Google-independent push notification protocol 'UnifiedPush'

'Push notifications' that immediately notify smartphones of information such as new messages and new news are very convenient for using smartphones. However, the current situation is that push notifications for most Android apps rely on a protocol developed by Google. ' UnifiedPush ' is a push notification protocol developed with open source to overcome this status quo.

Unified Push

UnifiedPush: a decentralized, open-source push notification protocol | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Push notification is a convenient mechanism that allows you to quickly check information, and it is common to use ' Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) ' developed by Google when installing a push notification function in an Android application. However, FCM is developed as a closed source, making it a difficult technology to adopt for the open source community, which favors the release of source code.

If the developer of an open source application installs a push notification function without using FCM, it is necessary to keep the application running in the background and communicating with the server. However, if you continue to run the app in the background, you will not be able to use the mechanism installed in Android that 'pauses apps that have not been running for a long time to optimize memory usage and battery consumption', and the system resources. Also, if you adopt your own push notification mechanism, the developer will have a heavy burden on the server operation cost.

UnifiedPush is an open source push notification protocol developed to alleviate the above situation, and is supported by distributors such as `` ntfy '' and `` UP-FCM Distributor '' at the time of article creation.

UnifiedPush recommends using ntfy as the easiest way to use it. The setting procedure and usage examples of ntfy are explained in detail in the following article.

I tried using 'ntfy', which allows you to easily send and receive notifications for free and is also open source and self-hosting - GIGAZINE

You can also check the source code of UnifiedPush in the following GitHub repository.

UnifiedPush GitHub

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