Headline news for December 5, 2022

The PV of the TV anime ` `Blast in this wonderful world! '' scheduled to be broadcast in April 2023 has been released. This work is a spin-off of 'KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!', and depicts Megumin's appearance in the Scarlet Demon Village before meeting Kazuma and others.

TV anime 'Explosive flames in this wonderful world! 』2nd PV-YouTube

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How does cannabis use affect college students' academic performance? -GIGAZINE

Rice eaten all over the world was born from only two kinds of 'mothers' - GIGAZINE

Birth of AI that distinguishes online game cheating from 'data communication volume' - GIGAZINE

Even the theoretical model 50 years ago accurately predicted the current warming - GIGAZINE

Why are there many 'handprints with missing fingers' in ancient murals? -GIGAZINE

'Five memorable books read in 2017' selected by Bill Gates - GIGAZINE

An astrophysicist secretly infiltrating the ``Flat Earth Association'' who claims that the earth is flat reveals the inside - GIGAZINE

◆ Topics (memos, etc.)

◆ Science (Science, Academics, Technology)
HIV vaccine candidate shows 97% immune response in clinical trials 'important step' - CNN.co.jp

Discovery of 'milk' making by ants, contribution to ant society that surprises scientists | National Geographic Japan version site

World's first finding that caffeine makes 100m running faster! ~Field test of acute effects of caffeine on 100m sprint~
|Ritsumeikan University

'Explosive acceleration' with caffeine? Verification of the effect in a 100-meter run experiment: Asahi Shimbun Digital

1 in 4 people living in Japan and 1 in 2 people in Okinawa have already been infected with the new corona What can we learn from the antibody survey? (Kenji Kutsuna)-Individual-Yahoo! News

The wall between ``military'' and ``research'' is now in crisis. The government that wants to advance military research intervenes in the opposing Science Council of Japan: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

World's oldest turtle, estimated to be 190 years old 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Order to hand over to separate husband even if child refuses, Supreme Court-Sankei news

Possession of ``counterattack capability'', ruling party officially agrees Security policy major change, strategy document clarification-China and North Korea mind, exercise decision based on 3 requirements: current affairs dot com

'Where did you really come from?' Black activist repeatedly asked by royal officials 'felt violent' - BBC News

Ibaraki Tsukuba Employee dies in front of agricultural research institute cattle barn Scratches all over | NHK Ibaraki Prefecture News

Visited a prefectural hospital for constipation... A patient with Down's syndrome who was prescribed ``15 times the standard amount of laxative'' died.

Self-reflection in a hidden camera Sending documents to police officer on suspicion of toilet voyeur | Mainichi Shimbun

``I am a mass of sexual harassment'' Deputy Governor of Kyoto Prefecture remarks and woman asks question Apology for person, factual investigation | Kyoto Shimbun

Adam Tooes, “List of Information to Keep in Mind About Chinese Protests” (November 28, 2022) – Economics 101

Europe's weakness and blunder exposed Ukraine invasion sense of crisis-Prime Minister of Finland: current affairs dot com

A prank on the ``sacred place'' of an examinee. : Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ukraine's Banksy mural, stripped off, detains multiple suspects [Ukraine situation]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Liberal Democrats, People and Coalition Consideration Aiming to Change the Phase, Mr. Tamaki's Cabinet Plan-Komei Opposition Is Unclear Realization: current affairs dot com

Mass outbreak of rats, New York City urgently recruits extermination personnel Annual salary of 23 million yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

US Air Force's New Strategic Bomber B-21 Raider Rolls Out (JSF)-Individual-Yahoo! News

90% of the world's population is immune to corona WHO estimate 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Silently cut from beginning to end Deep wounds on the face, strong will-Mr. Miyadai attack case-Metropolitan Police Department: current affairs dot com

Missile attack on Ukraine, 'abnormality' for almost a week - CNN.co.jp

Europe can't stand alone against Russia, devastatingly without US: Finnish PM - BBC News

For 35,000 people, lost and leaked My Number, past 5 years | Kyodo News

Conspiracy theorist ordered bankruptcy after denying school shooting - BBC News

Prime Minister Kishida, who is pressing for a tax increase on the people, said, 'Why don't you collect military expenses at a party?'

