Students develop an ``anti-AI camouflage coat'' that is visible but invisible to AI

Students at Wuhan University in China have developed a special coat that can fool the eyes of cameras that detect people with AI. It is expected to protect people's privacy and safety in China where numerous surveillance systems have been introduced.

Chinese Students Invent Coat That Makes People Invisible to AI Security Cameras

This coat, named 'InvisDefense coat', has a special design, and although it looks the same as other camouflage coats to the naked eye, it is difficult for AI-equipped cameras to recognize it as a human. It is said that it is a pattern. There are various patterns, such as:

Also, since a thermal device that changes to various temperatures is embedded in the coat, it seems that the infrared thermography camera used at night can also pass through.

Developed by a group of four graduate students from Wuhan University in China, the InvisDefense coat is one of the projects that won the first prize in the 'Huawei Cup,' a cybersecurity innovation contest sponsored by Chinese technology giant Huawei.

The developers said that the point of this coat was ``balanced to deceive both humans and cameras,'' and said that they worked hard to develop algorithms to design the most inconspicuous images. When I actually wore this coat and tested it with security cameras on campus, it seems that the accuracy of pedestrian detection decreased by 57%.

Some areas of China have a strict surveillance system using cameras and facial recognition systems, and those who participated in the protest demonstration against the new coronavirus infectious disease that occurred in December 2022 wore balaclava and goggles. It is

said that he was hiding in

Wei Hui, who was involved in the design, said, 'The InvisDefense coat will be a novel means of circumventing the AI human body detection technology used by existing security cameras. Surveillance cameras using AI technology are everywhere, and they are part of our lives. We designed this product to combat malicious detection and protect people's privacy and safety in certain circumstances.'

In addition, the purpose is to bring development to the field of surveillance technology by developing technology that exploits defects in surveillance cameras. Hui said, ``The inability of the surveillance camera to detect the court means that the surveillance camera is defective. Stimulating the development of existing human detection technology is also one of the reasons for working on this project.'' says.

The InvisDefense coat will be sold for about 500 yuan (about 9800 yen).

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