang Junhao, Deng Qiu
Chief Producers of the Chinese version: Zhu Chunyi, Lin Chunliu, Zhang Shengyan, Lu Lui, Maen Yang Lu
Director: Shihua Ye
Animation Production: Guangzhou Ninety Five Year Animation Co., Ltd.
Japanese version production: Happinet Phantom Studio
Japanese version producers: Ayana Kawanami, Ruka Hayashi
Acoustic production: Yayoi Tateishi
Japanese version sound production: Bit Groove Promotion
Dubbed translation: Yukari Honjo, Green Light LLC

Star: Tomokazu Sugita
Darchy: Shinichiro Kamio
Nana Joe: Haruki Ishitani
Mail-chan: Tohka Moriya
Time: Shuichiro Umeda


Hashtag: # Colestar


'Call Star -I'm a really useless star?-' PV / January 2023 broadcast & distribution start!

Wandering in another world with ridiculous skills

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~
Television Osaka: 1/10 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~
TV Setouchi: 1/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~
TV Hokkaido: 1/10 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 1/10 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 1/12 (Thursday) 21: 30 ~

Amazon Prime Video: 1/10 (Tue) 23: 45 ~
Hikari TV: 1/10 (Tue) 23: 45 ~

・Work information

One day, an ordinary office worker, Tsuyoshi Mukoda, was suddenly summoned to another world.
As a resident of another world, his unique skill was a seemingly poor thing called 'Net Super'...
Mukouda was disappointed, but in fact, the modern food ordered with this skill had an outrageous effect in another world...!?

Original: Ren Eguchi
Director: Kiyoshi Matsuda
Series composition: Michiko Yokote
Character draft: Miyabi
Character design: Nao Otsu
Chief animation director: Nao Otsu, Sara Sakoe
Art Director: Toshiko Akagi
Color design: Chikako Kamata
Special effects: Team Taniguchi, Kumiko Taniguchi
Director of Photography: Saho Sawada
Editing: Go Sadamatsu
Music: Masato Koda, Utatane Kana, Kuricorder Quartet
Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi
Sound production: dugout
Animation production: MAPPA
Copyright notation: ©江口連・オーバーラップ/MAPPA/とんでもスキル

Mukoda (Tsuyoshi Mukoda): Yuma Uchida
Fer: Satoshi Hino
Sui: Hina Kino
Ninril: Maaya Uchida

Twitter: @tonsuki_anime
Hashtag: # ridiculous skill #tondemo_skill

OP: Van de Shop 'Luxurious Spoon'
ED: Yuma Uchida 'Happy-go-Journey'

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill - 2nd Trailer

BASTARD!! God of Destruction of Darkness

・Broadcast information
BS11: 1/10 (Tuesday) 25: 00 ~
24 episodes

・Work information

400 years after the collapse of modern civilization, the world was in chaos ruled by magic and swords.
The rebellious army of darkness, which plans to revive the god of destruction, Anthrasax, continues to expand its power to rule the world, centering on the four heavenly kings with overwhelming magical power.
Meanwhile, the kingdom of Meta-Licana in the central Metalion continent is attacked by a dark rebel army led by a magician.
In order to save the kingdom, the daughter of the High Priest, Tear Note Yoko, is forced to make a decision.
That is to revive the ancient great wizard who once planned to rule the world, who was sealed inside his childhood friend Luche Renren.
And only the kiss of a virgin can break the seal.
The moment Yoko makes up his mind to face an imminent crisis and kisses Luche, a powerful black eerie atmosphere fills the surroundings.
The strongest and most crazy, the transcendent beautiful hero, the legendary wizard Dark Schneider is now back!

TV first broadcast of the work distributed on Netflix from June 2022.

Original: Kazushi Hagiwara
Director: Takaharu Ozaki
Series Composition: Yosuke Kuroda
Character design: Saka Ono
Creature design: Ryota Sunaga
Effect design: Yukio Yamada
Art Director: Kazuhiro Inoue (Kusanagi)
Art Setting: Barnstorm Design Lab
Color design: Aiko Shinohara
Special effects supervision: Kumiko Taniguchi
Special effects: Ayumi Arahata (Team Taniguchi)
3DCGI: Felix Film
Director of Photography: Junpei Takatsu
Editing: Mai Hasegawa (edititz)
Acoustic Director: Ebina Yasunori
Music: Koji Takanashi (Team-MAX)
Produced by: Warner Bros. Japan
Animation Production: Leiden Film
Copyright notation: ©萩原一至/集英社・BASTARD!! 製作委員会

