A lot of questions about 'how to stop students from playing' were received from school officials over 'dinosaur games' that can be played offline in Chrome

If you access Chrome, a web browser developed by Google, offline, you can play with '

Dinosaur Game (dinosaur game) ' that allows you to maneuver a dinosaur and jump over obstacles. In the official Chrome forum, many school officials have asked questions such as 'How can I stop students from playing with this?'

462221 - Disable Chrome offline game (T-Rex) if device is enrolled - chromium

Chrome displays a dinosaur icon on the screen when accessed offline or in airplane mode. If you press the space key in this state, you can play the 'dinosaur game' that is built in by default.

Obstacles will come toward the running dinosaur, so jump with the space key to avoid them.

The difficulty gradually increases, making it a simple but unexpectedly addicting game.

Chrome devices distributed to educational institutions usually restrict access to games, etc., but it is

also a hot topic in Japan that school children secretly play dinosaur games. On Chrome's official forum , as of 2015, school officials asked, ``How can children stop playing offline Chrome and playing dinosaur games?''

Looking at the thread, 'I was warned that the dinosaur game was distracting during class. I'm looking for a way to disable it.' Is it possible?' 'Students are using Easter eggs (dinosaur games) as a way to avoid working at school, which really annoys teachers and administrators,' commented school officials. It is

In response, Chrome rep Edward Yang said, ``We did not foresee such a phenomenon at all, but we sympathize with the teachers. I will.”

After that, the discussion continued in the thread, and in response to statements such as 'You should display the message 'Disabled by the administrator'', he said, 'For those who have never seen the original dinosaur game, 'Administration Fun has been disabled by an administrator'' 'It should say 'Game has been disabled by an admin' instead of 'Fun has been disabled by an admin'. It's in bad taste. Parents who think about their kids and tell them to do their homework before the game, don't say 'I've taken away their fun'.' also developed.

Eventually the Chrome team picked up the change and introduced

a setting for admins to disable the dino game using Group Policy . However, at the end of the thread, a user claiming to be a school student also appeared, saying, 'I'm a student and I'm taking home a Chromebook issued by school. I don't play dinosaur games at school, but you guys I can understand why you turned it off, but I want you to be able to play at home.I'm in my own house, so I want you to be able to play when you want to play.'

In addition, this statement is ``Your school owns the Chromebook.The school can do whatever you want with it, and you are simply borrowing the Chromebook.'' ``If you really want to play the game, , Please get your own computer.'

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