Twitter announces that it will resume ``Twitter Blue'' where you can buy authenticated badges on December 12, subscriptions from iOS apps will rise

Twitter, which was acquired by Mr. Elon Musk, has released a new ' Twitter Blue ' where you can buy a verified badge for 1200 yen per month ($ 8 per month overseas) to acquire a new revenue stream. However, due to the large number of impersonation accounts that acquired authenticated badges , advertisers left Twitter , and Twitter was forced to suspend sales of Twitter Blue. However, Twitter has announced that sales of this Twitter Blue will resume on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Twitter's official account announced on December 11, 2022, ``We will resume Twitter Blue on Monday. Sign up, access subscriber-only benefits, including blue checkmarks,' he tweeted, announcing the resumption of Twitter Blue. In addition, the possibility of a price increase when subscribing to Twitter Blue from the iOS application version of Twitter was rumored before the official announcement by Twitter.

If you join Twitter Blue, you will receive a blue checkmark (verified badge) after editing your tweets , uploading 1080p (Full HD) videos, reading in reader mode, and reviewing your account.

Also, regarding the verified badge, Twitter announced that 'we will replace corporate accounts with gold checkmarks and government and multinational accounts with gray checkmarks later next week.' This is also the specification as Mr. Mask tweeted .

It was considered a problem that the display name of the Twitter account could not be changed when the authenticated badge was obtained with Twitter Blue, but Twitter said, `` Subscribers can change their handle name, display name, and profile picture, but if they change it, Your account will be reviewed again and you will temporarily lose your blue check mark (verified badge) until this is completed.'

The reason why it costs $ 11 a month only when you subscribe to Twitter Blue from the iOS version of the Twitter app is that Apple's official app store, the App Store, collects 30% of third-party app sales as a commission. However, Apple only takes a 15% fee from subscriptions older than one year. Therefore, one year after subscribing to Twitter Blue, the fee will drop from 30% to 15%, but it is unknown whether the monthly fee for the service will drop accordingly.

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