Dark Schneider: Kisho Taniyama
Tear Note Yoko: Tomori Kusunoki
Luche Renren: Kanae Ito
Gala: Hiroki Yasumoto
Arshes Nei: Yoko Hikasa
Abigail: Tomokazu Sugita
Call-Su: Kensho Ono
Sheila Toel Meta-Licana: Nao Higashiyama
Lars: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Scene Hari: Aki Ozawa
Kai Harn: Shizuka Ito
Dai-Amon: Takehito Koyasu
Destruction God Anthrasax: Mami Koyama


Hashtag: #bastard_anime

OP: coldrain 'Bloody Power Fame'

Animation ``BASTARD!!

Tototsuni Egyptian God 2

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/10 (Tue) 25: 00 ~

DMM TV: 1/10 (Tuesday) 25: 00 ~
Other distribution: 1/15 (Sunday) 25:00 onwards

・Work information

It's been a long time, everyone. This is the world of Egyptian gods.

The famous gods of ancient Egypt, including Anubis and Thoth, were already living freely.

how much freedom

Bastet suddenly appears and sings and dances, Medjed is always expressionless, Horus works part-time, Seto tries his best to play a joke, Ra, who goes on a journey and never comes back... All kinds of gods were having a good time.

Loose and cute Egyptian gods enjoy God life freely.
The popular character 'To-totsu ni Egyptian God', To-totsu ni, the anime is back!

Original: yuka
Director: Kikuchi Katsuya
Series composition Screenplay: Yuichiro Higashide
Screenplay: Yuniko Ayana
Character design: Suzuna Okuyama
Art director/art setting: Shinji Nagaoka
Color design: Aiko Matsuyama
Director of Photography: Hideki Imaizumi
Editing: Chaenichiro
Music: Keiji Iuchi
Sound Director: Chikako Yokota
Sound effects: Kaori Yamada
Music production: IMAGINE
Animation Producer: Takashi Sakurai
Animation Production: Typhoon Graphics
Copyright notation: ©yuka/とーとつにエジプト神プロジェクト

Anubis: Hiro Shimono
Toto: Yuki Kaji
Medjed: Hikaru Midorikawa
Bastet: Yu Kobayashi
Horus: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Set: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Ra: Kenjiro Tsuda
Apep: Koji Yusa
Sa Ta: Yukari Tamura
Weneto: Shota Aoi
Khnum: Daisuke Namikawa
Sebek: Junichi Suwabe
Narration: Tomoya Nakamura


Hashtag: #Tototsuni Egyptian God

OP: Anubis, Toto 'Kosha Rhythm'

Anime `` Tototsu ni Egyptian God 2 '' book PV

I don't want to get hurt, so I'd like to focus on my defensive power. 2

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/11 (Wednesday) 23: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/11 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~
BS11: 1/11 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~
ABC: 1/11 (Wednesday) 27: 14 ~
TV Aichi: 1/13 (Friday) 26: 05 ~

d Anime store: 1/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
Other distribution: 1/18 (Wednesday) onwards

・Work information

let's meet To that unseen world.
Maple is obsessed with VRMMO 'NewWorld Online'.
At the beginning of the game, I thought it was going to be a tough endurance play because I was extremely defensive, but I acquired several brutal skills and what unfolded was trampling after trampling!
Due to his unusual fighting style, he became a famous player who was treated as the 'last boss'.
The guild [Maple Tree], which he set up with his best friend Sally, also gathered unique and reliable friends, and their unity was further strengthened.
A new hierarchy has been implemented in 'NewWorld Online'!
Team up with former rivals, make new friends, and even hold new events!?
Maple's rampage is certain here as well...?
The world is expanding, and adventures are getting more and more fun!

Original: Yumikan
Character draft: Fox mark
Director: Shin Onuma
Series composition: Fumihiko Shimo
Character design total drawing director: Kazuya Hirata
Total drawing director: Hiroyuki Honda
Prop design: Kaori Sato, Yuki Sawairi
Weapon design: Shinpei Aoki, Hiroshi Maeshima
Creature design: Aboshimako, HB2P, Mitsuaki Hori, Arisa Fujii (Chiptune)
Art Director: Yuki Shinjo
Art setting: Minoru Maeda
Color design: Natsumi Hirama
Director of Photography: Atsushi Sato (Studio Shamrock)
3D Director: Hirohisa Kitamura
Editing: Yuji Kondo (REAL-T)
Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi
Sound effects: Kiyotaka Kawada
Recording adjustment: Shinichi Enomoto
Acoustic Production: Jinnan Studio
Music: Taro Masuda
Music production: MAGES.
Animation production: SILVER LINK.
Production: Anti-vibration 2 Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©2023 夕蜜柑・狐印/KADOKAWA/防振り2製作委員会

