A terrible interactive simulation 'Life Universe' that continues to recur infinitely the birth, evolution and death of life

Interactive content `` Life Universe '' that allows you to continue

recursively exploring the universe of `` Life Game '' that simulates the birth and death of life devised by British mathematician John Horton Conway has been released. . Life continues endlessly in the vast universe that stretches infinitely.

Life Universe

A movie that roughly understands what kind of content is like this.

I tried floating in the world of life games that recurs infinitely with ``Life Universe''-YouTube

The rules of the game of life are simple. The screen is divided into small squares, and if there are colored dots in the surrounding 3 squares of a black square, it will become a colored dot in the next generation (birth). A colored dot becomes a colored dot in the next generation if there are 2 or 3 colored dots around it (maintenance). Colored dots that do not meet the conditions become black squares in the next generation (death). The state that the color changes continuously due to the change of generation is displayed like an animation.

'Life Universe' changes the visible part every time you access it. You can look around the world by dragging.

You can change the speed of generation change with the slider at the bottom of the screen. If you move it to the left, the generation change will be delayed and the animation will almost disappear.

Moving the slider to the right will increase the speed of generation change and animate violently.

If you zoom out a little, you can see that the vast world is spreading.

On the other hand, when you zoom in, you can clearly see the grid of squares that make up the dots, and you can see that each colored dot has the same pattern instead of being filled.

Zoom in further on the dot pattern.

Then, it turned out that what looked like a pattern was the trajectory of small dots moving.

I also saw a lattice of smaller squares that make up the dots that made up the lattice.

When approaching a small dot, the same pattern is drawn again.

There was another small world.

In this way, the world of the Game of Life is recursively expanding no matter how much you zoom in or out.

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