Animation 'Kaina of the Taisetsuumi' sequel movie version production decided

From January 2023, the movie version of the anime ' Oyukiumi no Kaina ', which will be broadcast on Fuji TV series '+ Ultra', has already been decided.

“Daisetsuumi no Kaina” Official Site

'Kaina of the Taisetsuumi' theatrical version will be released! - NEWS|'Kaina of the Taisetsuumi' Official Site

'Kaina of the Great Snow Sea' is a project in which Tsutomu Nihei, the original author of 'Knights of Sidonia' and 'BLAME!', and Polygon Pictures, which was in charge of animation production for them, teamed up. Hiroaki Ando of 'Ajin' and 'LISTENERS Listeners' will be in charge of directing, and Takemoto Itokai, who worked on the manga version of Nahoko Uehashi's fantasy novel 'Beast Player', will be in charge of the manga serialization.

The production of the movie version was revealed at the completion screening event held at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku. The content is said to be a sequel to the TV anime.

Also, prior to the start of the anime broadcast, a non-credit video of the OP using Yorushika's 'Telepass' was released. 'Telepass' will be distributed from 24:00 on January 11, and the distribution date of the ED theme, GReeeeN's 'Juvenile' will be announced at a later date.

`` Kaina of the Great Snow Sea '' non-credit OP / Yorushika `` Telepath ''-YouTube

You can check the state of the stage greeting at the completion screening on YouTube.

``Kyna of the Great Snow Sea'' Completion Screening Stage Greeting Live Delivery-YouTube

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