Maple: Kaede Hondo
Sally: Ruriko Noguchi
Kasumi: Saori Hayami
Kanade: Satomi Arai
Mai: Ai Kakuma
Yui: Nanaka Suwa
Chrome: Noriaki Sugiyama
Is: Satomi Sato
Pain: Kensho Ono
Dread: Takumi Yamazaki
Frederica: Ayana Taketatsu
Drag: Nobutoshi Kana
My: Rina Sato
Shin: Kappei Yamaguchi
Marx: Akira Ishida
Misery: Yuko Minaguchi
Dora Elephant: Tange Sakura

Twitter: @bofuri_anime
Hashtag: # anti-vibration

OP: Pure Afilia 'Hide in this shield.'
ED: FRAM 'Step for Joy'

TV anime 'I don't want to get hurt, so I'd like to maximize my defensive power. 2” 2nd PV

Kaina of the Daisetsukai

・Broadcast information
Fuji TV: 1/11 (Tue) 24: 55 ~ ('+ Ultra' frame)
Kansai TV
Tokai TV
TV West Japan
Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting
BS Fuji

・Work information

A different world where the 'snow sea' continues to spread.
People barely lived on the 'heaven membrane' that spread from the giant tree 'Orbital Tree'.
When Kaina, a boy from the sky, and Liliha, a princess from the snowy sea, meet, a story that will change the dying world begins.

Original: Tsutomu Nihei
Director: Hiroaki Ando
Series composition: Sadayuki Murai
Screenplay: Sadayuki Murai, Tetsuya Yamada
Animation Character Design: Ryohei Fukushi, Kyoko Kotani
Visual concept design: Mitsunori Katayama
Production design: Naoya Tanaka, Kazuma Teshigahara
CG Supervisor: Takuma Ishibashi, Masaki Taya
Art Director: Kimiko Kubo
3DBG Matt Paint Supervisor: Yoshikatsu Matsumoto
Color design: Hirono Noji
Chief Layout and Animation Supervisor: Kazukatsu Izawa
Sound Director: Masanori Tsuchiya
Main theme: Hiroyuki Sawano
Music: KOHTA YAMAMOTO, Misaki Maze
Animation Production: Polygon Pictures
Copyright notation: ©弐瓶勉/大雪海のカイナ製作委員会

Kaina: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Rehearsal: Rie Takahashi
Yaona: Ayumu Murase
Amelote: Maaya Sakamoto
Orinoga: Katsuyuki Konishi
Ngapoge: Tomokazu Sugita
Handergill: Nobuyuki Hiyama
Haresora: Kenyuu Horiuchi


Hashtag: # Kaina of the heavy snow sea

OP: Yorushika 'Telepath'
ED: GReeeeN 'Juvenile'

TV anime `` Kaina of the Taisetsuumi '' main notice / Start broadcasting on January 11, 2023 (Wednesday)

True Evolution Fruit ~ Winning group life without knowing ~

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 1/13 (Friday) 25: 23 ~
BS TV Tokyo: 1/16 (Monday) 24: 30 ~

Distributed at d anime store and others

・Work information

Now, the 'fruit of evolution' truly evolves! !
Seiichi Hiiragi, a bullied high school student, is suddenly sent into a different world one day.
There, a miracle happened when he ate the mysterious fruit 'Evolution Fruit'. From being fat and ugly, he has become a super handsome cheat!
Kaiser Kong's Saria, the adventurer's Altria, the donkey's Rurune, the assassin's Olga... Seiichi has captivated a number of beautiful women and continues his life as a winner in a different world.
A new turning point for him! He was invited as a teacher to the prestigious Barbador Magic Academy. Seiichi's mission is to become the school's savior. But what awaited them there were beautiful teachers and crazy students!
And finally, the demon cult begins to move! Frightening people with different abilities who work behind the scenes to revive the devil. The fire of a battle with an unprecedented strong enemy is cut and dropped!
Will Seiichi be able to protect the academy, the other world, and the broadcasting code!?
Now, the 'fruit of evolution' truly evolves!!
But the heroine is a gorilla again this time♡

