'kanjitalk7.app' that you can experience the Japanese version of the OS 'Kanji Talk' for Macintosh on the browser for free

Former Google engineer Mihai

Parparita has published ' Infinite Mac ' that allows you to experience Classic Mac OS on your browser . .app ” has been released, so I actually tried it.

Infinite Mac

When you access it, MacOS starts up in a monitor-like frame. Sad Mac is not encountered, and above the process bar displayed on the lined icon parade is written in Japanese as 'starting' in kanji.

The desktop immediately after startup looks like this.

When checking the version, the system software is 'J1-7.5.3 Release 2', and for Japanese input, it is used as Macintosh Japanese input until it is abolished in

macOS X Yosemite released in 2014. It has a built in collar .

Various applications are stored in 'Infinite HD'.

Various titles are included in the game, and you can actually play it. The following is the first work of the popular strategy game 'Civilization' series 'Sid Myers Civilization'

'Prince of Persia'



Since 'SimCity 2000' was also recorded, I tried to start it.

However, when reading the field to create a new city, the cursor stops with the watch waiting icon. When I moved the mouse, the cursor did not move and it froze, so I gave up and reloaded kanjitalk7.app. I could not see the

bomb mark , but I was able to enjoy the feeling that the screen was frozen during use instead of the blue screen.

In addition, the familiar screen saver software '

After Dark ' was also included in the Macintosh, so I tried to start it to see the flying toaster, but an error message 'not installed' was displayed.

Copy the 'After Dark 2.0x' and 'After Dark Files' folders to the 'Control Panel' in the 'System Folder' of 'Mcintosh HD'.

Select 'Restart' from the 'Special' menu.

After rebooting, I ran 'After Dark 2.0x' in 'Control Panel' and it started.

For the first time in a long time, I was able to see a screen saver in which a flying toaster with wings flew across the screen.

Adobe Photoshop 3.0 can be used as a graphics application.

It's a much simpler interface than modern Photoshop, but it's still a layer-based image editing tool.

In addition, a painting tool for children '

Kid Pix ' is included. You can also hear the familiar sound effects of Kid Pix, but the application was in English.

You can also see Apple's product trailers and commercials at the time in QuickTimes.

Netscape Navigator is installed on the Internet browser, but I could not browse the site.

In addition, version 5.0 of Apple's familiar office suite '

Claris Works ' can also be used.

You can experience various other applications, so if you are interested, please try it yourself.

In addition to kanjitalk7.app that reproduces Kanji Talk, Mr. Parparita reproduced 'system7.app' that reproduced Mac OS Sytem 7 , ' macos8.app ' that reproduced Mac OS 8.1, and Mac OS 9.0.4. ' macos9.app ' is open to the public. Also, according to Mr. Parparita, it is possible to directly drag the disk image and mount it directly. Therefore, it seems that you can play by reading the disk image of the archived application such as 'MYST'.

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