Russia ``suppressed in 10 days'' failure Misidentified in Ukraine-British report: current affairs dot com

Shizuoka Susono Nursery school child abuse Three nursery teachers arrested at the time Suspected assault Police | NHK | Case

Sex education `` does not match the reality of teens '' NPO asks Ministry of Education to review signature | Mainichi Shimbun

Prefectural assembly contacts 334 people Former Unification Church, over 80% are LDP | Kyodo News

``Subway sarin incident is a conspiracy'' School staff of Aleph believers arrested on suspicion of contract for hidden solicitation purposes | Society | Local News | Kyoto Shimbun

Disposal of three executives who failed to report Health and Welfare Director dismissed | Kyodo News

Accidentally registered health insurance card function on residents' minor cards Shiga / Ritto City, unable to cancel ``unexpected'' | Kyoto Shimbun

Forming public opinion not to operate nuclear power plants Former judge in the local area of Onagawa nuclear power plant | Kyodo News

Army's human experiment 'Nijiha' kills 9 Hansen's disease residents Kumamoto sanatorium first disclosure | Society | Regional news | Kyoto Shimbun

Kindergarten child abuse Submission of accusation letter by nursery school director Suspicion of hiding criminal Shizuoka Susono | NHK | Child abuse

[Attempt to kidnap a female child] Arrested a 24-year-old college student who tried to do something naughty.

◆ Lifestyle (life, lifestyle, health)

Daisei ``Gen Kanbara'' Lawyer Deletes Account (12/3 13:53 Notes Added) | Free Space | note

It seems that the Boston subway may suddenly pass through the station-Togetter

The back side of the fact that the local city council reveals about the abolition of the park in Nagano City `` Only one Kramer crushed the park '' Don pull-Togetter

Counterargument to the Colabo defense team ② Minor mistakes | Free space | note

Regarding the handling of personal information of Mr. Akane Hizora, it seems that lawyers are divided into ``okay, no problem'' and ``problem''-Togetter

Urgent update This content should be explained at the press conference! |kazuto0606|note

Difference information of 'Slander, etc. against Colabo and Yumeno Nito / Supplementary explanation 2'|ku2info|note

Colabo Senki Dec. 3 Mr. Akane Hakura publishes the request materials for 'almost all non-disclosure'. In addition, there is also a story that the petition to the metropolitan assembly was rejected. -Togetter

The case of Colabo, a general incorporated association, is completely out of the 'public offering business', but it is possible to understand it as a 'model business'. But... - Put a mandarin orange on your head (& spend a year manipulating)

Colabo Senki December 3 There was a statement that ``Tokyo is also aware'' in the supplementary material of accounting full of mistakes, but it disappears-Togetter

Some people earn “100 million” a year! ? Nursing facility where you can play mahjong and pachinko The name is 'Las Vegas' If you solve the complaints of 'conventional' facilities, you will have never seen a day service | TBS NEWS DIG

In the report that the Constitutional Democratic Party is ``considering tolerating the ability to counterattack'', the military Ota's face turns pale, ``That constitution?'' ``Did something bad information come out?''-Togetter

Benesse's high-priced children's English teaching material ``World Wide Kids'' suddenly announces the end of service → Upset users who recently signed a contract by touching ``Can be used until 8 years old'', voices of doubts about refunds-Togetter

The story that the bookstore is not collapsed because the number of people who like books has decreased → ``Erotic books, recipe books, weekly magazines for killing time ... People who are not interested in books are no longer buying.''-Togetter

[Reading Review] What's the Problem with the Unification Church ☆☆☆☆ - Amber Nonsense

◆ IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
[Nehorin Pahorin] The highest level of chest feces times that resellers say 'Thank you for customers who are weak in information!' 'I want you to thank me for reselling'-Togetter

Intel's view of ASRock's TjMAX setting ... - Nico Nico Douga

[Equipped with Core i7 & Grabo] Reveal the darkness of '10,000 yen gaming PC'! Thorough explanation of super-discount 'karakuri' | Reality of 'discount products' learned with Zundamon ㉘-Part 1-Nico Nico Douga

[Problem series] Thorough verification of 'Core i7 & Gravo installed' gaming PC at '10,000 yen level'! Disassembly reveals the 'sloppy' interior ... | Zundamon learns the reality of 'cheap products' ㉘-Part 2-Nico Nico Douga

Please change the font of katakana 'tsu' and 'no' back or change it in the settings. – Discord

Weird 'tsu' and 'no' and right brackets Discord's new font 'gg sans' problem and background

Technical information on Yokukomi-kun sound card - honeylab's blog

Image generation while maintaining the shape of the base image with the new function 'Depth to image'|abubu nounanka|note

ChatGPT is a programming language master (the word is misleading)-kmizu's diary

[Debate in Kansai] Is ``Internet phone book'' a violation of privacy?