Original: Miku
Character draft: U35
Director: Yoshiaki Okumura
Series composition: Ichikawa billion Emon
Character design: Iroha Mizuki, Nobuhide Hayashi
Color design: Chieko Hibi
Art: Children's Playground Entertainment
Art Director: Mikio Harabe
Director of Photography: Hideki Imaizumi
Sound Director: Hisashi Muramatsu
Sound production: Glovision
Music: Hiroyasu Yano, Arisa Okehazama, Yuki Saito
Casting: stay rack
Animation production: HOTLINE
Production: 'True Evolution Fruit' Production Committee
Copyright notation: ©美紅/双葉社・「真・進化の実」製作委員会

Seiichi Hiiragi: Hiro Shimono
Saria: Kana Hanazawa
Saria (before evolution): Toru Inada
Destra: Miyuki Sawashiro
Vitor: Tomokazu Sugita
Genpel: Jun Fukuyama
Utis: Daisuke Ono
Altria Gremm: Marina Inoue
Rurune: Rimi Nishimoto
Olga Calmeria: Yurika Kubo
Gassur Kroot: Toru Inada
Ellis Maclaine: Yuka Nishio
Louise Balzet: Yoko Hikasa
Karen Kannazuki: Yoshino Nanjo
Seto Airi: Yumiri Hanamori
Barnabas Abrid: Hiroshi Iwasaki
Demioros: Chiharu Sawashiro
Angler: Ami Koshimizu
Beatrice Roegner: Lynn
Agnos Passion: Minoru Shiraishi
Brood Lev Kaiser: Toshinari Fukamachi
Baird Lutra: ? ? ?
Helen Rosa: Rui Tanabe
Theobold Terra Kaiser: Shoya Ishige


Hashtag: # True Evolution Fruit

OP: Nano 'Evolution'
ED: Erii Yamazaki 'Adore me'

The second PV of the TV anime ``Shin Evolution Fruit-Winner life without knowing-''

Fire hunting king

・Broadcast information
WOWOW: 1/14 (Sat) 22: 30 ~ (* Episode 1 is free broadcast)

・Work information

The world after the final human war.
The earth was covered in a black forest where fire demons roamed, and people lived in small areas protected by barriers.

Due to the human pyrogenic pathogens developed and used before the Last War, humans in this era will ignite from the inside and burn when a natural fire burns beside them.
The only [fire] that humans can safely use in this world is harvested from fire demons that live in forests.

A certain rumor was whispered among the fire hunters who live by hunting fire.
'The man-made star [Flame], which was launched before the final war and wandered in the void for a long time, is coming back.'

“The fire hunter who hunted the Thousand Year Comet [Swaying Fire] will be called the [King of Fire Hunts].”

Born in a paper-making village, Touko was rescued by a fire hunter when she entered the forbidden forest and was attacked by fire demons.
Born in the capital, lost his mother to factory poison, and has a young sister with him, Koushi decides to take refuge in the 'Burning House'.

When Touko and Koushi's way of life intersect, a new destiny begins to move.

Original: Rieko Hinata
Character draft: Akihiro Yamada
Director: Junji Nishimura
Composition/Screenplay: Mamoru Oshii
Character design: Takuya Saito
Chief animation director: Takuya Saito, Kazuya Kise, Toshihisa Kaitani
Effect animation director: Kazunori Ozawa
Image illustration and prop design: Goichi Iwahata
Art setting: Mika Nakashima
Mechanical design: Kaoru Kamigiku
Creature Design: Tomohiro Matsubara
Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura
Color design: Yoko Watanabe
Calligraphy: Mayumi Katsumata
Picture in the play: Uta Mizuno
CG Director: Yusuke Nishimuta
CG production: Rails
Title design/2D works: Makiko Yamazaki
Special effects: Hideo Sakurai
Director of Photography: Eiji Arai
Editing: Junichi Uematsu
Assistant Director: Sachiko Kanno
Music: Kenji Kawai
Music Production: Flying Dog
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Sound Production: Production IG
Animation Production: Signal M.D.
Copyright notation: ©日向理恵子・ほるぷ出版/WOWOW

