A video that duplicates and hacks a car's smart key with Flipper Zero is very popular on TikTok, can it really be hacked easily?

A short movie that copies a smart key that can remotely operate a car lock using a device ``

Flipper Zero '' that supports wireless communication in a wide range of frequency bands and infrared, NFC, and Bluetooth has become a hot topic on TikTok.

Below is a movie that actually unlocks Tesla's smart lock with Flipper Zero.

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In the movie below, you can see the moment of unlocking the car with Flipper Zero.

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In the movie below you can see where Honda Civic's smart key is duplicated to Flipper Zero.

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You can understand what kind of gadget Flipper Zero is by reading the following article.

Remote control device 'Flipper Zero' compatible with wide frequency band and NFC / Bluetooth / infrared - GIGAZINE

Copying the car's smart key using this Flipper Zero seems to be very easy when watching the above movie, but ``I can't actually copy it so easily'' and introduce and remodel the gadget Mr. b_turner50 of TikToker explains.

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A car smart key can remotely lock and unlock a car. Although the mechanism differs depending on the manufacturer, the basic principle is the same, ``handshake by wirelessly exchanging the ID shared by the car and the key''.

Actually bring the smart key near the PC with the wireless receiving antenna.

Check the frequency intercepted by the antenna on the PC. The smart key always emits weak radio waves.

And when you press the button, you can see that you are communicating in a specific frequency band. This frequency band varies depending on the manufacturer and country / region, and in the case of the United States it is 315 MHz. It seems that you can copy the smart key by copying this 315MHz signal with Flipeer Zero, but in reality it is not so easy.

It certainly wasn't a problem in the 1960s and 1970s when remote unlocking systems first appeared. However, as technology advances have made radio wave hacking easier, most remote unlocking systems have introduced a mechanism called 'rolling code'.

Rolling codes are based on sharing a list containing a large number of codes for cars and keys. For example, let's say your keys and car share the list 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555.

When you use the key for the first time, the key will send an ID of 1111 to the car. As soon as the car accepts the key, it crosses the list so that it never accepts the 1111 code again. In other words, the rolling code is a mechanism that can not be used again once the code is used. The number of digits in the ID code that is actually used is enormous, and since it is necessary to communicate wirelessly with the car each time, a

brute force attack is not realistic and can be said to be a strong security system.

The car key can be copied in the above TikTok movie by using the method of ``pressing the smart key button at a distance or place where the radio cannot reach the car and copying the radio with Flipper Zero'' It seems that there are most of them. According to b_turner50, the rolling code system isn't perfect, and there are ways around it in Flipper Zero, but 'the really big point is that to hijack a car, you have to break the windshield of the car. If you start messing with the airwaves, you're going to make enemies with the FBI, which is a huge part of our communications, and the FBI will be able to hack your smart key. We don't take it lightly,' said b_turner50.

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