Archaeologist issues open letter asking popular Netflix documentary to be ``classified as fiction because it is unfounded''

The American Archaeological Society has tarnished archeology with author Graham Hancock 's Netflix documentary Ancient Apocalypse treating false claims as if they were facts. issued a statement requesting that it be reclassified as a work of fiction rather than a documentary.

SAA Sends Letter to Netflix Concerning 'Ancient Apocalypse' Series

Archaeologists Ask Netflix to Reclassify Graham Hancock's 'Unfounded' Netflix Docuseries 'Ancient Apocalypse' as Fiction | Artnet News

With Netflix's Ancient Apocalypse, Graham Hancock has declared war on archaeologists

Graham Hancock is a writer who has published many works that consider prehistoric and super-ancient civilizations, including the best-selling ' Fingerprints of the Gods, ' which has sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

The Netflix TV series ``Revelation from the Ancients'', which started in November 2022, shows Mr. Hancock tracing the traces of a mysterious ancient civilization that is said to have flourished at the end of the ice age. The program is positioned as a work that 'approaches the truth' classified as a 'cultural and social documentary'.

Ancient Apocalypse | Official Trailer | Netflix-YouTube

However, the American Archaeological Society said in an open letter dated November 30, 2022, ``As a result of more than a century of professional archaeological research, the existence of an ``advanced global Ice Age civilization'' as Hancock calls it. We found no archaeological evidence to support that.' ``The claim that this show is a documentary based on fact rather than entertainment with an ideological purpose is outrageous,'' he said, criticizing Netflix and the makers of ``Revelation From The Ancients'' as a documentary. requested to remove the display of

In particular, the tone of Mr. Hancock, who commented in the program that ``conservative, arrogant and condescending mainstream archaeologists may be hindering consideration of the possibility of a super ancient civilization.'' , for 'using aggressive rhetoric to repeatedly and vehemently deny archaeologists and the work of archaeologists, and to deliberately attempt to discredit our members and the public's reputation for our profession.' doing.

Flint Dibble, an archaeology professor at Cardiff University in the UK, is also one of the archaeologists who has questioned Mr. Hancock's claims. In response to Mr. Hancock's claim that he is trying to connect the columns at the top of the Gunung Padang ruins in Indonesia with the relics of 'the survivors of the Atlanteans whose society collapsed due to the impact of a meteorite,' Mr. Dibble said, 'All over the world in this era There is evidence left behind by hunter-gatherers, so why is there no evidence of Ice Age civilization?'

Netflix has yet to respond to an open letter released by the American Archaeological Association. Meanwhile, Mr. Hancock tweeted on Twitter, ``Archaeologists and their friends in the media seem to want to nail my 'Revelation from the Ancients' series on Netflix and cancel me.'

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