Light child: Misaki Kuno
Kou Four: Shoya Ishige
Mingaku: Maaya Sakamoto
Furnace 6: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Kira: Saori Hayami
Scarlet name: Ai Yamaguchi
Kun: Kunitachi Sachi
Teruzo: Chiaki Kobayashi
Fire ear: Makoto Koichi
Oil 107: Kenta Miyake
Fire Flower: Kaori Nazuka
Burning three: Mamoru Miyano
Ash Ten: Shinichiro Miki
Red cord: Yuko Hara
Firefly: Yume Miyamoto
Roku: Shunichi Maki
Flame Thousand: Yoji Ueda
Fire Ten: Ryunosuke Watanuki
Willow: Sayaka Ohara
Kiri: Yu Shimamura
Skylark: Akira Ishida
Narration: Ryoko Sakakibara


Hashtag: #King of Fire Hunting

OP: House Leo 'Liar'
ED: Maaya Sakamoto 'I'm still far away'

WOWOW original animation 'Fire Hunting King' 2nd PV (120 seconds) [WOWOW]

'FLAGLIA' ~Summer vacation story~

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/16 (Monday) 25: 35 ~
*All 3 times

Amazon Prime Video: 2/1 (Wednesday) ~

・Work information

Iko is a third grader in elementary school.
He lives with his four older brothers in an old house in Tateyama.
Iko's family has no parents.
According to his brother, his mother works in Tokyo and his older brothers are raising Iko.
Iko loves her older brothers, who are a little eccentric, but take care of her.
But they had a secret.
In fact, they were 'magicians' who lived near eternity.
why did they come here
Why did you become Iko's older brother?
This is the story of a summer vacation of a family living happily in a seaside town while being entangled in the world of wizards.

It is a media mix project of anime and musical, and the main casts Dojin Yoshikuni and Yoonhak will also appear in the musical version. The theme song and insert song are handled by the K-POP boy group 'THE BOYZ', and in the THE BOYZ collaboration version, the members of THE BOYZ will challenge the voice actors in the sub-audio.

Original story/screenplay: Madoka Takadono
Director: Itsuro Kawasaki
Character draft: Zihuatanejo
Character design: Yoriko Ito
Animation Production: Studio Gaina
Copyright notation: © FLAGLIA project

Yuku: Yoshikuni Dochin
Adele: Yoonhak
Iko: Hiromi Igarashi
Silver: Junichi Toki/Hyunjae (THE BOYZ)
Tagi: Mark Ishii / Sunwoo (THE BOYZ)
Ren: Junya Enoki/Joyun (THE BOYZ)
Mel: Takeo Otsuka / Cue (THE BOYZ)
Kanchi: Seiichiro Yamashita / New (THE BOYZ)
Tetsu: Yohei Azakami/Younghoon (THE BOYZ)
Hash: Kensuke Nishi / Kevin (THE BOYZ)
Love: Yoshio Yamatani / Hannyong (THE BOYZ)
Nitta: Eiji Takeuchi/Eric (THE BOYZ)
Marie: Takuya Masumoto/Jacob (THE BOYZ)
Django: Takugo Iwakawa/Sanyoung (THE BOYZ)
Mythril: Katsunori Okai


Hashtag: #Fragria

OP: THE BOYZ 'Here is'

Animation 'FLAGLIA' ~Natsuyasumi no Monogatari~ teaser video

Magician Orphen Hagure Journey Urban Rama Edition

・Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/18 (Wednesday) 20: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/18 (Wednesday) 22: 00 ~
WOWOW: 1/18 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
BS Fuji: 1/19 (Thursday) 24: 30 ~

DMM TV: 1/18 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~
d Anime store: 1/18 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~
WOWOW On Demand: 1/18 (Wednesday) 24: 30 ~
Anime Times: 1/23 (Monday) 22: 30 ~
Other delivery available

・Work information

The battle at Kimrak Church Sohonzan ended with the sacrifice of Orphen's sister-in-law Azari.
On the way to find the missing Azary, Orphen and his party meet the mysterious female swordsman Lottesha.
Starting with his encounter with her, the battle over the <<Demon Sword Freak Diamond>>, the clash with the assassin from the <<Sanctuary>>, and the reunion with his former senior apprentice...
And Lottesha's true identity and purpose become clear...
A journey to change the fate of the world begins.

