'Apple Business Connect' starts, which makes it possible to edit the building information of Apple's genuine map, but Google Maps has already implemented the same function in 2005, so it is delayed by 18 years

Apple's genuine map app, which is standard on iPhone and iPad, used Google Maps map data at the beginning of development, but since 2012, it has been using Apple's own map data. Immediately after the original map data began to be provided, many non-existent place names such as 'Pachinko Gundam Station' were displayed, and it was a

terrible workmanship , but it is gradually improving. On January 11, 2023, `` Apple Business Connect '' was announced, which allows owners to edit building information displayed on Apple genuine maps.

Business Connect

Introducing Apple Business Connect - Apple

At the time of writing the article, if you search for restaurants, grocery stores, etc. with the Apple genuine map application, a card showing the distance to the search point, photos inside the store, reviews, etc. will be displayed as follows. The newly announced Apple Business Connect will allow store owners to edit card information.

Using Apple Business Connect, you can set 'link to official site', 'phone number', 'order button', etc. in the card. In addition, you can add promotional photos of your store and products.

Additionally, you can add contact buttons and detailed instructions.

Apple Business Connect can be used by signing in with an Apple ID on a

dedicated page . Usage fee is free.

Google Maps has been providing building information editing functions to business owners since 2005, and Apple has finally provided the same kind of function after 18 years.

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