A transparent 'glass frog' is transparent by hiding about 90% of red blood cells in the liver

There are many ways that creatures can camouflage themselves from predators. ' Glass frogs ' that inhabit the jungles of Central and South America have highly transparent muscles and skin, and when they become transparent, they hide themselves. was found in the research.

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A research team led by Carlos Taboada, a biologist at Duke University, examined Fleischman's tree frog Modoki (glass frog) that lives in the jungles of Central and South America.

Most frogs are nocturnal, and hide themselves during the day by riding on or hiding under leaves that resemble the pigment in their bodies. However, when the sun shines through, the silhouette of the frog emerges due to the light passing through the leaves, allowing predators to spot the frog.

Glass frogs try to survive by increasing the transparency of their muscles and ventral skin so that their silhouettes do not appear.

Mr. Taboada conducted a detailed investigation on why even transparent tissues can appear opaque due to red blood cells circulating in the body in ordinary living things, but why they can be so transparent.

In the survey, 11 glass frogs were photographed in various situations, such as sleeping, waking, calling friends, and after exercise. As a result, it was found that the transparency of the sleeping glass frog was 34% to 61% higher than that of the awake one.

In addition, it was found that the increased transparency was due to a reduction in the amount of circulating red blood cells of up to 89%, and that the reduced red blood cells were concentrated in the liver.

'What the glass frog is doing is like a human taking all the blood out of the body and putting it in a lunch bag inside the body. How does the glass frog do this?' Is it happening? Cool, we don't know.'

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