Original: Yoshinobu Akita
Original illustration: Yuya Kusagawa
Director: Takayuki Hamana
Series composition: Takeshi Konuta
Character design: Yoko Kikuchi, Rio
Color design: Imari Katsuragi
Art Director: Kazuhiro Arai
Director of Photography: Shinyo Kondo
CG Director: Shinsuke Oshima
Sound Director: Takuya Hiramitsu
Music: Shinnosuke
Music Production: Lantis
Editing: Keiko Onodera
Animation Production: Studio Dean
Copyright notation: ©秋田禎信・草河遊也・TOブックス/魔術士オーフェンはぐれ旅製作委員会2023

Orphen: Showtaro Morikubo
Creow: Rumi Okubo
Magic: Yusuke Kobayashi
Volcan: Marie Mizuno
Dotin: Mai Fuchigami
Ed: Daisuke Ono
Lottesha: Shiki Aoki


Hashtag: # Orphen

OP: Shotaro Morikubo 'HYSTERIC CARAVAN'
ED: Mai Fuchigami 'Fantastic Partner'

TV anime 'Magician Orphen Hagure Journey Urban Rama Edition' PV

Junji Ito 'Maniac'

・Broadcast information
Netflix: 1/19 (Thursday) ~

・Work information
A plan to animate 20 works selected from the masterpieces of horror manga artist Junji Ito.

Original: Junji Ito
Director/Character Design: Shinobu Tagashira
Script: Kaoru Sawada
Production Studio: Studio Dean
Sound Director: Hozumi Goda
Music: Yuki Hayashi
Copyright notation: © ジェイアイ/朝日新聞出版・伊藤潤二『マニアック』製作委員会

・#01 “Strange Dragging Brothers Seance”
Hikizuri Kazuya: Takahiro Sakurai / Hikizuri Kouko: Romi Park / Hikizuri Shigoro: Hajime Iijima / Hikizuri Narumi: Shimizu Risa / Hikizuri Hitoshi: Ayaka Asai / Hikizuri Misako: Tomoko Kaneda
・#02 “Tunnel Kitan”
Goro: Shun Horie/Mari: Tomomi Mineuchi/Koyama: Risa Mizuno
・#02 “Ice Cream Bus”
Sonohara: Ryotaro Okiayu/Ice Cream Man: Kojo Chikamatsu/Yuki: Sara Matsumoto
・#03 “Hanging Balloon”
Kazuko Mori: Riho Sugiyama/Shinya Shiraishi: Daisuke Kishio/Terumi Fujino: Iori Nomizu
・#04 “Quadruple wall room”
Souichi: Yuji Mitsuya/Koichi: Yoshimasa Hosoya/Sayuri: Yusuke Saito/Mutual Su: Minoru Aoyama
・#04 “Sleep room”
Yuji Hirano: Shuhei Sakaguchi/Mari: Junko Oka
・#05 “Intruder”
Oshikiri: Hiro Shimono
・#05 “Long hair in the attic”
Chiemi: Yoko Hikasa/Hiratsuka: Masashi Muto/Eri: Ayaka Senbongi
・#06 “Mold”
Akasaka: Daisuke Hirakawa/Seiji: Kosuke Okano
・#06 “Book Illusion”
Goro Shirasaki: Yuki Kaji / Koko: Tomoe Hanba
・#07 “Town of Graveposts”
Go Yoshikawa: Ryohei Kimura / Kaoru Yoshikawa: M・A・O / Izumi Murakami: Aya Uchida
・#08 “Multilayers of Fear”
Reimi: Lynn
Narumi: Romi Park/mother: Mina Kobayashi
・#08 “Drifts”
Kai Hirohara: Kaito Ishikawa/Mie: Yuko Kobayashi
・#09 Tomie Photo
Tomie: Rie Suegara / Tsukiko Izumisawa: Yumiri Hanamori / Yamazaki: Taku Yatsushiro / Taiji: Tomokazu Sugita / Kimata: Hiroyuki Yoshino
・#10 “Unbearable Maze”
Sayoko: Hisako Kanemoto/Noriko: Yu Shimamura/Kura text: Chika Anzai
・#10 “Bullying Girl”
Chestnut: Natsumi Takamori
・#11 “Back Alley”
Ishida: Yuto Suzuki / Shinobu: Seiko Ueda
・#11 'Sculpture without head'
Rumi: Fumiko Orikasa / Shimada: Takashi Kondo


Hashtag: #junjiitomaniac

Junji Ito 'Maniac' PV 2nd (Tomie, photo) / Netflix series

Kotaro lives alone

・Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/23 (Monday) 22: 00 ~
BS11: 1/23 (Monday) 23: 30 ~

・Work information

The buzzer in the room rang, and when I opened the door, there was a little boy standing there.
He held out a high-end tissue box in his hand and said, 'I've moved to room 203, 'Sato'.
Kotaro Sato, 4 years old, ends up living alone in 'Apartment Shimizu' due to certain circumstances.
Carrying a toy sword on my waist, I go shopping alone today.
Kotaro's wise way of life, which is both mature and childish, gradually affects the people around him.
A story of a 4-year-old who decided to live strong so that he could spend the day with his parents.

