'Groove Pizza' that visually understands what is the musical term 'swing' that is often heard in jazz

The musical term '

swing ' refers to the rhythm in which the first note is slightly longer and the second is slightly slower. is difficult. A tool `` Groove Pizza '' that allows you to visually understand what such a swing is like has been released.

Groove Pizza

Ethan Hein, developer of Groove Pizza, explains how to use Groove Pizza in this video.

Groove Pizza-Understanding Swing-YouTube

In Groove Pizza, the circular table in the center is the musical score. The table is divided into 16 beats, and the dot on each beat represents the rhythm. By moving the gauge at the bottom left of the screen up and down, you can set 'VOLUME', 'BPM', 'SWING', and 'SLICES'.

When you click the drum button in the center of the table, the type of instrument is 'Afro-Latin', 'Hip-Hop', 'Jazz', 'Rock', 'Techno'. can be selected from Hein chose hip-hop.

Click the play button at the bottom to hear the sound along the set BPM.

You can add sounds by clicking points on the table.

I will raise the 'SWING' gauge here.

Then, like ``2'', ``4'', ``6'' ... ``16'', the positions of the points in the even-numbered beats shifted clockwise, and the timing of the sound was slightly delayed. This is the rhythm of the swing, where ``the first of consecutive notes is slightly longer and the second is slightly slower''. When you check the sound that is ringing, it is certainly a rhythm that you can feel the goodness of glue.

If the swing is strong, the interval between odd and even beats is longer.

In contrast, it is shorter between even nights and odd beats.

When explaining swing, it is sometimes said that 'play a duplet on the first and third beats of a triplet', but in reality the timing of the two notes is exactly the same as the triplet. It does not match the note, but varies depending on the song and playing style. Groove Pizza is a visual representation of this.

Let's actually use Groove Pizza and check the swing feeling. First, click the drum button in the center of the table.

This time, select 'JAZZ'.

Add snare drum and cymbal (hat) sounds to create a rhythm that sounds like it.

Click the play button.

If you raise the 'SWING' on the lower left gauge, you can feel the swing by shifting the even beats. Also, if the BPM is too fast, the sound lag will be shortened accordingly, so if you watch the BPM slowly at first, it will be easier to feel the swing.

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