A fierce man who made the 'black stone' that appears in Laputa has appeared, and a video that actually shines by holding the flying stone is also being released

In Studio Ghibli's masterpiece movie '

Castle in the Sky', there is a 'black stone' that can control Laputa by holding flying stones . Steve Kasuya , who is doing various electronic work using the single board computer Raspberry Pi , created a black stone that glows when he actually holds the flying stone over it.

The 'black stone' that appears in Laputa: Castle in the Sky is a lithograph with Laputa characters engraved on its surface.

In the video released by Kasuya, you can see how the Laputa characters are carved on the surface of the black stone. In addition, Mr. Kasuya said that he saw the scene where the black stone appeared many times and counted how many Laputa letters there are .

When Kasuya moved the flying stone in his hand to the side, the letters on the black stone glowed red. It is said that

Raspberry Pi Pico of the microcomputer board is used to light the LED behind the lithograph.

It seems that you can feel like Colonel Muska who manipulates Laputa.

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