YouTuber's NFT game 'CryptoZoo' fraudulent accusation is in lawsuit

YouTuber CoffeeZilla, who is known for investigating fraudsters and unscrupulous business practices related to virtual currency and blockchain technology, has added a fraudster to the developer of the NFT game '

CryptoZoo ', which has been in development since 2021. , accused the game of cheating. In response, Mr. Logan Paul, who is involved in the game, acknowledged that a person with a criminal record was in the project, but pointed out that there was an illegal point in Mr. CoffeeZilla's method, suggesting that legal action would be taken. .

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CoffeeZilla posted three accusatory videos, saying, ``I spent a year investigating Logan Paul's blockchain scam ``CryptoZoo''.

Investigating Logan Paul's Biggest Scam-YouTube

The Biggest Fraud in Logan Paul's Scam-YouTube

Ending Logan Paul's Biggest Scam-YouTube

'CryptoZoo' targeted by Mr. CoffeeZilla is an NFT game handled by Mr. Logan Paul, who has caused numerous flames around the world, such as taking pictures of corpses in Aokigahara Jukai. It is based on a virtual space animal museum, and purchases egg NFTs with in-game currency coins. Rare animals produce a lot of coins as they can hatch and breed eggs. In addition, coins can be exchanged for real currency.

The concept is a ``Play to Earn: P2E'' game, similar to ``Axie Infinity'', which is also known for its large-scale hacking damage .

According to Coffee Zilla, team members other than Paul quickly sold a large amount of coins and got millions of dollars (hundreds of millions of yen), while Paul's fans who entered from the beginning and Investors have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (tens of millions of yen).

The videos were posted in quick succession from December 17, 2022, while Mr. Paul remained silent, but posted a rebuttal video on January 3, 2023 at the beginning of the year.

My Response To Coffeezilla's Scam Allegations-YouTube

Mr. Paul claimed that the accusation was `` trying to profit from fame '' and accused CoffeeZilla's YouTube channel of `` turning from an investigator into a gossip channel ''.

While acknowledging CoffeeZilla's point that ``the developer has a person involved in a criminal case,'' Paul said that person has already left the project. In addition, he and his manager Jeffrey Levin denied some of the accusations that they were not making money at CryptoZoo.

In response to the indication that 'CryptoZoo is not in a state where it can be played satisfactorily', he argued that development is still ongoing.

Mr. Paul pointed out that the call with Mr. Levin used by Mr. CoffeeZilla in the report was recorded without the permission of the person and violates privacy infringement under California law. I suggested that I take legal action against Mr. CoffeeZilla's defamation.

News site Kotaku asked CoffeeZilla for comment after Paul's video was released, saying, ``The fact that he sued me, not the criminal he was hiring, says it all. , no apology. I just want to protect my reputation.'

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