The original is a manga by Mami Tsumura. 9 volumes already published in Big Comic Superior series.

TV first broadcast of Netflix distribution animation.

Original: Mami Tsumura
Director: Tomoe Makino
Series composition: Yutaka Sato
Character design: Tomomi Kimura
Prop Design: Takuya Nishimichi
Art setting: Chiyuki Aoki, Yukie Inose
Art Director: Yukihiro Saito
Color design: Akira Hashigami, Asami Kitagawa
Director of Photography: Mami Takamura
Editing: Mai Hasegawa
Music: Yuya Mori
Sound Director: Ryo Tanaka
Production: Leiden Film
Copyright notation: © 2022津村マミ・小学館/コタローは1人暮らしProject

Kotaro Sato: Rie Kugimiya
Susumu Kano: Toshiki Masuda
Isamu Tamaru: Junichi Suwabe
Mizuki Akitomo: Saori Hayami
Ayano Kobayashi: Yumiri Hanamori
Aota: Soma Saito
Ryota: Kaito Ishikawa
Toko Futaba: Yuka Morishima
Takuya: Minami Shinoda
Tono-san: Rie Kugimiya


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OP: KOCHO 'Star Runway'
ED: Kotringo 'Small palm'

Anime `` Kotaro lives alone '' PV

Final Valkyrie II Part 1

・Broadcast information
Netflix: 1/26 (Thursday) ~

・Work information

'Ragnarok', the 13th match of one-on-one 'Taiman' between the gods of the whole world and mankind, with the survival of mankind on the line!!!!!

Episodes 1 to 10 will be delivered as the first part. The second part (episodes 11 to 15) will also be exclusively distributed on Netflix within 2023.

Original: Shinya Umemura
Original composition: Fukuita Kumi
Original drawing: Ajitika
Director: Masao Okubo
Series composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, Yuka Yamada
Character design: Masaki Sato
Music: Koji Takanashi
Acoustic Director: Ebina Yasunori
Animation Production: Graphinica x Yumeta Company
Copyright notation: ©アジチカ・梅村真也・フクイタクミ/コアミックス, 終末のワルキューレⅡ製作委員会

Brünnhilde: Miyuki Sawashiro
Gel: Tomoyo Kurosawa
Jack the Ripper: Tomokazu Sugita
Hercules: Katsuyuki Konishi
Raiden Tameemon: Subaru Kimura
Shiva: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Buddha: Yuichi Nakamura



OP: Minami 'Rude Rose Dance'
ED: Masatoshi Ono 'Prayer'

Anime 'Walküre Ⅱ' New PV / Record of Ragnarok Ⅱ Trailer

Ultraman New Generation Stars

・Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 1/28 (Sat) 9: 00 ~

・Work information

Nebula M78: Evil hands in the Land of Light!
After being attacked by someone, the memory of 'New Generation Ultraman', which was imprinted on him, was lost.
Another message descends upon the 'Land of Light,' which has received the 'Challenge to Ultraman's Bonds.'
It is a message from the future entrusted to the new light item 'Dimensionizer'.
In order to regain the lost 'Star Retsuden', the 'New Generation Ultraman' stand hand in hand!

Production: Tsuburaya Productions
Copyright notation: ©円谷プロ


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The new TV program 'Ultraman New Generation Stars' will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo from 9:00 on Saturday, January 28, 2023!


・Broadcast information
Netflix: 2/2 (Thursday) ~

・Work information

The planet Coldfoot is covered in ice and snow, where you can mine the precious high-energy rare ore 'Sig'. In the background of claiming a crime-free utopia, there was a harsh reality of using prison prisoners for harsh sig mining. A young man, Jim, who works as a prison guard, rushes to the scene of a sudden mining accident. What I saw there was a mysterious creature that attacked humans.

Animated original drawn by manga artist Yasuo Otagaki, known for 'Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt' and 'MOONLINE MILE'.

Original: Yasuo Otagaki
Director: Makoto Honda (5 Co., Ltd.)
Screenplay: Yumiko Yoshizawa (5 Co., Ltd.)
Music: Kensuke Ushio
Mechanical design: Kiyotaka Oshiyama, Shoji Kawamori
Character design: 5 Co., Ltd.
Production: 5 Co., Ltd.

