What is the next-generation electric delivery vehicle that Amazon develops in the United States?

In the United States, attempts to use

Rivian electric delivery vehicles (EDV) are spreading when delivering by Amazon. Friday Adventure Club , who actually works as an Amazon delivery company, introduces the actual EDV equipment and delivery in his YouTube video.

Driving Amazon's ELECTRIC Delivery Vehicle: Rivian EDV-YouTube

This is what EDV looks like.

The container part of EDV is divided into three stages, upper, middle and lower, and can be used spaciously.

The door leading to the container part can be opened and closed by pressing the parking button, or by touching the screen.

There is no seat on the passenger side, so you can easily take your luggage out of the container and exit the vehicle.

The EDV key can be opened and closed with a button.

The key also has a built-in physical key.

Several delivery destinations are displayed on the screen.

Information is displayed by pressing start, but Friday Adventure Club says, 'It's a little slow to respond.'

He is also dissatisfied with the fact that the delivery address on the smartphone app and the delivery address displayed on the screen do not match.

Even if you are trapped in the container part, you can escape because there is a small latch.

The EDV can open the driver's side window, but not the passenger's side window. In the center of the steering wheel is the 'Amazon' logo.

Checking the image of the rear camera.

EDV has an SOS button that allows you to call for help in emergency situations such as traffic accidents and disasters, but Friday Adventure Club says, 'I'm not going to push it.'

Also, the EDV is equipped with many cameras.

The door behind the container is made of sturdy metal and can be opened and closed by pressing a button from inside.

EDV is characterized by the different positions of the side mirrors on the left and right.

Next, Friday Adventure Club attaches a camera to the chest and explains the delivery workflow. First, press Start on the app.

When I arrive at the delivery destination, I go to the container department, take the cargo, open the door on the passenger side, and go outside.

When you take a picture with the smartphone app and return to the car, the screen has already been updated.

And prepare the next luggage.

Mr. Friday Adventure Club, who has finished all the deliveries, introduces the exterior of EDV.

The vehicle has many lights.

Headlights are quite distinctive.

The brake lamp is like this, covering the upper half of the rear of the car body.

Return to the station to recharge your EDV and complete your day's work.

Mr. Friday Adventure Club takes up the 'running lane assist function' and various headlight functions as functions that could not be introduced in the video.

Regarding EDVs, he said, 'Compared to conventional delivery vehicles, EDVs are clearly superior because they do not place a burden on the body or knees.' There is.'

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