A new function of 'Blue for Business' with a special square icon attached to company employees and group accounts starts testing on Twitter

Badges attached to Twitter accounts include gray checkmarks attached to

government accounts , blue checkmarks indicating conventional official accounts, blue checkmarks attached to Twitter Blue subscribers of the subscription service, and blue checkmarks attached to corporate accounts. There is a gold check mark attached to Twitter Blue ' Blue for Business ' subscribers at the time of article creation. As a new feature of Blue for Business, it was found that a square badge was added to the account of employees belonging to the company.

Twitter Blue for Business, a new kind of network on Twitter

Twitter Blue for Business now allows companies to identify their employees | TechCrunch

The new badge is now on Twitter's product manager Esther Crawford 's account. The icon that appears to the right of the blue check mark is that, and Mr. Crawford is an employee of Twitter, so the Twitter icon is displayed, but basically the 'parent company's profile picture' is displayed.

As part of Blue for Business, businesses will be able to link any number of associated individuals and brands to their accounts, and will be able to mark those linked accounts with a square badge. By doing this, we aim to make it easier to understand the connection between accounts. Companies can link employees, teams, journalists, athletes on sports teams, characters in movies, and more.

Blue for Business, including this function, is in trial operation at the time of article creation, and new standards, prices, and processes will be updated from time to time.

Twitter said, “This feature is a great moment for businesses to incorporate the individuals and brands they partner with. We will provide it,” he said.

In addition, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey once praised this function as 'wonderful', but later said that 'the corners are strange.' Some Twitter users are tweeting that 'the corner radius of the icon is not aligned'.

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