Gym: Masaomi Yamahashi
Marnie: Ayahi Takagaki
Walter: Kazuhiro Yamaji
Captain Burke: Akio Otsuka

Expanding Sky! pretty cure

・Broadcast information
ABC / TV Asahi series: 2/5 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~
BSS Sanin Broadcasting: 2/12 (Sunday) 6: 15 ~

・Work information

To the expanding world! hop! step! Jump!

Series Director: Koji Ogawa
Series Composition: Ryunosuke Kanetsuki
Character design: Atsushi Saito
Art design: Miki Imai
Chief art designer: Aya Monguchi
Color design: Kumiko Yanagisawa
Music: Erika Fukasawa
Production: ABC TV, ABC Animation, ADK Emotions, Toei Animation
Copyright notation: ©ABC-A・東映アニメーション

Cure Sky/Sora Harewatar: Akira Sekine
Cure Prism/Mashiro Nijigaoka: Ai Kakuma
Princess L: Aoi Koga


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The new program 'Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure” will start broadcasting from 8:30 on Sunday, February 5th on ABC TV and TV Asahi affiliates!

Aggressive Retsuko Season 5

・Broadcast information
Netflix: 2/16 (Thursday) ~
*All 10 episodes

・Work information

Haida, who quit the company, was kicked out of the apartment he had lived in until now, and was forced to experience Ne-cafe life. Retsuko learns about Haita's situation and decides to start living together. At that time, a suspicious man claiming to be a Diet member comes to scout Retsuko...

This is the final season of the series that has been distributed since 2018.

Original: Sanrio
Director/Screenplay: Rareko
Animation Production: Fan Works
Production: 'Aggressive Retsuko' Production Committee

Retsuko: Kaolip
Haida: Shingo Kato
Washimi: Koe Koiwasaki
Gori Manager: Maki Tsuruta
Director Ton: Sota Arai
Feneko: Rina Inoue
Megumi Hippo: Yuki Takahashi
Tadano: Chiharu Sasa
Jiro: Yohei Azakami
Haida Father: Katsutoshi Houki
Shikabane: Miyuhan


# Aggressive Retsuko

King Sentai King Oger

・Broadcast information
TV Asahi series: 3/5 (Sunday) 9: 30 ~

・Work information

'Self-proclaimed' king of the strongest country 'Shgoddam' where the guardian deity resides, Stag Oger (red), King of the technology country 'Nkosopa', Dragonfly Oger (blue), Queen of the art and medical country 'Ishabana', Kamakiriyo Jah (yellow), Papillon Oger (purple), the king of the ice and snow country 'Gokkan', and Hachioja (black), the lord of the agricultural country 'Tofu', become the enemy / earth empire 'Bagnarak' that attacks the people of Chikyu. Stand up.

The first insect motif in the 47th Super Sentai series. The combination of red, blue, yellow, purple, and black for the initial warriors is also the first.

Producers: Takehiro Okawa (TV Asahi), Takahito Omori (Toei), Taku Mochizuki (Toei), Yosuke Minato (Toei), Koichi Yada (Toei Agency)
Original: Saburo Yatsude
Director: Kazuya Kamihoriuchi
Screenplay: Mizuto Takano
Action Director: Jun Watanabe
Special effects director: Hiroshi Butsuda (Special Effects Research Institute)
Copyright notation: ©テレビ朝日・東映AG・東映

Stag Beetle Oger/Gira: Taisei Sakai
Dragonfly Oger/Yamma Gust: Midori Watanabe
Kamakiri Oger/Himeno Ran: Aika Murakami
Papillon Oger/Rita Kaniska: Yuzuki Hirakawa
Hachiohger/Kaguraghi Dybowski: Hajime Yoshihisa
Lacleth Hastie: Saint Yano
Douga: Yutaka Morioka
Bosimard: Shigefumi Fukuzawa
Kogane: Anna Hoshino
Boone: Kiso Gen
Shiokara: Yuhei Chiwata
Akka: South and North Star
Usuba: Kaito Okano
Mayuta: Nagisa Hayakawa
Sebastian: Hiroto Yoshimitsu
Morfonia: Kasumi Hasegawa
Kuroko: Gen Kamisaki
Desnarak VIII: Tomoyuki Shimura
Kamejimu: Shinichiro Miki

Twitter: @King47_toei
Hashtag: #King Sentai King Oger

OP: Takayuki Furukawa 'Full Power King'

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