Delusions of how programmers will lose their jobs to AI

Study Rust only with ChatGPT [experiment record]

Automatic flight of drones, lifting of the ban on residential grounds on the 5th - Sankei news

Modified Reactive Maneuver Thruster_JCJC 2.23 seconds-Nico Nico Douga

When I was playing with ChatGPT with the theme of ``TRPG GM against AI opponents!'', I was able to play until the end ``Will there be an era where I can enjoy TRPG alone?''-Togetter

Wellnote Bulk Save Tool Released | StockDataCenter

AWS re:Invent perfect attendance award I really don't want to tell you re:Invent Complete Strategy Guide 2023 - yoshidashingo

Reason why ABEMA can broadcast the World Cup for free - textbook for bankers

Possibilities and limits of program generation by ChatGPT (Part 2)-Qiita

The Yomiuri Shimbun interview team was tracking the identity of the anonymous post that was previously talked about-Hokke Wolf's Diary

Knuth: The Art of Computer Programming | IIJ Engineers Blog

Introduction of Sass SVG explosive display library - dwango on GitHub

ChatGPT implemented a Twitter-like web application ``I'm really making a dialogue'' ``How will it evolve in the future?''-Togetter

◆ Anime, games, manga (subculture)

TV anime 'Onii-chan is over! ] “Onimai” PV 2nd / Broadcast starts January 5, 2023! -YouTube

TV anime 'King Ranking Treasure Box of Courage' Teaser PV - YouTube

TV anime `` Bocchi Za Rock! '' Ending video / `` What's wrong '' # Unity band-YouTube

TV anime ``TRIGUN STAMPEDE'' main PV / #TRIGUN-YouTube

Black Clover in 1 Minute / Movie 'Black Clover Magic Emperor's Sword' 3/31 (Friday) Road Show-YouTube

TV anime `` Moippon! '' Sanae Takigawa (CV. Yukari Anzai) character PV |Start broadcasting from January 2023-YouTube

'Gunya Monster' Launch Trailer - YouTube

'LOOP8 (Loop Eight)' Character introduction video 6th bullet 'Makina' - YouTube

Zundamon calling De*her to the office during overtime-Nico Nico Douga

[Waiting for convexity] Akua goes mad after being taken out of the wife's mount on her birthday-Nico Nico Douga

Tweets of ordinary people who aspire, expect, and anticipate the explosion of the movie Slam Dunk (business failure)-Togetter

Legendary cartoonist Yujin puts up a large amount of original drawings on Yahoo Auctions! In the background, the sorrow of the manga world ``Low quality works overflow with cheap manuscript fees'' | Smart FLASH / Sumafla [Kobunsha Weekly Magazine]

[Graphics MANIAC by Zenji Nishikawa] What is the mechanism of rollback that is a hot topic in fighting games? Why does 'that phenomenon' occur the next moment when the attack hits, which will not happen? -PC Watch

Shogi `` Ryuo Battle '' Sota Fujii wins five crowns This year's fourth title defense | NHK | Fujii five crowns

Yoshiharu Tsuge's reply when Shigeru Mizuki died is important for manga-Togetter

Children can't hear the rainbow register version of Sakuyui gymnastics [Yika Shiina] [Chaika Hanabatake] [Hand-painted] [Nijisanji]-Nico Nico Douga

Cruel Bocchi's Thesis-Nico Nico Douga

Vandal kids (with spanners) who appeared in Eru's Pokemon distribution-Nico Nico Douga

[Bio 8] Luna's controller runs out of charge at divine timing approaching the heart of the story [spoiler alert]-Nico Nico Douga

[Molly Online] Mikometto who exposes his luck and skill in a project-Nico Nico Douga

[Sad news] Zundamon, you can point your gun but you can't reach your head-Nico Nico Douga

[Gundam PV Botsu ver.]-Nico Nico Douga

Carlo Pino who eats dangerous food in the punishment game of Daipa insect binding (appetizers and main dishes) [#Carlo Pino]-Nico Nico Douga

Lawyer Yusuke Taira's angry counter-argument tweet against Kaoru Masuda's ``Advertisement of Sparrow Soul x Saki-saki- is sexual harassment''-Togetter

Is PS5 nearing the end of shortages? Yodobashi has a large inventory report-Togetter

◆ Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)

2022 Qatar World Cup, Japan vs Spain victory celebration, not review - pal-9999 football report

World Cup Mitama Cross ``I got proof that the whole ball did not go out'' FIFA | NHK | Soccer World Cup Qatar Tournament

``Putting water...'' Human rights violations in Qatar, the host of the World Cup, Japan has little interest? | Mainichi Shimbun

Mr. Akihito Porno Graffitti goes out for lunch normally on the day of the live and is not noticed even if the fan sits next to him → 'Omoro who is not noticed ... Huh? Is it me?'-Togetter

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
``Kanda Matsuya Chicken Nanban Soba'' (released on December 19) | Nissin Food Group

``Nissin's Omeddonbei New Year's Udon'' (released on December 19) | Nissin Foods Group

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